Spring Grove Cemetery

         Spring Grove Cemetery is located on the west side of U.S. Highway 67 about six and a half miles north of Monmouth, Illinois, in the southeast corner of section 20 in Spring Grove Township.  It is approximately 1 acre in size and was in use primarily during the late 1800's.  The Presbyterian Church purchased the land for a burial ground on September 6, 1959, from Middleton Fulton.  Presently, the maintenance and management of the cemetery is under the direction of four trustees appointed by the court in the late 1960's for terms of unlimited tenure.  The cemetery is burned off regularly and trees are removed;  it is not mowed because it is an outstanding area for native grasses and forbs in the State of Illinois.  In May 1981, the Spring Grove Cemetery inscriptions were identified as:

     Foxie Hagerty purchased the records of this cemetery from the Warren County Genealogical Society to publish here for your convenience.  Transcribed and typed by Kitty Smith, Web-Assistant, and edited by Foxie before publishing.



All of the above photos were taken last summer - 2006- when Kate, my daughter and I finally located this cemetery. By the high vegetation you can tell it's not an easy task but we had been searching and finally located it. As we had or rather Kate was suffering from poison oak she got into in another cemetery we did not venture out into this one for better photos. We hope to get there this spring before it all grows back up again. The Monmouth College has the care of this cemetery plus the state of Illinois as it was made into a Illinois Prairie Reserve. All photos are thumbnails and will open in their own window for a better view when clicked upon. Thanks!!! They are thumbnails you may click on them and view a slightly larger photo.

STREETER, Mary E.Z.  died December 23, 1878  age 21y 11m 11 d   wife of Wm.

                      "  Husband and children I must leave you  

                        Leave - yes leave you all alone

                        But me blessed savior calls me

                        Calls me to a heavenly home" 

WARDKIRK, Ed  died June 23, 1873  age 57y 3m 1d 

FOSTER, Ira  June 18, 1867-April 3, 1871  son of Wm. M. & R. 

ERBELDINGER, Jacob  March 12, 1805-November 20, 1897

                             Virginia  June 17, 1829-September 1, 1915   his wife 

ERBELDINGER, Charles W.  March 22, 1855-December 4, 1915 

ERBELDINGER, Martha  died September 20, 1861  age 4y 5m 18d 

BAILEY, Anna  died December 4, 1868  age 1y 26d 

BAILEY, Charles  died December 31, 1873  age 3y 4m 21d 

BAILEY, John  died January 8, 1875  age 18y 27d 

BAILEY, Frances  February 22, 1827-March 1, 1899 

Mc COY, Thomas  died September 19, 1873  age 69y 9m 13d 

ELDER, Albert Alongo  died February 10, 1880  age 6y 9m 26d  son of A.A. & S.E. 

ELDER, Nora  died March 17, 1869  age 1y 8m 29d  dau of Wm. A. & A. J 

Mc CRERY, Darling Glenn  died April 8, 1894  age 11d  son of John C. & Ada E. 

POLLOCK, Howard G.  died December 22, 1879  age 3m 19d  son of J.S. & C.E. 

GALLAHER, Infant son of W. E. & M. B.  died August 1, 1894 

HILL, Martha A.  died March 10, 1894  age 54y 8m 12 d  wife of J. W. 

HILL, James W.  did December 21, 1897  age 58y 2m 21d 

HILL, Maggie L.  died September 9, 1878  age 4y 3m 14d  dau of J.W. & M. A. 

FORBES, Alexander  (no other markings on stone) 

LAWHEAD, Lawhead J.  died August 19, 1882  age 1y 8m 15d  son of R.J. & M. J. 

THOMPSON, Jas. M.  died March 30, 1871  age 31y 11m 10d 

DOUGLAS, A. P.  June 4, 1827-December 1, 1879  wife of E. E. 

DOUGLAS, E. E.  August 14, 1822-February 15, 1872 

TURNER, James  April 17, 1775-October 25, 1872 born Chester Dist. South Carolina 

FULTON, James W.  1850-1922 

ECKMAN, Winfield Scott  April 25, 1847-May 26, 1877  born Lewistown, Maryland 

FULTON, Frances M. died January 28, 1886  age 69y 4m 18d  wife of Middleton 

FULTON, Middleton  died March 29, 1876  age 57y 2m 28d 

LOGAN, George W.  Co I 50 Ill Inf 

LOGAN, Mary  1788-1864 

FOSTER, Charles  July 12, 1865-September 28, 1865  son of J. L. & R. M. 

LOGAN, Thos. A.  died November 13, 1861  age 30y 

LOGAN, Jas. H.  died October 30, 1864  age 44y 8m 17d 

ELDER, Ida L.  died December 11, 1861  age 3y 1m 23d  dau of H. F.& S. I. 

ELDER, Electa J.  died December 22, 1865  age 6m 29d  3rd dau of D.C. & S. J. 

PALMER, Fred E.  died August 11, 1875  age 14d 

LOGAN, Charlie L.  died May 3, 1861  age 2m 11d  son of T. A. & E. J. 

HOGUE, John  died March 26, 1872  age 71y 7m 9d 

THOMPSON, Samuel died November 2, 1857  age 17y 3m 26d 

GREENLEE, Francis M.  died May 21, 1861  age 1y 4m 12d  son of J .J. & R. A. 

