Silent Home Cemetery, Floyd Twp, Warren Co., IL


    Silent Home Cemetery is really one of the easiest Cemeteries in Warren County, IL, to find.  I have been there many, many times taking photos for others, and trying to find the burial places of lost loved ones.  One in particular that was hard to find but she was sure they were buried there and they are were the surname of Johnson.  They are buried here at the Silent Home but there are no stones for them.

    The way I go sometimes to the cemetery, out of Galesburg, IL, go on main street straight west out of Galesburg past Farm King and the old drive in movie theater.  Keep going till you see the sign that say Cameron.  Turn left here.  You will be heading south.  Go through Cameron under Railroad viaduct and over railroad tracks.  When you pass over the last railroad tracks you are in Floyd Twp.  Keep going straight on the Road 140 Street, you go a few miles and at the intersection of 140/160th on the East side of the road is where the cemetery is laid out.  It pretty well kept mowed and such and there are allot of new graves in this cemetery.  Many of the older stones are in very bad shape and some are missing completely.

    December 18, 2004---added tombstone pictures with references to information on the tombstone.

First Photo Page for Silent Home Cemetery February 16, 2007

June 19, 2006 Silent Home Tombstone Photo Gallery, with the Abbott Plot first click here!

Overview of Silent Home Cemetery, Floyd Twp., Warren Co., IL

View looking West out towards the main road you enter the cemetery from. taken last summer 2006.







February 16, 2007 Tombstone photos and cemetery listings for this cemetery have been divided for easier viewing. Not all known persons are on list but it is one of the best & most accurate lists to be found for this cemetery. Been made by little ole me, Foxie, my daughter Kate, and Jorden, my great nephew with the help of a few other people in during research for them. Some people buried here have no tombstones what so ever to mark their graves.

Had to make the listings into two pages. Link to second page of listings is at the bottom of the page.

Email me if you think this is so in your family. There is a complete original book to this cemetery still in existence today.

    Military People buried in Warren County, IL.





Military/other org.

Armstrong, Betty L. Linder

Armstrong, Leroy Edward

Mary E.

Roger E

Chris B.

July 16, 1924

June 21, 1920January 10, 2002Parents of Gerry, Larry, Jim 
  Infants of Leroy & Betty Armstrong 
 Feb. 18, 1944  
 April 17, 1955  
 August 11, 1957  
The above names are all on one stone.....    
Miner, Luke

Miner, Lucy Ann

 March 20, 1893ae 86 yrs 
 November 14, 1882ae 76 yrs  Luke's wife 
   This written on the back of Luke and Lucy Ann's stone.....

aged 48 years,  Their daughter......

Their son........

Farrington, Miner, Jane

Miner, Charles

 February 14, 1890  
Aug. 08, 1837``  
Miner, SamuelA private in Co L 9 Ill Cave. Taken prisoner at Little Rock Ark. and died Sept. 20, 1863 age 20y 1m 5dStone has sunken in ground and can't read.  Co L 9th Ill Cav. Separate stone from other stone.  but for Samuel....going to see if I can get him a new Civil War stone when I get into DVCW
Miner, George E

Miner, Eddie


Brother------on same stone both boys.


Big Miner Gray Stone in the middle.....

Miner, Sarah B.`18461875Mother and wife of Henry M. Miner
Miner, Henry 18401915Father & husband of SarahCo. L. 9th Ill Cav.. Separate front of his other one....
Clayton, BellzoriaMarch 01, 1865

ae  19yrs 1mo

dau. of W.N. & M. J. Clayton  this stone is buried and laying on the ground all cracked.

wife of John Robinson

Lindsey, JohnApril 02, 186?ae 22yrs 21ds.  same stone as below front part. 
Cline, Sarah C. March 03, 1875Jan. 27, 1877This is on the same stone above written on the side facing south.
Stafford, ElizabethFeb. 06, 1804Feb. 03, 1885same stone as above written on the side facing west.
The below names I got from the lady who has the Original cemetery records for Silent Home.  These are names I was researching for another person and went to get names for other buried there possibly with no stones.  These some have stones will mark them later.  Some may not have stones.....
Mills, W. P., Jr
Mills, Clark W1914 Nov. 19
Mills, Mary Mrs.1926 Mar 28
Mills, Melissa Haley1971 Feb 17
Mills, infant1902 July 02of Mr. & Mrs. Joe Mills
Mills, infant son1897of Mr.  & Mrs. Joe Mills
Mills, infant son, Gerald1899 Aug 01of Mr. & Mrs. Joe Mills
Mills, Florence1939 Mar 22wife of Joe Mills
Mills, Burrell Loy1958 Mar 05

This is another part of the cemetery..... Same family----Block #4; Lot #17; W1/2

Mills, William Parker191 Decd 27
Parker, Margaret1905 Feb 08
Mills, Lorana1923 Feb 21

This is in another part of the cemetery but also the same family of Mills. But I didn't get the lot no and such.

