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Silent home Cemetery is located in the northwest corner of Section 16 in Floyd Township., about two miles south of Cameron, Illinois. The land was deed to the Silent Home Cemetery Association in 1870 by the Wiswell Family, but dates on the tombstones indicate it was used before this time for burials The cemetery is approximately three acres in size and well maintained.
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Whitman, SamuellaOct. 5, 1861June 27, 1869age 7y 8m 22d dau. of John Martha J.  
Riggle, Archie W.18661921Odd Fellows emblem 
Riggle, Minnie J. 18481923  
Whitman, W. C. 18641935Odd Fellows marker 
Whitman, Maggie J. 18641914his wife DAR Marker 
Whitman, Sara Lu Green18731942  
Whitman, Archie LeeOct. 19, 1899Jan. 3, 1900  
McConnell, Lillian J. Wiswell18701903  
Wiswell, Martin M. 18481877father 
Wiswell, Althea A. 18531935mother 
Wiswell, R. Porter18761904  
Holbrook, Sarah L. Oct. 25,1889age 56y 1m 8d wife of F.  
Wiswell, Martin M. Feb. 3,1848July 18,1877 Co C 138 Regt ILL Inf
Boydston, James Leroy18471910  
Boydston, C. Adah Wiswell185419__  
Devoss, Frank18331957father 
Devoss, Maybelle18851960mother 
Wiswell, Royal Sept. 2,1815Sept. 24,1903  
Wiswell, Julia M. Apr. 20,1825May 4,1864wife of R.  
Wiswell, Sarah M. Jan. 15,1887age 66y wife of R.  
Wiswell, A. NewellSept. 4,1845   
Wiswell, Martin M.Feb. 3,1848July 18,1877  
Wiswell, Lucius G. Oct. 3,1853Aug. 14,1860  
Wiswell, Rosa C. Mar. 14,1858June 28,1924  
Wiswell, C. AdahDec. 28,1864   
Burgess, Clarrissa Apr. 2,1876age 82y mother of Julia  
Wiswell, AdahNov. 24,1786Dec. 8,1885mother of R.  
Balon, Mary A.March 21, 1861Dec. 20,1918  
Wiswell, Sophronia Aug. 31,1840in the 21 year of her age dau of J. Adah  
Wiswell, Alured N. Sept. 1837in the 25 year of his age son of John Adah  
Rowe, E. J.18681916Odd Fellows marder 
Rowe, Minnie 18731936wife of E. J. Rowe 
Boyden, William Dec. 13, 1857age 51y 7m 7d 
Boyden, William Mar. 1,1843age 1y 11m 9d 
Boyden, Lewis  May 11, 1852age 9m 12d 
Short, John P.Oct. 10,1823Dec. 4,1889  
Short, SarildaMay 19,1829Sept. 11,1904wife of J.P.  
Devoss, F. M.1844   
Devoss, T. A.1849   
Devoss, Minnie F.1873   
Devoss, Henry18761881  
Devoss, Rosa18771877  
Devoss, F. M.1833   
Devoss, Marion H.18871904  
Devoss, John M.18701907  
Devoss, Myria E. 1870   
Devoss, Margurite1901   
Devoss, F. Wayne1903   
Devoss, Mary A.1905   
Short. Johnnie Sept. 9,1899age 3y 3m 29d son of J. C. & E. A.  
Devoss, F. M.18441923Odd Fellows markerCo D. 139 ILL Inf
Devoss, Thalia A.18491918  
Devoss, Marion18871904  
Devoss, William HenryJune 28,1876Dec. 10,1881  
Devoss, John18701907  
Short, Tullius C. Sept. 8,1854age 9m 28d son of J. P. & S.  
Short, Henry Nov. 8,1862age 6y 6m 6d son of J. P. & S.  
Vertrees, Lewis    
Vertrees, Martha J. Oct. 25,1857age 51y 5m wife of Lewis  
Vertrees, Lovease July 26,1879age 79y second wife of Lewis  
Bryant, Jane L. June 13,1875age 31y 8m 7d wife of J. W.  
Abbott, Lardin Feb.28,1863age 19y 2m 9d son of G. & E.  
