Sugar Tree Grove our Troops!

   I have only the index listing to this cemetery so will have to put the dates in at a later time after I go back to the library and copy them.  The names will be in alphabetical order as that is how they are in the index.  I do a spell check to make sure the spellings of the names are the same as what is on the paper I have.  I try to make it as accurate as possible for you.  But don't forget just getting the information from the net is not enough.  You still have to have some kind of record (paper) showing who they are and to check out to see if the information is correct.  Any information on my web pages are as accurate as I can get them and if you need confirmation of them feel free to email me to get verification on this. Pictures of tombstones are great way.

 Sugar Tree Grove Cemetery is located at rural references 400E  2250N in Section 10 in Hale Township.  The land, purchased from James Ritchey, was deeded to Henderson Church (now know as Sugar Tree Grove Church) on September 30, 1936.  the cemetery was first mentioned in the Session Records of March 1832 and again on November 05, 1833; it was incorporated May 31, 1836.  The cemetery is 3 acres in size and well maintained by the Sugar Tree Grove Cemetery Association.  In June 1981, the inscriptions were identified as:

****I have since visited the cemetery and taken many picture of the tombstones and wrote down all the Military Men buried here.  Alot of War of 1812 Veterans buried in this cemetery.  A link of a descendant who has relatives buried in this cemetery.

Dawnee Phay McCulley, Puyallup, WA


 Thanks and have a good day.

If you have a link to any buried here... feel free to email me the information. 

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SurnamesFirst names

+Surname of Wife

Date of BirthDate of DeathInscriptionsMilitary or other


AllenAnna Maria D.19191864wife of I N Edney 
 I. N. Edney18221863husband to Ann Maria 
 Marthy Aug 06, 18?3dau of David & Jane 
 Thomas Sept 22, 1845AE 35y 8m 22d 
 Jane May 14, 1812?wife of David and dau of Samuel and Martha Pollock AE 19y 1m 7d


ArmstrongEllen Nov 31, 1842wife of R.

age 40y 4m 21d

 John F.18771877  
 R. Sept 22, 1840AE 44y9m 19d 
 W. E.18731907  
 Infant son18971897of W. E & M E 
BarrMatilda J. Oct 02, 1838AE 5y 8m

dau of G W & M

BartonJames July 30, 1851AE 44y 4m 21d 
 Sammy D. Jan 17, 1863AE 12y 6m 27d

son of J C & J L

BivinsMary S.    
BlackHannah G. Sept 02, 1850AE 54y 7m 15d


 John Feb 04, 1878AE 87y 6m 13d 
 Simeon B. Jan 19, 1853ae 12y 7m 3d

son of J & H

BriggsSusan L.June 06, 1828April 03, 1877wife of J. 
BrownHoward B.    
 Margaret A.    
BrownleeElizabeth Aug 25, 1839in her 36th year

wife of D.

 ?Hamilton? Aug 13, 1814?  
 Sarah Dec 28, 1857AE 64y 9m 11d

wife of H

 Thomas Dec 03, 1840AE 27y 8m 
CampbellJane Jan 09, 1851AE 61y 3m 15d 
 Mary S. Nov 08, 1897wife of R. 
 R.Oct 04, 1817June 09, 1891  
CanningMartha April 19, 1873dau of W & M A

age _y 11m

CannonAnthonyHerrods Co Ohio Mil War of 1812

Sept 17, 1855 AE 73y 10d

Military Man

WAR of 1812

 Charles C. Aug 22, 1842AE 3y 7m

son of W & J J

 Maria Adied July 26, 1842age 1y 8m 17dsdau of W. & JJ 
 Martha Aug 09, 1868AE 80y 8m 1d

wife of Anthony above

 Infant daughter  of W & J J 
CarpenterWillie B. Sept 19, 1861AE 2y 8m 25d

son of G D & M A

CarrJames A. May 15, 1868AE 20y 8m 11dson of Manes & Mary
 Joseph A. July 03, 1865age 22y 11m 9d

son of James & Mary

 Mary June 23, 1870Ae 53y 6m 26dwife of James
 Broken stone    
ChalmersJohn C. Sept 12, 1856age 1y 1m 13 ds