Mills, C. B.1873

1920 Feb 17

Mills, infant 

1899 Apr 21

of Chris Mills
Milward, infant 1917 Apr 27of Mr. & Mrs. Walter Milward
Mills, Winnie B.18751940 Oct 15
Now back to the stones that I read and wrote down.....
Carrier, John W.18531920
Carrier, Ella E.18641918John's wife  same stone
Carrier, Lillian M18971971
Carrier, HaroldMar. 08Nov 29, 1980WW I   Bugler US ARMY
Carrier, Inez18841912
Carrier, Dorothy19031904
Johnson, John 18201900Father
Johnson, Amanda18711908Mother
Johnson, Alice L.18751960Mother
Johnson, Harry W.18711935Father
Johnson, Clarence A. Oct 6, 1901Oct 6, 1903
Johnson, NellieJuly 3, 1899Nov 28, 1899dau of J. & A. F. Johnson
Wallace, Ema SarahNov 12, 1849April 5, 1872wife of Robert Wallace & dau of John & Amanda Johnson
Johnson,  sons Twins of J. & A. F.
Overfelt, dau infant dau of C. A. & M. J.
Tinkham, Willie M.18981946
Tinkham, Effie L. 18691955Mother
Tinkham, Willard18671929Father
Wilson, Frank  Oct 27, 1884Aged 29yr 10m 22d
Wilson, Daniel T.June 18, 1821Dec 24, 1874
Parker, HarveyNov 22, 1805June 15, 1882
Clay, Mark Shelton Mar 23, 1883aged 9d son of E. M. ^ O. E.
Clay, Eugene M.18541932
Clay, Ophelia E.18551912
Tinkham, BenjaminApr 19, 1813Feb 2, 1888
Tinkham, Sara J. S. Mar 3, 1852Mar 8, 1854dau of B. & S
Tinkham, Sarah A.July 15, 1816Jan 17, 1897
Tinkham, Sarah S. J. Mar 8, 1854aged 2yrs 5d dau of S & B. two times on stones.
Tinkham, Amy M.189719XX
Tinkham, Lester L.18981961
Tinkham, Elvin I.18691932
Tinkham, Nellie O18731961
Tinkham, LeRoy18961897son
Newlon, Alfred D.1906XXXXmarried Jan 28, 1937
Newlon, Edna M.19051982
McCoy, Lucinda18411907
Smith, William18641946
Smith, Kate18731951
Houser, Etta M. Dec 3, 1891Sept 3, 1897
Deweese, C. G. Feb 15, 1871aGE 80Y IM ID
Reynolds, Alexander Jan 7, 1839age 39y 11m 7dIn honor of an early minister of the Cameron Christian Church
Crosby, S. L. Jan 30, 1863age 1m 28d  dau of E. P. & M. M.
McCluer, Charles F. Oct 3, 1870age 7y 10m son of E. & F.
Clayton, William C.18571918father
Clayton, Birdie M.18691972Mother
Canfield, Mary L. 18971972Mother
Canfield, William E.Jan 3, 1934Apr 24, 1978Beloved husband & father
Amey, James Nov 7, 1 863age 33y 7m 27d
McCart, Emma J. Amey18621930
White, Andrew J. July 30, 1865age 27y 9m 14dCo D 83 Ill Inf USA
White, Nancy D. July 13, 1867age 27y 9m 14dwife of Andrew White
Allingham, Charles18471925Co C 138 Ill Inf
Allingham, Stephen Douglas  May 3, 1871age 14yr 8m 17d son of H. C. & S. J.
Allingham, Horatio C.Dec 6, 1823Aug 15, 1908
Allingham, S. Jane WhitmanFeb 27, 1826July 31, 1886

Allingham Horatio & S. Jane Whitman's children on back of their tombstone

Allingham, W. LycurgusMar 12, 1849Aug 22, 1875
Allingham, Josephine M.Jan 3, 1851Jan 26, 1851
Allingham, S. Douglas Aug 16, 1856May 31871
Allingham, Sallie P.June 21, 1862Aug 31, 1931

The two below Allingham's are the parents of Mary Jane Allinghame who married my 3rd great grandfather William John Thomas Wallace. she was his second wife. don't know if Horatio is their son or not.