Stewart, MelvinaNov. 18,1838May 22,1875  
Abbott, Mary J.Sept. 13,1850June 8,1869  
Abbott, PrestonJuly 18,1854Mar. 7,1885  
Abbott, LarkenDec. 19,1843Feb. 28,1863  
Abbott, AlfredMar. 30,1845July 28,1863  
Abbott, MadellJan. 8,1864Sept. 8,1864  
Abbott, GreenupJuly 9,1813Aug. 13,1877  
Abbott, ElizabethJune 2,1821Feb. 22,1895  
Abbott, Johnston    
Abbott, Lydia    
Palsgrove, Annie E.    
Palsgrove, Cora McCoolOct. 4,1869June 20,1931  
Palsgrove, John D.Sept. 9,1870Jan. 6,1906  
McCool, William H.Dec. 15,1840May 26,1900  
McCool, Irene J.May 6,1850Dec. 15,1907  
McCool, Nelle H.Oct. 22,1873Jan. 17,1954  
McCool, Pricilla G.July 27,1822May 20,1898mother 
McCool, Hamilton J.18121874  
Giddings, Henry18461916  
Giddings, Ophelia18461926  
Giddings, Moses C.Nov. 19,1800May 17,1881  
Giddings, Sophia Dec. 6,1808May 11,1876wife of M. C.  
Giddings, Alta A. Sept. 2,1864dau of S. & S. J.  
McGahey, Susan18411932  
McGahey, Matthew18371916  
McGahey, Frank18701916  
McGahey, LillyFeb. 14,1864   
Hascall, H. S.Nov. 28,1811May 26,1892  
Hascall, Sallie C.Apr. 9,1820Oct. 28,1889age 69y 6m 18d wife of H. S. 
Freeman, RobertJan. 9,1809Nov. 29,1893father 
Freeman, Zerilda E.Sept. 28,1814Feb. 24,1882wife of R. T.  mother 
Freeman, Robert T., Jr.18461923father 
Freeman, Julia J. Knapp18501921his wife mother 
Beckholt, Robert FreemanApr. 15,1914Apt. 19,1917son of Rev. I. H., &J. S.  
Freeman, George H.  Nov. 16,1882age 3y 6m 20d child of R. T. & J. F.  
Freeman, Charles E. Nov. 21,1882age 5y 5m 5d child of R. T. & J. F. 
Freeman, Leroy R.Feb. 19,1892June 3,1897son of R. T. & J. F.  
Freeman. Edgar  son of B. O. & J. I.  
Bryant, Fannie    
Loafman, Arthur18661867  
Haley, Charles H. 18651942  
Zimmerman, Pearl W. 18791974  
Zimmerman, Henry S.Dec. 5,1871Nov. 7,1953Illinois Captain Medical Corps American Legion marker World War I
Whitman, Joseph18541946  
Whitman, Hattie18581913  
McGahey, James S. 18811960  
McGahey, Pearl Aug. 25,1882   
Higgins, William G. Dec. 24,1866age 30y 1m 15d 
Higgins, Mary J. Mar. 20,1864age 26y 4m __d wife of Wm. G. 
Giddings, Silas Sept. 4,1872age 55y 10d  
Schuessler, Lavern Aug. 18,1878age 27y 11m 7d wife of J. W.  
Morey, Charles F. Jan. 9,1873age 75y 6m 9d 
O'Riley, WilliamFeb. 23,1845Feb. 24,1938  
O'Riley, Mary M. Riley Oct. 14,1844Nov. 22,1914his wife 
O'Riley, Linus A.Dec. 3,1868Mar. 10,1901  
O'Riley, Emma C. BensonSept. 17,1869Jan. 6,1956his wife 
O'Riley, William N.May 11,1896Jan. 18,1912  
Hanger, Mary B.18531911  
Norris, Elizabeth Mar. 5,1864age 53y 6m 11d dau of Wm. & J.  
Norris, John M. Feb. 26,1829July 22,1906Masonic emblem  Odd Fellows marker 
Norris, Mary Dec. 18,1832Aug. 22,1864age 31y 8m 4d wife of J. M.  