Broken Stone 

GREENLEE, -. Oliver  died May 15, 1860  age 19y 9m 5d  (unable to read initial) 

THOMPSON, Mary C.  died July 29, 1872  age 3m 16 d  dau of J. & N. E. 

THOMPSON, John  died August 27, 1861  age 1y 25d  son of J. & N.E. 

THOMPSON, Elizabeth  died April 7, 1857  age 29y 6m 6d  wife of M.A. 

THOMPSON, Mitchel A.  December 11, 1820-August 2, 1864 

THOMPSON, Mitchel A.  Co B 83 Ill Volunteers 

RITCHEY, John W.  died May 10, 1861  age 1y 7m 28d  son & dau of J. & M.

                   Sarah F.  died May 9, 1861  age 1y 7m  27d 

RITCHEY, Charles E.  died May 23, 1861  age 2y 11m 23d  son of J. & M. 

MYERS, Walter M. died April 5, 1862  age --m 5d (unable to read age) son of J.W. & M. 

LOW, Margaret  died January 25, 1866  age 54y 2m 26d  wife of John 

WILSON, James  June 19, 1824-June 27, 1906

                 Elizabeth  March 1,1820-August 16, 1897   his wife 

ADAMS, Temple L.  1856-1890 

HENDERSON, Charlie R.  died November 11, 1880  age (unable to read)  son of W. A  & M. G. 

ANDERSON, Mabel B.  August 10, 1890-March 24, 1894  our darling 

ANDRESON, Lars born in Denmark February 25, 1820 died January 28, 1896  our father 

Mc GEE, Robert  died April 12 1885  age 75y 5m 24d 

SORENSON, Annie G.  January 26, 1884-January 26, 1885  dau of F. & C.

HANSEN, Arthur P. K.  died February 10, 1880  age 72y 22d  son of P. P. & A. C. 

SORENSON, Mette C.  January 29, 1839-January 21, 1878  age 38y 1m 2d

                                                Born in North Schlesvig, Denmark  dau of A.C. & Anne 

SORENSON, Anne  April 11, 1816-September 23, 1879  age 63y 5m 12d

                                                Born in Schlevig, Denmark  wife of A. C. 

SORENSON, Poul C.  April 16, 1847-______________ (no death date)

                        Hansine W.  September 26, 1841-March 28, 1901  his wife 

BAILEY, Mary E.  died October 8, 1863 age 7m 27d 

SWILER, Laura J.  died August 19, 1860  age 1y 2m 11d  dau of D.C. & C. 

McKELVIE, Thomas died April 25, 1866  age 51y 3m 

MUIR, Michael died September 4, 1873 in the 85th year of his age 

MUIR, James died December 15, 1875  age 40y  son of Michael Muir 

FRANTZ, Frank P.  died February 25, 1865  age 1y 25d     children of H. N. & b M. A. Frantz

                 Marion B.  died September 19, 1874  age 1y 2m 4d           

                 Stephen G.  died October 30, 1863   age 14d 

THORN, James T. August 12, 1817-February 16, 1875 

THORN, Eliza  wife of J. T. Thorn  (broken stone) 

THORN, Thomas M.  February 26, 1822-April 20, 1882 

THORN, William D.  died at Richmond, Indiana September 24, 1860  age 73y 3m 7d

                Elizabeth  died March 1, 1869  age 79y 6m 11d     his wife 

WILSON, ______  died March 1, 1879  age 8d  son of E. J. Wilson (unable to read name on stone)   

THORN, Harriet N. H.  died September 8, 1864  age 25y 8m 27d  wife of A. C. 

THORN, John O.  died September 17, 1859  age 4m 9d  son of W. R. & S. H. 

THORN, Infant dau of W. R. & S. H.  died May 12, 1866 

MYERS, Nancy M.  died May 8, 1867  age 41y 15d  wife of D. J. 

WHISLUND, James C.  died October 8, 1872  age 1y 8m 14d  son of W. C. & S. E.

GRAHAM, M. B.  died October 21, 1882  age 94y 9m 26d

                    R. C.  died July 11, 1792-May 25, 1863 

THORN, William  died February 4, 1890  age 70y 6m 11d 

MULNIX, Johnnie  died _________, 1870 (unable to read date)  age 12y  son of B. E. 

MULNIX, Martha  died November 4, 1872  age 6m 2d  dau of B. E. 

DOUGLAS, Infant son of Wm. & Lizzie   died May 16, 1881  age 9d 

Mc COY, Thomas  December 6, 1803-September 19, 1873   father

                Margaret  June 2, 1813-September 27, 1900   his wife     mother 

Mc COY, John M.  died  August ___, 1857  (unable to read date)  age 16y 2m 14d

                                                                        Son of T. & M. A. 

Mc COY, Mary  died September 5, 1857  age 17y 8m 5d  dau of T. & M. A. 

DOYLE, Sarah A.  died October 13, 1867  age 3y 5m 15d dau of G. W. & M. 

BROWN, Marianne  died July 20, 1867  age 19y 8m 28d  wife of I. M. Brown

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