Allingham, George Nov 1, 1873Age 89y3m22d
Allingham, Ruth Feb 6, 1874age 71y10m6d  wife of George
Clayton, JohnOct 22, 1822Nov 30, 1884
Clayton, Ceny N.Nov 11, 1829Feb 9, 1913his wife
VanTasell, Emma June 19, 18XXage 1y 3d dau of stone is bad shape and hard to read. probably dau of D. & M.
VanTasell, AlliceMar5, 1874Mar 11, 1875dau of D.& M.
VanTasell, Frankie Feb 19, 1871age 6m 9d  son of D. & M.
Freeman, Theresa M June 2, 1870 age 29y 8m 16das wife of D. T.

These are all on one stone. tombstone is in one of the photos galleries.

Freeman, D. T.Jan 27, 1841

The children are on the back of the parents stone.

Freeman, Emory F.Dec 11, 1864
Freeman, InaFeb 13, 1863
Freeman, LuraJuly 18, 1869
Wade, Isabell N. Nov 3, 1862

age 15y 2m 12d dau of H. & M

Giddings, SebastianNov 1, 1831Sept 7, 1900
Giddings, SusanNov 17, 1826May 9, 1900his wife
Giddings, MargaretFeb 18, 1834Feb 26, 1864his wife
Giddings, ChesterDec 9, 1863Apr 14, 1864
McGlure, George Jan 2, 1808Jan 28, 1879father
McClure, ElizabethJan 14, 1808Dec 31, 1888wife of Geo. & mother
Clayton, Kitty B.18671929
McClure, John W.18311887
McClure, Charlotte M. 18411920
McClure, Eva N. July 26, 1864age 5y 1m 5d

dau of J. W. & C. M.

Rieman, JohnFeb 17, 1803Aug 31, 1871
Rieman, SophiaAug 5, 1807Dec 17, 1878
Roberts, John G. Mar 12, 1861age 5y 4m 28d

son of D & C

Roberts, Edwin A.  Aug 12, 1861age 9m 1d son of D. & C.
Roberts, Cynthia A.Nov 24, 1835wife of Derias
Roberts, DeriasAug 29, 1932March 12, 1884Odd Fellows Marker
Squairs, William A.  Mar 15, 1861age 6m 12d

son of W. A. & S. C.

tombstone photo
Kughen, Elizabeth 18071862age 54y 1m 19d


tombstone photo
Kughen, Michael18031884age 81yr 6m 3d

father buried in Kughen Cemetery, Holt Co., NE

Locy, Eliza Feb 20, 1874age 74yrs 3d

mother of John Bolon

tombstone photo and this one is broken in two or three pieces
Heston, Oliver Feb 15, 1820Jan 7, 1868tombstone photo
Heston, Phebe E. Aug 2, 1862Mar 20, 1868 dau of O. & E. Heston
Marsh, Emoline L Sept. 13, 1865 in the 23d year of her age wife of A.Tombstone photo
we found some small tombstones under a bush with this one not sure if go with Marsh family or not. Jim---Mother--Father
Marsh, Jennette July 25, 1862Aug 23, 1863All on same stone

children of T & H.

tombstone photo

March, EddieInfant
Marsh, Annie D. Feb 25, 1867May 7, 1868
Marsh, Charles W. Feb 8, 1864 Apr 4, 1881
Kingdon, Jane  July 25, 1868age 40y 8m 17d wife of Wm Kingdon
Kingdon, Martha J.  Oct 5, 1862age 6y 7m dau of W. J.
Kingdon, Agnes Oct 5, 1862 age 48y wife of John
Badgett. Joe H.Apr 5, 1865Nov 25, 1918DAD
Armstrong, Mary Elnora19441944
Armstrong, J. Francis18941931
Fairchild, Marvin R.1907-1971Masonic emblem
Fairchild, Alfred 

