Silent Home Cemetery, Floyd Twp, Warren Co., IL


    Silent Home Cemetery is really one of the easiest Cemeteries in Warren County, IL, to find.  I have been there many, many times taking photos for others, and trying to find the burial places of lost loved ones.  One in particular that was hard to find but she was sure they were buried there and they are were the surname of Johnson.  They are buried here at the Silent Home but there are no stones for them.

    The way I go sometimes to the cemetery, out of Galesburg, IL, go on main street straight west out of Galesburg past Farm King and the old drive in movie theater.  Keep going till you see the sign that say Cameron.  Turn left here.  You will be heading south.  Go through Cameron under Railroad viaduct and over railroad tracks.  When you pass over the last railroad tracks you are in Floyd Twp.  Keep going straight on the Road 140 Street, you go a few miles and at the intersection of 140/160th on the East side of the road is where the cemetery is laid out.  It pretty well kept mowed and such and there are allot of new graves in this cemetery.  Many of the older stones are in very bad shape and some are missing completely.

    This is only a partial listing of the one buried in the Silent home.  Will be adding more later along with pictures of tombstones.  But due to other's  copying or adding to their files and then using on web pages for their ownership instead of for a family file you will have to email me to get the photos as it is a lot of hard work to do this and I really don't enjoy somebody putting them on their web page and then calling them their own.  Thanks and sorry about that.   

    Click on the below link for some more people who are buried in the Silent Home but I haven't gotten them on this page yet....  Silent Home's are listed first....

December 18, 2004---added tombstone pictures with references to information on the tombstone.

June 19, 2006 Silent Home Tombstone Photo Gallery, with the Abbott Plot first click here!

February 16, 2007---Silent Home Cemetery Listings began.

    Military People buried in Warren County, IL.


   Arthur son of S. B. & M. Armstrong 1900- 1911

Sebastian Armstrong 1859--1929

Minnie Armstrong 1865--1945

John C. Davidson  Co. L 9 ILL CAV.

  Samuel Miner Co. L 9 Ill. CAV. It is recorded

in the history of Floyd Township, Warren County, Illinois, of one soldier named Samuel Miner was taken prisoner at Little Rock, Arkansas, and died September 20, 1863.

  Samuel's regular Marker not much left of it.  The top is broken off and it's sunken into the ground.

  Luke Miner Died Mar. 20, 1893 Aged 86 years   Lucy Ann His wife died Nov. 14, 1882 aged 76 years-----written on the back of this stone was Jane Miner Farrington died February 14, 1890, aged 48 years, their daughter; Charles Miner August 08, 1837, their son.

   Main Miner stone.  Relatives of the Miners above and buried on the right hand side of the main road leading into Silent home Cemetery. 

*** These next stones lie around the main Miner stone.  You can see one of them in the above photo.

  Brother Eddie Miner 1876--1875

Brother George Miner  died 1865

  Mother Sarah B. Miner 1848---1875 

Henry Miner Co. L  8 Ill. Cav.


Father Henry Miner  1840--1915 Same Person for the above military stone.                

   N. M. NELSON 80 E. 52ND  PA. INF

Charles A. Allingham  Co. C 36th Ill Inf..

Charles A. Allingham 1847--1925  Same person as above.  On back of H. & S Allingham Stone.

    Allingham Father & Mother Horatio C. Allingham

December 06, 1823--August 15, 1908   S. Jane Whitman February 27, 1826--July 31, 1886  This is the front of the Allingham Stone.  Charles is on the back of this stone.

Samuel Mc Gahey  March 20, 1805-- October 18, 1875  

Abigoll Mc Gahey November 25, 1815--March 05, 1901

   Joseph Rowe First Settler of Rio Township, Knox County, IL.   Black Hawk War Vet. died Nov. 16, 1864; Aged 75 years 6Mo.

Benjamin Dawson aged 3 days 

   Pearlie Dawson Aged 6 Ms.

Birdella Dawson Aged 18 yrs.

Alta May Dawson Aged 14 yrs.

Wright Baldwin Died in N. York, 1862~~

Adaline Wife of Wright Baldwin Died Aug. 11, 1869 aged


Wiswell Plot at Cemetery

Click on picture for a bigger view

The stones below are around ths big Wiswell Stone above.

