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Any additions, corrections, or if you would like a picture of a stone of someone buried in this cemetery, feel free to email me on directions about it.  Have a good Day...  

Always a work in progress... Email me if you know of people buried here and not listed.  There is signs of more burials but no tombstones.  Have photos of them... 

Potter Cemetery Photo Gallery

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Potter Cemetery, Warren County Illinois

Kelly Twp., Warren County, IL off of Angling road up on a hill.  Big cornfield below.... the drive is a little rough not a road actually.

        Potter Cemetery is located on top of hill north of Angling Road just before the intersection.  I've been to this cemetery.  It's not as easy to find as one might think if you don't know the area. The last was deeded to Kelly Township in February 1873 but was used for burials before that time.  This cemetery is no longer in use and only gets mowed a few times a year.  I walked the cemetery October 2003 with my cousins Mr. & Mrs Gene Brown.

        In 1981 the Warren County Genealogical Society read the tombstones and I bought a copy of the listing from the Galesburg Library for 10 cents a copy.  Here are their locations for the cemetery.  Potter Cemetery is located a quarter mile to the east and a quarter mile south of rural reference numbers 1550E 2700N in the northeast quarter of section 22 in Kelly Township.  the cemetery was deeded to Kelly Township in the February 1873, but was used for burials before that time.  it is situated on a hill overlooking the surrounding countryside with an adjacent creek in the northeast corner.  The cemetery is approximately 100ft. by 100ft. in size and visible from the road.  Although this cemetery is no longer in use, Kelly Township is responsible for its maintenance.  The cemetery appeared completely overtaken by weeds and saplings; there was also a pile of tombstones in a corner and others were knocked down. 

If you would care to have someone put out flowers or some kind of decorations on your loved ones grave email me for more information. Costs of flowers, etc. will be the responsibility of the person requesting this service. Thanks

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Surnames First Name &

Surname of wife if known.

Date of Birth Date of Death Inscriptions Military Marker or other markers
Price Jacob Feb. 18, 1890 ae 84y 3m 3d  Father
Rebecca Wife & Mother
----________ infant broken stone
Rod_____ Broken Stone
Strode Mary Ann Feb. 04, 18__ ae 79y 2m 4d
Umphrey Iry Oct. 18, 1848 May 09 1899
Johnson George Jan. 29, 1897 Jan. 19, 1900 son of G. F. & H. C. Johnson
Bruington, Infant son June 07, 1885 ae 3m 2d of E. & L. C. Bruington
Rucker Bettie Aug. 05, 1871 ae 4y 11d   dau of J. & M. T. Rucker
Harry Aug. 07, 1874 ae 1y 10m  son of J. & M. T. rucker
Umphrey, Mary A. Jan. 11, 1879 ae 55y 6m 8d  wife of Geo. Umphrey
Umphrey George W. Jan. 03, 1857 ae 55y 6m 5d
Ingersoll **Hiram C. Jan 03, 1860 ae 8m 25d son of H. & C. E. Ingersoll
Ingersoll, Cecelia E. March 14, 1826 Aug. 11, 1892
Hiram Feb. 07. 1812 Sept. 22, 1897
**Hiram C. Nov. 27, 1859 Aug. 21, 1860 ****correction: son of Hiram & Ceselia wrong in cemetery listings from Genealogical Society.
Holecomb Phebe June 18, 1878 ae______unable to read


Jas. H. Co C 11 Ill Calvary
Goff Rufus S. March 02, 1852 ae 35y 7m 1d
Potter Chester Oct. 19, 1851 ae 65y 11m 24d
Potter Eliza Sept. 17, 1873 ae 85y 2m 2d  wife of Chester Potter
Johnson S. Isaac April 23, 1838 June 16, 1893 Father
Mary E. Nov. 10, 1843 May 04, 1885 wife of S.I. Johnson
Glass Willis E. Feb. 07, 1871 ae 4y 1m 3d  son of H.M. & M.B. Glass
Black Rene June 25, 1874 Apr. 08, 1875 dau of S. & N.E. Black
Black John May 05, 1850 died in the 29th year of his life.
Crandall David G. Aug 16, 1864 ae 23y 11m 21d  son of L. R. & S. E. Crandell
Levant R. Nov. 21, 1864 ae 39y 6m 8d
Hiram C. July 21, 1864 ae 26y 7m 10d son of L.R. & S. E. Crandall died in the service of his country 92nd Reg.
Chapin Children of Samuel and Lydia
Squair E. Oct. 23, 1872 ae 9y 10m
Blanche Aug. 22, 1861 11m 3d
Grace M. March 03, 1868 ae 7m 4d
Richardson Emery Oct. 23, 1862 ae 6m 6d  son of A. S. & A. E. Richardson
Aleatha F. Nov. 21, 1865 ae 4y 9m 19d  dau of A. S. & A. E. Richardson
Broken Stone only able to read death date July 23, 1850
Strode Samatha Jan. 20, 18_4 ae 53 8m 2d wife of L. L. Strode
Moore Mary a. April 01, 1868 ae 16y 5m 26d wife of A. M. Moore
Strode Levi March 19, 1868 ae 49y 8m 19d
Strode Henry Feb. 19, 1849` ae11m 19d son of W. & R. Strode
Stanly George W. May 04, 1855 ae 2y 8m 4d son of Wm. & Sarah Stanly
Richardson Henry M. Apr. 08, 1856 son of H & E. Richardson
Carter Sarah Feb. 05, 1864 wife of Thom Carter
Ryner James May 04, 1853 March 27, 1886 son of Spencer and Emily Ryner
Ryner, George Aug. 22, 1864 ae 5y 2m 5d son of Spencer and Emily Ryner
Ryner Spencer Mar. 01, 1816 Aug. 01, 1892 tombstone is lying flat in back corner of cemetery.
Pine Apr. 16, 1884 Apr. 03, 1885 dau. of E. A. & E. L. Pine


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