Co C 138 Ill Inf Stone

Names all on one stone

tombstone photo

Fairchild, Abiel18191901
Fairchild, Mary Ryan18231881his wife
Fairchild, Alfred18471864His tombstone is up by the flag pole broken and lying on the ground.
Gay, John July 19, 1865son of V & M. Gay
Gay, Mary Mar 13, 1877age 84y 7m 15d
Gay, Van Feb 3, 1881age 85y10m12d
Freeman, John H.18381915Father

All on one stone.  tombstone photo

Freeman,  Rebecca18391901His wife - Mother
Freeman, Willard E.18651952

Willard & Rebecca's children

Archie E.18671948
Edwin L.18691962
Jennie M. 18711953
Mary R.18781963
Daisy H.18811882
DawsonAlta May14yrstombstone photo
Dawson, Birdella 18yrs
Dawson, Benjamin 3days
Dawson, Pearlie 6months
Goddard, RobertAug 18, 1844Feb 17, 1906Fathertombstone photo
Goddard, Mary E. Aug 2, 1871age 26y 8d wife of Robert Goddard
Goddard, Mary C.June 4, 1854Feb 17, 1901wife of Robert
Goddard RobertMar 8, 1894July 6, 1919
Nelson, N. M. Civil War StoneTombstone PhotoeCo E 52nd PA Inf
Rowe, Alonzo G. May 11, 18767y 9m 11d
Rowe, Margaret A.July 22, 188852y 7m 10d
Rowe, Joseph  Nov 16, 186475y 6mFirst Settler of Rio Township, Knox County, IL.   Black Hawk War Vet. died Nov. 16, 1864; Aged 75 years 6Mo.
Merritt, WilliamSept 19, 1800Oct 12, 1870
Merritt, ElsieMar 28, 1810Dec 14, 1885
Merritt, Wm AlbertSept 29, 1849Nov 7, 1886
Merritt, Charles H.Sept 27, 1857Jan 21, 1883
Van Dyke, Sabra17781870
Mower, Jonas Sept 29, 1844Oct 4, 1914all on one stone

tombstone photo

Mower, Elsie MariaJuly 2, 1847June 4, 1923his wife
Mower, Wilhelmina B.Sept 28, 1866Dec 20, 1883

Children of Jonas & Elsie

Mower, Elsie M. May 15, 1868
Mower, Charles L.Mar 1, 1871
Mower, Florance MaudApr 17, 1889May 28, 1903
Roffey, Susan M. Dec 11, 18703y5m22da dau fo J & A. F.

Tombstone photos but not all on one stone.

Roffey, Franklin N. Nov 17, 18708y5m 29d son of J & A. F.
Roffey, Robert R.  Nov 4, 18709m22d

son of J & A. F.

Roffey, James 18331918Father
Roffey, Amy18321911his wife & Mother
Galusha, Frank June 1, 1854XXXX
Galusha, Martha E. LeeJan 16, 18621939his wife
Galusha, MarySept 20, 1882 Aug 22, 1903
Galusha, Martha 18621939
Wooden Cross 
Valetine, Andrew May 6, 188228y 11m 26da
Bowers, PhebeJan, 1805Sept 8, 188782yrs 8mall one stone

tombstone photos

Bowers, ElizabethOct 31, 1833Mar 13, 1912
Bowers, AaronMar 21, 1829Jan 6, 1913
Redford, Christen18391892Tombstone photo
Frymire, HenryOct 16, 1868Dec 24, 1934Tombstone photo
Frymire, Emma GoyerSept 6, 1867Jan 7, 1929wife
Frymire, Henry 11days son of L & E
Whitman, William H.Mar 27, 1824May 25, 1901
Whitman, Jane JohnsonOct 15, 1825May 26, 1898His wife.
Whitman, Henry J.18471924
Whitman, Margaret J.18461925
Lyons, IdaSept 13, 1855June 15, 1879wife of F. M. Lyons
Goddard, Francis P. May 8, 188284y 6m 19d
Goddard, Margaret Nov, 187169y8m wife of F. P
Goddard, Angaline Dec 22, 18521y2m4d dau of F. P. & M
Folmer, Joseph 18201876
Folmer, Alice18331904
Folmer, Andrew 18511893
Folmer, Ruben18631909
Folmer, Lucy18651930
Danforth, Joseph F.18541926
Danforth, Elizabeth18571952
Danforth, Jay H.1891June 7, 1892buried June 9, 1892
Danforth, James F.18891941March 26, 1941 IL Pvt 123 Pvt. 123 Field Arty 33 Div World War I--American Legion
Danforth, Josephine F. 18831971
Lowe, MaieDec 17, 1892Feb 12, 1894dau of J. H. & A.