  Lilian J. Wiswell-McConnell 1870-1903

Martin M. Wiswell 1848 -1877

Althea A. Wiswell 1853-1935

Althea L. McConnell Gittings 1901--1987  DAR   Same stone as above only got a picture of her Daughter's of the American Revolution Marker.  She belonged the the Warren County, IL, Chapter.

W. C. Whitman 1864-1935 Maggie J. His Wife 1864- 1914

These stones below are around this Whitman stone above plus there are two for these people above.

Archie Lee Whitman Oct 19, 1899--Jan. 03, 1908

Sarah Lu Green Whitman 1873--1942

Mack H. Whitman 1852-1910


Lennie Whitman 1876-1888

Martha J. Whitman Dec 24, 1827-Sept 16, 1894;

John T. Whitman Apr 26, 1822--July 25, 1806

Samuel Whitman.  this not very good photo will have to retake and get info. Sorry

Archie W. Riggle 1866~~1921 Back of the Riggle stone below.

Robert H. Riggle 1841-1929 Minnie J. Riggle 1848-1923

  John P Short Plot in the Silent Home Cemetery. 

John P. Short born Oct 10, 1823 died Dec 4, 1889;  Sarilda ?  Short born May 19, 1829 died Sept 11, 1904. I really don't care for this type of stone they are hard to photograph and then be able to read.  Not sure on the first name of John's wife.

John DeVoss 1870-1907

Theresa E. Sayles 1856-1889; Joseph Sayles 1855-1931

Ruth L.  Sayles 1895-1985; Charles "Pete" 1887-1958

This is the beginning of the Shelton Family Plot which when you first enter the Cemetery at the sign which is pictured above your will see this plot off to right.  There are allot of Shelton's buried in this cemetery and there is a street by that name after the family in Cameron, IL. which is located directly north of the cemetery on 140th street.

David R. Shelton born Dec. 23, 1792 died and

Died March 16, 1847, Aged 54 yrs 2Ms 23 Ds; buried at Green, Wis.

Patsey Shelton, His Wife, born June 12, 1795, died Nov. 30, 1883; ages 88 ys. 5Ms. 18Ds.

The picture below is the John & Jane Shelton Family plot. All the stones around the big stone are Shelton family members plus, they have their children's names on the big stone in the middle.

John B. Shelton 1825-1891; C. Jane, his wife; 1829-1899

Our Children

Squire W. Shelton 1850-1926; Theresa E. Shelton 1856-1889;

James Shelton 1859-1917; Foxie's note James death date is not on the main Shelton Stone

Alma J. Shelton1852-1869;

Charlie C. Sheltonv1864-1943; Lowie L. Shelton 1867-1904;

Jesse B. Shelton 1871-1897

The stones below are the name sake stones for the Shelton Children



** need to retake probably shaking on account of the cold.

J. Mason Shelton 1852-1917

Addie L. Shelton 1867-1938

Foxie's note Addie is not on the main Shelton Stone above.

  Samuel T. Shelton 1821-1892

Eliza Shelton 1824-1902 This is on the same stone as Samuel's but on another side.


Another view of the Shelton Family Plot in the Cemetery

  I wasn't tipsy when taking this photo.  The tombstone of

Joseph D. Shelton sits at an angle. Joseph D. Shelton Born Dec 09, 1832

Died June 25, 1883; Aged 50yrs 6MS. 16 DS.

Lizzie Riggle 1870-1935; Clark E. Hart 1865-1944

John T. Riggle 1872-1958
Don F. Son of F. H & B G. Brooks 1922-1923 

Vernon Claire Brooks

PFC US  Army; WW 2 Aug 14, 1918-Apr 15, 1984

Charles H. Haley 1865-1942

These next listings are all on the same stone of John H. Freeman & his wife Rebecca

John H. Freeman 1838-1915

Rebecca~~His Wife 1838-1901

Mary R. 1878-1963

Mary Goddard wife of Robert tombstone

Mary E. wife of Robert Goddard

Died Aug 02, 1871

Aged 36 ys & 8 Days


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