Norris, Eugene E.Oct. 9,1850Apr. 18,1852age 1y 6m 9d 
Norris, Solonis F. Jan. 13,1853   
Norris, Luella E.Mar. 7,1855   
Norris, Eldora Feb. 25,1857   
Norris, ElnoraNov.27,1858   
Norris, Elmer H. May 10,1861   
Norris, LoraMay 30,1863Aug. 26,1864age 1y 2m 16d 
Bradley, Donathan18491935Co. G 5 Ill Cav
Bradley, Melvina Whitman18491933  
Fair, Myrta B.18721954  
Fair, W. H. 18641933  
Bradley, Clell J.19041917  
Robison, Mary March 20,1865age 8m 7d dau of M. & C.  
Genther, Edmond L. Apr. 10,1866age 3y 9m 5d son of J. C. & D. I. 
Guenther, John C.Sept.15,1822   
Guenther, DorethaAug. 27,1825Dec. 4,1902his wife 
Guenther, TheordoreOct. 11,1852   
Herring, Benjamin F. June 28,1853age 2y 14d osn of J. S. & N. E. 
Bone, Clark  Co F 83 Ill Inf
Bone, Samuel A.18171866  
Bone, Lydia C.18141884  
Bone, Mary I.18511878  
Bone, Cecil C.18761961  
Bone, Julie S.18761961  
Bone, Clark C.18431915  
Bone, Caroline A.18461929  
Bone, Claude O.18671868  
Bone, Clyde C.18691870  
Bone, Ralph B.18791881  
Bone, Frederic C.18831883  
Bone, Harry Lea 18871888  
Bone, Claude Otis Aug. 29,1868age 1y 3m 11d only son of C. C. & C. A. 
Bone, Clyde Cyrene Aug. 18,1870age 1y 1m 18d only son of C. C. & C. A. 
Bone, Ralphie  Sept. 4,1881age 2y 27d our little Ralphie 
Bone, Freddie CarlJan. 2,1883   
Bone, Harry Lea  Aug. 3,1888age 1y 3m 17d son of C. C. & C. A. 
Guenther, Flora18641918  
Guenther, C. W.18641918  
Guenther, infant1885   
Abbott, Jackson18581920  
Abbott, Pauline H. 18581935  
Robison, MossesFeb. 14,1818Aug. 16,1884father 
Robison, CatharineSept. 1,1843   
Robison, Mary Aug.  Aug. 14,1864Mar. 20,1865dau of M. & C.  
Robison, WillieOct. 30,1872July 18,1877son of M. & C. 
Bradley, Sarah18221901  
Bradley, W. W.18511928  
Bradley, Colonel Geo.18571935  
Jones, Addie Bradley18581935  
Bradley, Ed L.18901967  
Wright, Herbert N. 18921921  
Smirl, Nettie C. Dec. 19,1888infant dau of F. J. & E. A.  
Thompson, James  Co D 146 Ill Inf
Thompson, Hershel J. Sept. 12,1864age 10m 6d son of J. & F. I.  
Morey, Benjamin F. Feb. 22,1863age 1y 2m 13d son of N. & E.  
Morey, Olive M. Apr. 30,1866age 1y 1m 15d dau of Nelson & Ellen  
Morey, Ellen June 1,1873age 32y 8m 7d wife of N.  
Morey, Nelson  Co E 102 Ill Inf
Higgins, David Aug. 23,1872age 95y 8m 20d 
Plymton, Elijah T.July 20,1818Dec. 19,1883our father 
Plymton, MaryDec. 19,1829Nov. 3,1904his wife 
Plymton, Wm. F.  son of E. & C. M.  
Plymton, Charles H. Apr. 12,1865age 2m 12d son of E. & C. M.  
Herring, S. W. Oct. 11,1859age 55y 9m 20d 
Boger, Joseph Nov. 14,1858age 26y 7m 1d Odd Fellows marker 
Fox, Levi T. Sept. 20, 1856age 18y 2m son of B. & E. Fox 
Fox, William A.Aug. 30,1932May 1,1906  
Fox, Abigail J. Mar. 9,1837June 6,1890wife of W. A. Fox 
Fox, Eliza Aug. 3,1891age 82y 9m 6d wife of Benjamin  
Fox, Benjamin Nov. 1,1881age 81y 2m 4d 
Mann, Bessie R. 18871917dau of Annie E. Rowe 
Miner, George18721885brother 
Miner, Eddie18751875brother 
Miner, Henry18401915father 
Miner, Sarah B.18481875mother 
Miner, Henry  Co L 9 Ill Cav
Murphy, Mary S.May 16,1840Aug. 19,1863  
Parrish, Little Berry  Co L 9 Ill Cav
Davidson, John C.  Co L 9 Ill Cav
Edwards, Sarah C. Oct. 8,1852age 2y 6m 8d dau of D. F. & M. S. 