all that is left of here stone

Garrison, AllieCo H 6 Ill Inf Civil War tombstone photo
Straub, Minnie M18751956
Straub, William C.18751953

Cross, Lieut. George B. Co Co L 9 Ill Cav

Patterson, James Co G 1 Ill Cav

Bolon, Lucinda18391915
Bolon, John W. 18381909
Longshore, JamesCo C 112 Ill Inf Odd Fellows Marker
Miller, Ross

Eddie Infants

Miller, Ella G. 18731969
Miller, Margaret18491916Mother
Miller, Thomas18401918Father
Miller, Nellie18811960
Miller, Arthur18781938Odd Fellows Marker
Hickman, Hester Feb 28, 188232y 8m 5d wife of Thomas
Moore, William H.18641934
Moore, AllenOct 10, 1819Mar 6, 1902
Moore, JaneFeb 17, 1819May 21, 1885wife of Allen
Robinson, Zerilda E. Feb14, 188632y9m21d   wife of D. D.
Milward, Zerilda E.18931932
Youngquist, Elmer e.18981968
Holsinger, Pauline M.1908
Holsinger, Wilbur18991961
Holsinger, Williard D.1935
Holsinger, Lois F.19381980
Holsinger, Infant dau 1962
Youngquist, Edward W. 19131969Husband
YoungQuist, Hazel Mackey1911Wife
Mackey, Jennie C.18801957
Mackey, Harry G.18801932
Medhurst, Ward18861919
Medhurst, Jessie18831972
Holford, Arthur18941924
Holford, Elizabeth18611942
Haley, Ewing18471922
Haley, Jessie18701944
Haley, Hulda18511912
Haley, Luella18681938
Haley, Harrison E.  Co K 11 Ill CaCivil War
Willis, Harley DexterNov 26, 1838Sgt. Co L 9 Ill CavCivil War
Willis, Sarah J.Sept 27, 1842June 11, 1892wife of Harley D.
Milward, Frank S. 18591940
Milward, Berdella18651959
Milward, Evelyn McClure1908
Milward, Walter D. 1893
Davidson, Wm LFeb 18, 1836June 3, 1894
Davidson, William A. June 6, 188826y5m son of W. L. & A. N.
Tickman, Jasper N.Mar 13, 1843Apr 12, 1901Co A. 83 IL Inf
Tickman, Lodema  Dec 15, 187025y 22dwife of J. N.
Tickman, Altha S.Aug 17, 1866May 23, 1888

Their children

beings no death date might not be buried here.

Tickman, WillardOct 21, 1867
Tickman, Ira E.Sept 9, 1869
Tickman, Maggie A. May 18, 1846Aug 19, 1906
Shelton, David R. Sept 30, 1901Prvt Stapp's Co Ill Mt Vol Mexican War
Johnson, J. B. July 17, 1856May 28, 1896Father Odd Fellows marker
Johnson, IdaMar 23, 1858Apr 26, 1921his wife & Mother
Johnson, NellieApr 20, 1879Sept 3, 1887
Johnson, CoraApr 2, 1882May 29, 1951
Jackson, FredMay 9, 1865July 15, 188520y2m6d beloved son of W. A. & Elizabeth born in Monmouth died in Chicago
Sons, I. J.Feb 21, 1845June 2, 1904
Sons, HarrietJune 26, 1851Mar 13, 1892His wife
Sons, PearlMar 18, 1881Mar 20, 1881infant daughter of I & Harriet
Hall, W. C.18121885
Hall, Anna18221895his wife
Hall, Nancy

Parents of these children doesn't mean they are buried here for sure. names on tombstone without dates.

