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       PUBLISHED 1889 BY Chapman BROS.

      Page 335

Jesse Riggs

Jesse Riggs, owning 364 acres of good farm land under excellent cultivation, located on section 2, Roseville Township, where he resides and is engaged in farming and stock-raising, was born in Tennessee, January 13, 1808, his parents being Reuben and Catherine (Sailing) Riggs, natives of North Carolina.  The parents of Mr. Riggs, of this sketch, in 1818, ten years after the birth of Jesse, moved from Tennessee to Missouri and there purchased 160 acres of land.  They remained on the same for ten years, where his father was engaged in its cultivation.  In 1828, his father sold his farm in Missouri and came to this State, locating in Morgan County, where he became owner by purchase of 120 acres, on which he resided for a number of years, when they came to live with their son, the subject of this notice, with whom they resided during the remainder of their lives and were buried in the Berwick Seminary (Cemetery).  Their family consisted of 12 children, 11 of whom lived to become men and women, and three of whom yet survive.

    Jess Riggs, who biography we write, is the sixth child in order of birth of his parent's family of 12 children. He remained at home assisting in the maintenance of the family until 28 years of age.  From the age of his majority until 28, he took charge of and cultivated his father's farm on shares.  After leaving home, Mr. Riggs came to Warren County, in 1834, and for 11 years followed farming on rented land.  At the expiration of that time he purchased 80 acres in Lenox Township and resided thereon, engaged in its cultivation six years, when, by additional purchase, he added 50 acres to the same.  he then sold the entire tract and purchased 220 acres in Berwick Township.  On this tract he moved with his family and engaged in farming until 1864, when he sold it and purchased 160 acres in Lenox Township, which, after working two years, he also sold.  he then purchased 174 acres in the same township and lived on that place for six years, when he closed out his landed interests in that section by sale, and bought the property on which he at present resides, which is 364 acres.

    Mr. Riggs lost his first two companions.  By his first wife had had three children, --Martha E., John T., and Jonathan P.  The issue of the second union was four children, who are living, as follows: James O., Mary E., Henry H. and Eliza J.  Mr. Riggs married the third time in 1865, the lady chosen to share his joys and sorrows, successes and reverses, being Miss Emeline Vandeveere, a native of Warren Co., Ill., and she has borne to her husband four children, --Frank, Florence H., Bertie M. and Willis.

    Mr. Riggs is a Democrat and has held various offices of his township and county, and with his wife is a member of the Baptist Church.  Mr. Riggs is considered one of the solid and substantial men of Warren county.

From Lenox Twp. History, Warren County, IL:

Jesse Riggs was one of the early settlers of the county, but did not locate in Lenox Township until 1840, when, with his family, he moved in, locating on section 35, where he still lives.  (See Biography.)

Out of the the 1877 Past and Present of Warren County, IL

Page 282---

Riggs J. Farmer; Sec 2; P.O. Berwick; has 220 acres, value $11,000; dem; from Tenn. 

        --This is Jesse Riggs.  In reading the bio above he resides here at that time.

Page 126 under Old Settlers Organization

Riggs, Jesse  July 1837, Lenox Twp.

page 285 under Roseville Twp.

Vandiver W. farmer, works for Jesse Riggs; Sec. 2; P. O. Box Berwick; Dem; born Ill.

Page 220 under Monmouth City

Riggs John P,. laborer; dem; born Illinois.

Page 262 under Hale Township

Riggs, Henry H.; farmer; Sec. 23; P.O. Monmouth; dem.

"Don't know if these are related to these Riggs or not but putting them here anyway." Foxie

Out of Male Marriage Index Warren County, IL  1827 --1915

Riggs, William H.  married Brooks, Emily on August 17, 1837

Riggs, Jesse married Ray, Harriet on June 12, 1844

Riggs, Daniel C, married Smith, Elizabeth on December 27, 1842

Riggs, John S. married Lamunyon, Mary E. on April 15, 1852

Riggs, Jesse married Newman, Eveline on July 19, 1855

Riggs, Jasper N. married Saylor, Isabel J. on January 24, 1858

Riggs, William married Vandeveer, Adaline on January 26, 1860

Riggs, Samuel married Robinson, Susan Virginia on August 11, 1861

Riggs, John P. married Manerva A. on January 28, 1864

Riggs, Jesse married Vandeveer, Emeline on December 27, 1865

Riggs, James O. married Tally, Georgianna on September 12, 1867

Riggs, John T. married Galbraith, Martha A. on March 13, 1870

Riggs, J. S. married Kelsey, Stella on April 13, 1870

Riggs, Henry H. married Byers, Mary E. on October 07, 1873

Riggs, James O. married Black, Melissa E. on October 30, 1873

Riggs, William H. married Wood, Emma on July 07, 1881

Riggs, Frank married Hickman, Cora J. On October 09, 1890

Riggs. :L. C. married Glague, A. B. on November 27, 1895

Riggs, Willis married Neff, blanche on February 23, 1897

Riggs, Hugh O. married Efaw, Myrtle on March 15, 1900

Riggs, Bert G. married Berry, Etta B. on February 20, 1901

Riggs, Ralph LeRoy married Charles, Mary E. on November 26, 1902

Riggs, Jesse B. married West, Faye on 1903 has marked where date should be that it wasn't used.

Riggs, Clarence married Cromer, Luella on October 02, 1907

Riggs, William A. married Stubbs, Dollie P. on May 23, 1910

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