Reynolds, Mathias  Co D 12 Ill Inf
McFarland, Walter E.18581877  
Moler, Cora L.18631886  
McFarland, Benjamin18311900  
McFarland, Betsey P.18361884  
McFarland, Clara F. Nov. 15,1857age 1y 3m 25d dau of B. & B. P. 
McFarland, Mary Oct. 22,1796July 20,1876wife of Jeremiah  
McFarland, Jeremiah  Aug. 29,1873age 82y 7m 27d War of 1812 marker
Tinkham, Clarence Jan. 7,1871age 1m 4d son of B. L. & M. E.  
Tinkham, Caroline Nov. 12,1852Apr. 21,1900  
Tinkham, Sadie Mar. 25,1881age 3y 2m 18d 
Tinkham, Carrie A. May 25,1881age 13y 4d 
Tinkham, Mary E. Apr. 2,1881age 32y 9d 
Tinkham, Freddie  Apr. 3,1881age 1y 3m 11d 
Tinkham, B. L. Feb. 7,1849Feb. 11,1911  
Means, AddisonSept. 30,1820Dec. 18,1877father 
Beers, Cyrena MeansJan.25,1837May 18,1913  
Shelton, John I.  child of M. H. & Jane 
Shelton, Emma  child of M. H. & Jane  
Shelton, Smith  child of M. H. & Jane 
Hart, Clark E.18651944father 
Hart, Lizzie Riggle18701935mother 
Riggle, John T.18721958  
Shelton, David R.Dec. 23,1792March 16,1847age 54y 2m 23d died and buried at Hazel Green, Wis. 
Shelton, PatseyJune 12,1795Nov. 30,1883age 88y 5m 18d his wife 
Shelton, Samuel T.18211892father 
Shelton, Eliza18241902 mother 
Shelton, Addie L.18671938  
Brooks, Don F.19221923son of F. R. & B. G.  
Shelton, J. Mason18521917Odd Fellows marker 
Shelton, Samuel T., Jr. June 25,1879July 13,1880age 1y 18d son of James M. & Julia E. 
Shelton, Joseph D.Dec. 9, 1832June 25,1883age 50y 6m 16d 
Shelton, Orpha May 1866dau of I. D. & E. L.  
Shelton, John B. 18251891father 
Shelton, C. Jane18291889mother 
Shelton, Squire W.18501926  
Shelton, Theresa E.18561889  
Shelton, James I. 1859   
Shelton, Alma J.18621869  
Shelton, Charles G.18641943  
Shelton, Lowie L.18671904  
Shelton, Jessie B.18711897  
Haley, Granny17961888my relative --married to Christopher Whitman-- parents of Huldah Whitman Wallace-- my 4th great grandparents. Christopher is buried somewhere in Southern IL.
Sayles, Charles (Pete)18871958  
Sayles, Ruth L.189519__  
Sayles, Joseph18551931  
Sayles, Theresa E.18561889  
Whitman, John T.Apr. 26,1822July 25,1896  
Whitman, Martha J.Dec. 24,1827Sept. 16,1894his wife 
Whitman, Lennie18761888  
Whitman, Mack H.18521910  
Johnson, Vera R.18911974  
Clark, Gordon W.18931976American Legion marker 
Clark, Mildred J.1903__  
Johnson, James M.18881918Odd Fellows marker 
Fox, Benjamin W.18761951  
Fox, Myrtle E.18741953  
Fox, Eliza J.June 21,1863Aug. 12,1900  
Bowes, James J. 18711961father 
Bowes, Grace M. 18841961mother 
Bowes, Mary A. 19091909  
Bowes, Kenneth A.19111928  
Smith, Wallace Revere18801941  
Smith, Ethel Denisar189019__  
Smith, Quentin D.Nov. 25,1920Nov. 19,1944 Illinois Tec 5 415 Inf 104 Inf Div World War I
Smith, James   Co C 83 ILL Inf
Smith, Glenn DeLloyd18851915Odd Fellows marker 
Bates, Mabel L.19191941  
Section F    
McGahey, SamuelMar. 20,1805Oct. 16,1875father 
McGahey, AbigollNov. 25,1815Mar. 5,1901mother 
McGahey,  Sept. 5,1846infant son of S. & A.  age 3m 4d 
McGahey, Zachary T. Oct. 11,1851age 4y 2m 23d son of S. & A. 
