Pleasant Green Cemetery

   I have not yet been to this cemetery but plan to when the weather gets better here in IL.  If anyone would happen to have anymore information on this poor neglected, abandoned cemetery please email me.  There were probably more burials than are listed here.

         Pleasant Green Cemetery is located on the east side of the Warren-Henderson county line in the northwest quarter of Section 6 in Hale Township  The Cemetery occupies apart of the land originally deeded to the Fall Creek Church by John Hanna in 1846.  later, this land was deeded to the trustees of the Pleasant Green School which was located at the site also.  When the school was dissolved the land was bought by a private citizen.  This abandoned cemetery is to the north of the old dilapidated school building.  It is unfenced and weed infested with few stones standing upright; several stones are broken and some are piles under a tree.  In August 1981, the inscriptions on the tombstones were identified by the Warren County Genealogical Society as:   Only partially done as we found some mistakes in the cemetery listings and are in the process of trying to correct them.  Have some photos taken several years ago of this cemetery. It grows up into weeds. The Pleasant Green School is still there but not in use.

If you know of people buried here or information on the ones buried here feel free to email me.

All contributions are most welcome. Thanks for your kindness.

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Surnames First names

+Surname of Wife

Date of Birth Date of Death Inscriptions Military or other


Burn C.L. & J. A.   Dec. 17, 1865    
Campbell Theordore J   March 26, 1856 son of W. S. & N.  
Bake Catherine J.   Nov. 17, 1854 dau of J. & I.  
Bake Isabel Sept. 04, 1814 Aug. 29, 1868 wife of J. Bake  
Campbell Doranetta   March 18, 1856 dau. of W. S. & N  
Maley John June 10, 1828 Jan. 12, 1892    
  Eliza J. Sept. 21, 1830  April 03, 1870 wife of J. Maley  
Lord H. G.   July 05, 1879    
  Maria   August 01, 1864 wife of H. G.  
  William   March 11, 1865    
  Jane   Feb. 18, 1879 Wife of William  
Pense Susanna M   Nov. 25, 1868 dau. of H. J. & F. E.  
Pense Susanna   Nov. 25, 1868 wife of Jacob Pense  
Campbell Juliam     Only thing on stone  
Campbell Joseph   June 20, 1857 son of James & Jane  
Pense John   Nove 19, 1857    
Clover Infant   Jan. 09, 1853 dau. S. & J Clover  
Campbell William R. & Jane     In Memory of their Children  
  One born & died   March 05, 1851    
  one born & died   Aug. 05, 1864    
  one born Aug. 21, 1867 Aug. 22, 1867    
Stewart Robert A.   July 18, 1862    
Allen William March 24, 1841 Sept. 27, 1863    
  Hardy mar. 08, 1807 Apr. 10, 1862 Father  
  Jane July 31, 1816 Sept. 12, 1853 Hardy's wife  Mother  
  Huston Oct. 04, 1842 Sept. 16, 1843    
  Elizabeth Oct. 06, 1844 Nov. 25, 1905    
Endicott David B.B.   Apr. 08, 1856 son of J. & E.  
Hopkins unreadable   unreadable 12, 1882 ae 71y 6m 27d  partial stone  
Rider David   April 02, 1870 ae _2y 1m 28d stone not readable  
  Adah   Feb. 09, 1881 ae 82y 11m 5d  wife of D. Rider  
Barnes Elvira   Mar. 18, 1857 ae 35y 3m 22d   wife of Joh Barnes  
Chapin Ruhama   Jan. 11, 1863 ae 27y 2m 25d  wife of Warren  
Hartley Joseph   Feb. 08, 1889 ae 79y 7m 8d  
  Mary K.   Dec. 17, 1885 ae 70y 5m 23d wife of Joseph  
        Cora Bell----partial stone  
Pickering Joseph   Nov. 21, 1863 ae 76y 4m 9d  
  Rebecka   Sept. 06, 1860 ae 73y 6m 12d wife of Joseph  
Clover Infant dau.   Apr. 18, 1854  ae 2y dau of S. & J. Clover  


Crawford Barbara A.   Feb. 21, 1863 ae 14y 5m 3d  dau. of J.&  S.  
Hopkins William E. Feb. 24, 1821 Aug. 24, 1903    
McCurdy martha J.   Sept. 23, 1857 ae 14y 8d  dau. of Jas. & R.  
Kaylor Barbara   July 01, 1859 ae 71y 11m 28d  
Neley James`   Sept. 10, 1864 ae 34y  
Wright John   May 02, 1856 son of Wm & M. Wright  
Allen Wm.   Sept 27, 1853 son of H. M. & J.  
Allen Jane   Sept 12, 1853 ae 37y 1m 12d wife of H. M.  
Murrey B. L.   Aug. 18, 1854 son of A. R. & M. L. Kingsbury  
Hartley Lydia Jan. 29, 1837 June 19, 1884 wife of W. B.  
Campbell John ` May 27, 1864 ae 19y 9m Co A 83 Regt. Ill Vol

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