Hall, Sarah
Hall, Irene
Hall, Mary
Hall, Amanda
Hall, Henry
Hall, Thomas
Burton, John Jun 22, 1830
Burton, Arrel E. Sept 13, 189053y his wife
Burton, HamiltonMay 7, 1874Aug 3, 1892
Danforth, Carol Ann Nov 27, 1964dau of R. J & S. J.
Danforth, Annabel1926
Danforth, Robert (bob)19231961Illinois AMM 3 USNR WW I
Danforth, Thelma M1909
Danforth, John M18991980
Trout, Ruby V.1914married Oct 16, 1929
Trout, William L19091972Father
Olson, Cahtryn L.Feb 13, 1910May 27, 1970DAR Marker
Olson, Carl W. Dec 18, 1908
Whitman, Harold C.1902
Whitman, Marjorie P19021965
Welch, Alice L1921
Welch, Kenneth L. 1922Married Mar 9, 1942
Otten, Mary A.July 2, 1925
Otten, Elmo L.Dec 11, 1916Dec 14, 1979
Flynn, Ardith E. 1920Mommarried Nov 12, 1958
Flynn, Lloyd E.19161979dad
Pilcher, Ralsmon J.19031981
Pilcher, Helen K.1908
Kelley, Ruby M.May 26, 1925Married April 15, 1950 parents of Joyce- Janet Gloria
Kelley, John J.Oct 10, 1925Feb 28, 1982
Moore, Albert E. Jr (Bert)19571973Our Dear son
Lydic, Viola B. 18921971
Fox, IrvinFeb 20, 1898June 24, 1973
Tinkham, Fern L.1900
Tinkham, C. Russell18971897
Nied, Gerald MarionApr 22, 1947May 19, 1970
Nied, Leona E.Jan 21, 1912Apr 8, 1972  
Leath, Vurgil R.Oct 18, 1900   
Leath, J. EverettApr 21, 1901Sept 21, 1970  
Johnson, Blanch18871973  
Johnson, Fred W.1`8851973  
West, Robert Glen19681968Turnbull Funeral Marker 
West, Karen Sue19711971Turnbull Funeral Marker 
Denisar, Mamie L.188719XX  
Densisar, Charles O.18801964  
Meredith, Joseph (Joe)Nov 18, 1940Oct 15, 1959  
Meredith, Ollie1918   
Meredith, Esker M.19081975  
Meredith, Sarah J.18911975Mom 
Meredith, Pleas H.18941965DAD 
Danforth, Faye D18931973  
Danforth, Laura E.1929   
Boyd, Iva May19081972Eastern Star DAR Marker 
Boyd, Charles C.1907 Masonic Emblem 
Andrews, Joseph Eugene18431963Son 
Andrews, Mable Curtis19051964Mother 
Armstrong, Velma I1922   
Armstrong, Ralph S.18881973Odd Fellows Marker 
Armstrong, Frances189119XX  
Rhykerd, Nellie M.18961981  
Rhykerd, Llyd M.18931977  
Curtis, Jeanne Marie19501971  
Curtis, Joanne L1926   
Curtis, Thomas M.1926   
Hayward, Hally J.Nov 18, 1979  
Dean, Donald C.June 12, 1917Aug 27, 1978Married June 28, 1939PFC US Army WWII
Dean, Ada L. 1920  
Mackey, May19131977  
Mackey, Ira19151972  
Clark, Helen L.1912 DAD & Mom married Aug 5, 1931 
Clark, Lyle S.19071979 
Ashton, Bonnie K. 19151979  
Ashton, H. R.1914   
Hanson, F. Eileen1918   
Mills, donal E.19511960Father 
Mills, Donna Leigh19511952dau of Don & Betty 
Mills, Ralph B.July 27, 1897April 25, 1957Illinois PFC US ARMY WW I


Mills, Irene P.19061966MOTHER 
Lefort, WilfordJuly 30, 1926Oct 2, 1980S1 US NAVY WW I American Legion
Lefort, Margery INov 29, 1928 Mom Parents of Peggy, Steve, Dave
Effland, Terry L.19551979son 
Effland, Otha C.19101969Father Odd Fellows marker 
Effland, Eloise 19151954Mother 
Andrews, Owen J. 18801966  
Andrews, Bertha18861945  
Andrews, Robert BSept 29, 1928Dec 11, 1971Illinois A1c US Air Force Korea 
Carl, William M.Oct 13, 1846Jan 22, 1935  
Carl, Julia HivelySept 25, 1862May 18, 1938  
Carl  Robert E.Sept 30, 1890Apr 26, 1950Illinois Wagoner 5 Engrs. 7