McGahey,  Mar. 3,1860infant son of S. & A.  
Robinson, Hugh M. Mar. 5,1869age 4y 10m 25d son of J. M. & M. E. 
Whitman, Wm. C. Dec. 13,1853age 37y 2m 9d 
Whitman, Fannie Elizabeth Shelton Oct. 10,1868age 49y 4m 5d his wife 
Whitman Tho's J. Oct. 16,1845age 1y 2m 21d 
Whitman, Chris C. Nov. 7,1853age 11y 4m 25d 
Whitman, F. Belle Nov. 14,1853age 1y 3m 8d 
Derham, Vira W. Dec. 1,1911age 73y died at Irvington, Cal Rev. 14; 
Robinson, Bettie W.    
Smith, Anna W.    
Horney, Phillip L.18811963  
Williamson, Harriet R.18621933mother 
Williamson, James I. 18631929  
Williamson, Edith May18941904daughter 
Hitzeman, BabyApril 26,1933   
Miner, Robert C.Oct. 10,1907Nov. 8,1975 Sp5 US Army World War II
Miner, Samuel Sept. 1, 1869May 21,1926father 
Miner, Sadie OliverDec. 5,1874July 29,1934 his wife mother 
Miner, Lena MayMay 25,1904Dec. 23,1912  
Miner, Robert Clarence Oct. 10,1909   
Miner, Herbert GlennNov. 19,1909   
Miner, Mynton GraceJuly 18,1913   
Miner, Ada Clare Aug. 18,1916   
Miner, Lena May May 25,1904Dec. 23,1912  
Oliver, RobertAug. 18,1836Jan. 10,1904  
Oliver, Matilda Nov. 16,1851Sept. 11,1908his wife 
Oliver, Sadie B.Dec. 5, 1874July 29,1934  
Oliver, John G.June 25,1877Dec. 5,1912  
Oliver, Fred J.Aug. 31,1879Jan. 26,1939  
Oliver Minnie F.June 21,1882June 4,1960  
Oliver, Archie H.July 12,1885Nov. 26,1918  
Oliver, Baby boyDec. 18,1888Jan. 6,1889  
Oliver, Walter C.Aug. 16,1890Feb. 13,1940  
Oliver, Jane Apr. 28,1828Oct. 17,1911  
Barry, Richard D.18741947  
Montgomery, Eliza Oliver18881969  
Parish, James P.Oct. 25,1857   
Parish, Lydia E. FairDec. 25,1860 his wife 
Parish, Carl T.May 8,1885July 18,1902their son 
Parrish, James P.18571946father 
Parrish, Lydia Ellen18601938mother 
Parrish, Frank M.18601950  
Murphy, Charles Butler18741918Odd Fellows marker 
Murphy, Susan Ethel18791961  
Section E    
Morey, Josepth B.Mar. 20,1826Dec. 17,1876 father 
Morey, Sarah18391917his wife mother 
Morey, James W. June 8,1858May 11,1872son 
Morey, Fred18711949  
Morey, Rissie18751953  
Morey, Earl W.Sept. 4,1901Sept. 28,1912son of Fred &Rissie 
Goddard, Francis July 31,1887age 57y 12d 
Goddard, Lucinda Morey Dec. 29,1887age 55y 8m 2d his wife 
Goddard, Infant daughter Oct. 14,1856age 15d 
Goddard, Charles July 31,1858age 11d 
Thompson, Florence A.19081937  
Thompson, Margaret Lillian   infant 
Armstrong, Sebastian18591928Odd Fellows marker 
Armstrong, Minnie18651945  
Armstrong, Arthur19001911son of S. B. & M. 
Bowman, Eliza F. Nov. 28,1866age 48y 3m 4d wife of L. H. 
Hart, EliasSept. 12,1839June 3,1890father 
Hart, Mary E.Jan. 9,1846June 11,1902mother 
Hart, Harvey Aug. 10,1864Dec. 30,1864son of E. & M. E. 
