David E. Morse, a well-to-do and highly respected farmer, located on 189 acres of good land; on section 35, Berwick Township, was born in Sangamon Co., Ill., December 02, 1832, and is a son of Samuel G. Morse, a native of Windham Co., Connecticut, where he was born May 23, 1786 his stone says, the book says, April, 1876. The father came to Illinois in 1811, and located in Vandalia, where he remained some years, then moved to Bond County. While a resident of the Bond county he was elected to the Constitutional convention in 1818, that met at Springfield. He was also Sheriff of Bond County.  and a man of considerable political influence at the time in the county in which he resided. He married Miss Jane M. Kirkpatrick, in Bond county, IL, (MORSE, SAMUEL G KIRKPATRICK, JANE 1823-05-27 A/ 112 BOND; MORSE, SAMUEL G WHITE, POLLY 1820-10-26 A/ 109 BOND; from the Illinois Marriage Archives data base) Samuel must of been married twice with his first wife dyeing, about 1820. She was born in Tennessee, in 1801, and survives her husband, who died in 1863, in Greenbush Township. He came to this country in 1835, and located at Berwick. Of their union 10 children were born, five daughters and five sons, namely: Adeline, Harriet, Roswell, Margaret A., John, William, Samuel, David, Mary J., Asenath and Emeline, all of whom are living except Harriet and Samuel. The mother is residing in Anderson Co., Kans. Sept 26, 1862, and Mary March 19, 1872.

David E. Morse, of whom we write, was united in marriage with Miss Margaret Davis, may 05, 1857. She was born in Henderson Co., Ill., July, 1840, and is the daughter of William F. Davis, who was born in Ohio, in 1815, and at present resides in Mills Co., Iowa. He was married to Miss Elizabeth Jamison, 1839. She was born in Kentucky, in 1809, and is still living. Their union has been blessed with the birth of five children-- Ann, born May 26, 1860; Samuel,  hey also have three grandchildren-- Edwin McQueen, born in November, 1882; and David and Lotta McQueen, twins, born Dec 25,. 1884.

Mr. and Mrs. Morse are pleasantly situated on their fine farm of 180 acres on section 35, Berwick township, all of which is under an advanced state of cultivation. On the place there is a good residence and barn 28 x 34 feet in dimensions, and the place presents an appearance to the passer-by indicative of that push and perseverance characteristic of its proprietor. In addition to the cultivation of his land, he is engaged in raising the fine horses. In politics, Mr. Morse is a believer in and a supporter o the principles of the Republican party.

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Samuel G. Morse this is tombstone and it's not in the Berwick Cemetery as is stated elsewhere. He lies here on a farm where a flag once flew over his grave. Today there is no flag pole but the hole is still in the ground. the photo above is a thumbnail and you could click on it to open a much larger photo.

I took several when Carol Parrish brought this site to my attention.

Samuel G. Morse

Born in Conn May 23, 1786

Was a member of the  Convention  framed Ill constitution of the state of IL in 1818 and

Died Nov 17, 1864 AE 78 years

am unable to read the whole inscription at this time. I need to go back. But Samuel G. Morse was a delegate of IL and one of the original Signors of the Illinois Constitution and a founder of our first capital in Illinois, Kaskaskia in what was bond county, Illinois named after Shadrick Bond our who became our first governor of the United states.

Samuel Garish Morse married Jane Meek Kirkpatrick on  May 27, 1823, Bond, Illinois. Samuel Morse & Thomas Pearce once owned the land where the town of Berwick now stands. Would like to know more about this man.

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The photograph above was taken by Carol Parrish at the Berwick Post Office, Berwick, Warren Co., IL. it is the only known photo that was every taken of Samuel G. Morse.  Many people believe he is buried in the Berwick Cemetery but he is NOT!!!!

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