World War II American Legion Marker

Doughty, Anne L.18901959  
Frazell, Guy H.18791948Father 
Frazell, Irene M.18801960Mother 
Mackey, DavidJan 24, 1874Dec 17, 1974  
Mackey, Mary1895   
Mackey, Grant18871959  
Mills, Peter T.18771965  
Youngquist, Rose Dollinger19011982Mother 
Youngquist, Harold Walter19001950Father 
Danforth, Jo Ann 1947dau of F.J F & B L 
Danforth, J. Cahrlie18851973Dad Odd Fellows Marker 
Danforth, Lillie M.18941977Mom DAR Marker 
Wheetley, Eva Irene19141959DAR Marker 
McClure, Mary Rhykerd18871956Mother 
McClure, Glenn G. 18841959Father 
McClure, Harold LeRoy19301951US Navy WW I
Youngquist, Minnie Jane18781951May have two stones 
Youngquist, Frank O. 18701966Father 
Murphy, Sarah19119XX  
Murphy, Herman L.19011966Odd Fellow Marker 
Murphy, Leslie DuaneAug 22, 1935Aug 2, 1956


Yarde, Isaac H.18601948  
Yarde, Hattie M.18621926  
Collings, Verna I.18941963  
Collings, Harold H. 1891   
Hockensmith, Stella M.July 19, 1891 wife 
Hockensmith, David B.July 27, 1875Mar 10, 1928Husband 
Quick, Herbert 19091929  
Quick, Lora D.18831943  
Quick, Fred 18831943Odd Fellows Marker 
Gillett, Lillie D18721938Mother 
Gillett, Oliver M.18681954Father 
Quick Alma J.19181980MOM 
Quick, Wilbur190919XXDAD 
Abbott, George G. 18541929  
Bond, Charles    
Leath, Margaret L.19211975Mom 
Leath Delbert T.1924 Dad 

dollinger, David

Dollinger, Sophia F.18681927wife of Fred 
Dollinger, Fred G. 18771956Odd Fellow Marker 
Dollinger, Lawrence F.190319XX  
Dollinger, Bernice K190119XX  
Dollinger, Charles L.18981960  
Dollinger, Mary A18941956  
Dollinger, Ray S.18931950  
Medhurst, Margaret L.19021965  
Medhurst, Kinnie18971958  
Curtis, Oscar A.18791970  
Curtis, Grace W.18801967  
Yarde, Earle S.18941970  
Yarde, Maud18941967  
Denisar, Harry, 18821977  
Denisar, Daniel18611926  
Denisar, Scott W.18951977  
Denisar Elizabeth M.18561928  
Denisar, Daniel E.18561937  
Johnson, Edward C.Dec 20, 1896Jan 13, 1959Illinois Cpl Btry C 71 Field Arty WW I
Johnson, Margory S.19061946  
Curtis, Lloyd M18971936  
Curtis, Ira A.18691936  
Curtis, Patsy W.18701943  
Carrier, John W.18531920  
Carrier, Ella E.18641918wife 
Carrier, Dorothy19031904  
Carrier, Inez18841912  
Carrier, HaroldMar 8, 1896Nov 29, 1980US ARMY WORLD WAR I 
Wells, Frederick F.18651915Odd Fellow Marker 
Lane, John18491913  
Lane, Susan18391916wife Mother 
Lane, infant son June 4, 1904son of O. M. & E. B.  
Smith, Emma Teresa18821912  
Smith, Emarien18521928Mother 
Smith Jacob H.18521934Father 
Oliver, Violet18931940  
Oliver, Violet18931956  
Mitchell, LloydDec 10, 1908Nov 1, 1976Pvt. Army World War II American Legion MarkerMi
Mitchell, Dorothy IreneJan 31, 1909Oct 29, 1933  
Robinson, Clyde E.18831933  
Robinson, DaisyMar 1, 1882July 22, 1971  
Robinson, Stephen18411910Father 
Robinson, Emma 18511937his wife & mother 
Jaggers, Leslie1902-1967   
Jaggers, Winnifred L.18921964  
Horney, Archie C18761959  
Horney, Alta M.18791964  
Laso, Infat da 1931dua of R E & O M 
Laso, Orah Mae1905   
Laso, Raymond E.19051975  
Horney, Jennie L.`18541912  
Horney, Joel T.18491929Odd Fellows Marker 
Horney, Infant son  1903P. L. & E. A. Horney  
Horney, Edith A. 18811936  

Horney, Phillip L.

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