Hart,  Dec. 31,1865infant son of E. & M. E. age 4m 21d 
Kelly, Ora H.18641935husband 
Kelly, Macie L.18611943wife 
Kelly, Eliza B.18401903wife of L. T. Kelly 
Kelly, Henry H. Jan. 12,1883age 72y 1m 20d 
Kelly, Susan D. Jan. 20,1897age 78y 25d wife of Henry H. 
Knight, Dan'l C.18361920 Com Sgt Co G 1 ILL Cav
Knight, Addie Kelly18451928  
Kelly, Ebenezer Aug. 29,1867age 88y 5m 15d 
Parker, Jacob S. Dec. 25,1869age 52y 10m 22d 
Parker, Margaret Feb. 3,1862age 38y wife of J. S. 
Parker, Johnson Jan. 18,1851age 2y 2m 22d  son of J. S. & M. 
Parker, Lydia Mar. 6,1852age 5y 1m 9d dau of J. S. & M.  
Parker, Mary  Feb. 27,1852age 1y 3m 2d dau of J. S. & M. 
Parker, Amandy  Aug. 9,1846age 1y 2m 28d dau of J. S. & M. Parker 
Temple, Thomas, M. D.18211897  
Temple, Mary A.18231880  
Temple, Mary A.Jan. 1,1823Dec. 24,1880wife of Thomas 
Atkinson, Amy A. June 27,1877age 43y 5m 4d wife of Robert Atkinson 
Hart, Harvey B. Feb. 25,1878age 74y 8m 21d father 
Hart, Jane Sept. 14,1882age 78y 6m 5d mother 
Crandall, Celestia M. Oct. 22,1863age 19y 8m 18d wife of J. H. Crandall 
Jones, Mary J. April 23,1828Jan. 18,1871born in Warren Co., KY wife of M. R. 
Jones, M. R. Nov. 13,1819 born in Monroe Co., KY 
Jones Angie E.June 26,1850Jan. 11,1871  
Jones, Franklin July 15,1854Sept. 27,1870  
Hinghey, JanieJan. 11,1859Jan. 4,1870  
Hinghey, LidaDec. 22,1860Sept. 5,1876  
Odell, Susan E.Dec. 22,1845May 10,1869  
Odell, CarrieAug.7,1853July 31,1881  
Odell, Susan E. May 10,1869age 23y 5m 18d dau of G. & S. A.  
Lee, Hannorah S. Jan. 18,1874age 74y wife of S. C. 
Lee, D. B.Oct. 1,1826Nov. 10,1869  
McClure, Frank W.18571920  
McClure, Clara Grove18621946  
McClure, Reid R.18871959  
McClure, Rex D.18871923Odd Fellow Marker 
Larson, Mae McClure188919__  
Hedgepeth, Joel S. Jan. 21,1815Jan. 14,1889  
Parish, CharlesJune 28,1888Sept. 1,1888  
Parish, Eliza J.Aug. 4,1846Aug. 1,1888wife of Wm. 
Kenan, Margaret I.18481935  
Kenan, Orville B.Feb. 28,1895Dec.7,1961 Illinois Cpl Us Marine Corps World War I
Kenan, Clell W. Apr. 9,1901age 7m 
Kenan, Oscar R.19021943  
Kenan, Mary B.18771952  
Kenan, Eugene C.18721937  
Isaacson, Henry F.19011979  
Isaacson, Emma R.190119__  
Isaacson, Donald L.19291930  
Sheridan, John A.18561924  
Sheridan, Mary J.18601924  
Sheridan, Lena M.18871893  
Sawyer, James D.19151917son of F. F. & A.  
Miner, Mary18441898  
Murphy, E. RussellFeb. 12,1907   
Murphy, Doris S. Mar.16,1908   
Abbott, Lousi 18401889  
Abbott, Margaret18391928  
Skinn, Mary18561920  
Devoss, Wayne19031972  
Devoss, Mary190519__  
Devoss, Myra E.18701963  
Devoss, Marguerite19011922  
Fry, Emily18371877  
Graham, D. C.18271906  
Graham, Mary 18361864wife of D. C 
Graham Rebecca18351889wife of D. C 
Graham, Blanch18621864Children of D. C. and Mary
Graham, Ella18581870
Graham, Fred C.July 9, 1903June 5, 1945California Cpl AAF HQ 8 HQ SQ WWII
Graham, Lyman Chester18641953Odd Fellows Marker 
Graham, Ada B.18661944his wife buried in C 
Graham, R. W. G.Sept 30, 1835Mar 17, 1889 Must have old & newer stones I have tombstones photos.