son of J A & H

 Nannie S. Dec 05, 1868AE 27y 3m 22ds 
ChambersWilliam July 24, 1872AE 86y 
CofflandLancelot June 29, 1872AE 86y 
CrawfordMary A, Turnbull18381917buried by the Turnbull's 
 David Boyd    
 Hannah Stevenson    
 Henry C.    
 Horance G.    
 Horace G.    
 John A.   Military Man
 Joseph E.    
 Joseph S.    
 Joseph s.    
 Martha a.    
 Nancy E.`    
 Robert S.    
 Sarah J.    
Floyd Isabelle J.    
 Hannah A.    
 Elizabeth P.    
 James R.    
 Martha Ann    
 Robert S.   Military Man
 T. A.   Military man
GillilandLee O.    
 Margaret R.    
 William T.    
GrahmAlbert E.    
 Claire r.    
 Daisy E.    
 Frank E.    
 Ida Jean    
 John A.`   
 John R.    
 Maggie Paxton    
 Mary Alice    
 Mary C.    
 Mary Rodgers    
Hamilton John    
HarshaGeorge W.   Military Man
 Mary Reid    
HendersonLaura A.    
 Inf. son    
 inf. son    
HogueSamuel L.    
HoustonMargaret Grahm    
IndianIllinois   ILLINOIS INDIAN
JamisonAlexander R.    
 Mary I.    
LackeyMargaret M.    
 William S.    
MalleyLydia A.    
 Hugh   Sen.
 John B.    
 Luther C.    
 inf. twins    
McAllon Elizabeth Q.    
McClannahanBertha A.    
 Ralph H.    
 Mary Z.    
 David A..    
 George W.    
 Samuel M.    
 William F.    
 Jennie R. H.    
 Margaret M.    
McIntyreAnna L. Arthur    
 Elizabeth A.     
 George E.    
 Grace E.    
 J. Franklin    
 Mary E.    
 Orell B.    
 Samuel   Military Man
McKenzieAnthony C.    
 Ida A.    
 Mary E.    
MitchellAlbert F.    
 Martha J.    
 infant daughter    
 infant son    
 infant son    
 James B.    
 John H.    
 Mary J.    
 Mary Jane    
 Nannie Bell    
 Susan E.    
 William, Sen.    
 infant son    
PaineAnn E.    
 Charles H.   Military Man
 Fanelia R.    
 Olive P.    
 William T.    
Pate Julia A.    
 James S.    
 Jane Grahm    
 Margaret A.    
 Thomas M.    
 William   Military Man
 infant daughter    
PhillipsDrucilla A. M.    
 Peter B.    
 James F.    
 John   Military Man
 Joseph B.    
 Mary B.    
 Samuel   Military Man
 Sarah J.    
PrestonAuston W.    
 Mary A. E.    
RayJohn R.    
 Margaret A.    
 Mary Rodgers    
 W. S.    
ReynoldsGeorge W.    
 Jane June 06, 1826Nov. 28, 1896wife of J. W. 
 son  son of W Y & C F  
RodgersAleri   Military Man
 Andrew A.   Military Man
 Aniel   MILITARY man
 Calvin M    
 Charles C.    
 Cora Young    
 David Duff    
 Eliza A.    
 Frederick M.    
 Grace Acheson    
 Isabel I.    
 James A.    
 Mary A.    
 Mary D.    
 Mary Katherine    
 Mary Turnbull    
 Rachel W.    
 Romaine M./    
 William D.    
 infant daughter    
 infant son    
SaggarsFlorence J.    
SampleAnna Mary    
 Sarah Rodgers    
SamplerFannie A.    
 infant son    
SchweitzerChris F.    
 Eleanor e.    
 Emily Rodgers    
 Eva M.    
 Harry L.    
 John C.   Military Man
 John G.    
 Robert L.    
 Ruth G.    
 William F.    
ScottJanet r.    
ScullBenjamin F.    
 Thomas   Military man
 James B.    
StruthersDavid N.    
 Andrew J.    
 Anna L.    
 Anna P. Ellen    
 David A.   Military Man
 Flora Ann    
 Jessie J.    
 John s.    
 Marie McCullough    
 Mary M.    
 Ralph #    
 RALPH #    
 William Hill    
 William M.    
 Capt. William W.   Military Man
 Robert C.    
WeddelAmanda March 17, 1862AE 18y dau of A M & M 
WeirFrances Brown    
 Paulina Feb 06, 1891of heart disease 
WilliamsonElizabeth Jan 20, 1848AE 68y wife of WM 
 William Feb 18, 1851AE 311y 11m 23d 
 William Dec 18, 1844in the 58th year of his life 
WrightAlbert E.    
PetersonInfanttwo day old infant of C. G.May 19, ???buried May 20 must not have a stone plus, not on any other listings. contact me for info on proof of he's buried here.