Graham, D. C. G.Nov 10, 1827Sept 18, 1906 
Graham, Mary  May 23, 186428y 1m wife of D. C.
Graham, Little Ella April 19, 187011y 1`1m 5d dau of D. C. & M
Graham, Blanch M. Apr 12, 18642y 12d dau of D. C. & M.
Davis, James L.Coi E 18 Mo Inf 
Davis, W. FrankJuly 27,1878Oct 10, 1949Cpl 40 US VOL INf 
Penny, Ermina18491918  
Mellott, Louis MNov 1, 1874May 14, 1901wife of Irvin Mellott Rest mother rest.... 
Heady, Perry >18731956  
Heady, Grace L.    
Dickey, C. M.18411924  
Dickey, Emily P18561907  
Dickey, Fred18781908  
Duncan, William J.18611941  
Duncan, Isabvel. H. 18651917  
Hanson, Arthur H.May 18, 1898May 3, 1974PVT US ARMY
Hanson, NellieSept 22, 1898Dec 19, 1977  
Rowe, Eli 18631941  
Rowe, Hattie M18601956  
Wright, Herbert E.18681932  
Wright, Gertrude E.18721951  
Rowe, E. W.18281908  
Rowe, Laura M. Foster1857   
Johnson, John C. 18601911Odd Fellows Marker 
Johnson, Susie E.18571946  
Johnson, William H.18921938Co C 8th Eng's Mt'd American Legion
Haskel, Mr.May 25, ?? buried May 27, shipped from Iowa
Old Timer Column, October 7, 1937 Review Atlas Newspaper, Monmouth, Warren County, Illinois

Silent Home Cemetery is in the northwest corner of section 16 in Floyd township, two miles south of Cameron. It is on a good gravel road, (now a good oiled road), but it is entered up a rather steep climb. The cemetery is one of the best kept of the county burying grounds of the county. the ground was deed by Royal Wiswell to the Silent Cemetery Association April 14, 1870, and comprises three acres. Dates on tombstone, however, indicate the plot was used for burial purposes earlier than that date.

The oldest stone in Silent Home cemetery seems to be that of W. C. Whitman, one of the early residents of Cameron community, who passed away in 1835. A number of stones in this , as in other cemeteries are broken down or eroded so that names and dates often are illegible. One stone appears to record the death of one Alered N., son of W-----, died September 1837. (Too bad it cannot be better identified.) Other stones record the deaths of Sophronia, daughter of John and Adah Murdock, 1840; William A. Boyden, 1843; David R. Shelton, died and buried at Hazel Grove, Wis., March 16, 1847; Anarday, daughter of J. S. and M. Parker, Aug 9, 1846; other members of the Parker family 1851, 1852 and later; Sarah C. Edwards, Oct 8, 1852; Tullius C. Short, 1854; Levitt Fox, 1856; Clara F. McFarland, 1857; Lydia, wife of J. Abbott, 1858.

Other names of persons who have been prominent in the community include: Lewis Vertrees, one of the early settlers who died in 1883, and his two wives, Martha J., died 1857, and Loveease, died 1879, Royal and Matthew Wiswell and their families; Elder Samuel T. Shelton, former member of the State Legislature, who died in 1892; D. C. Graham, prominent farmer and also former State legislator, who died 1905; Jeremiah McFarland, who came to this county from Kentucky with Peter Butler in 1829 and died in 1873; Robert H. Riggle, long time teacher and resident of Cameron who die din 1829; and W. G. Whiteman, 1853; former Sheriff John W. Bolon;' Harmon E. Haley; Adison Means and his wife Cerena Means Beers, Elias Hart, Chris B. Mills, H. C. Allingham, Temple, Devoss, McCool, E. W. Squires, Atkinson Gay, Schussler, Odell, Hinchey, Robley, Short, Milward, O'Riley, Bryant, Kindon, Sayles, Kelley, Edwards, Marsh, Mellott, McGahey, etc.



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