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In addition, following the surnames of the P&B of Warren County, IL, is the HISTORICAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF ILLINOIS WARREN COUNTY 1903. History of Warren County published in 1927. There are some different surnames in it. 

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1889 Pictorial & Biographical Album of Warren County, IL

ABBEY, #197

Blayney, John C., pg #534 Busan,  Squire Jenkins

ADAMS, 23 President

Blodgett, Edward I, pg # 471 Bullman, Theodore F.

ADAMS, JOHN QUINCY... gq..39...Pres.

Bolon, J. W., pg #457

Bristol, C. B.


Bond J. W., pg 189 Brooks, Chester

ADCOCK, #640

Bond, Major John C., pg 189 Brooks, W. H.


Bond, Shadrach, pg 111 Bruen, John N.

ALEXANDER J. E., pag# 484

Bond, W. G. pg 485 Bruington, Geroge

ALLARD, DAVID.,  pg #400

Booth, Franklin, pg 244 Bruner, George F.

ALLEN, WILLIAM A., pg #512

Boyd, Drury B, pg 287 Burchfield, J. G.


Boyd, Drury B., pg 639 Burford, A.

AMOS, JAMES E.,, pg #395

Boyd, W. T. pg 260 Burke, J. H.


Bradshaw, Charles O., pg 286 Bute, Cyrus

ARMSTRONG, A. W., M.D., pg #418

Brent, G. W., pg 638 Byers, Jacobs


Brent, David C. , pg 572 Chapin, N. A

ARTHURS, JAMES F., pg #198

Brent, W. P., pg 645 Chapman, A. A.

ASCHISON, CAPT. E. C., pg 454

Brent, Paul, pg 330 Chapman, Orion G.


Brewer, J. W. M. D., pg 604 Chatteron, Mrs. Sarah J.
Christie, I. L. Clark, John S. Clarke, E. J.
Clarke, T. S. Claycomg, G. W. Cleveland, S. Grover
Coats, J. W. Coddington, John Coghill, J. W.
Coles, Edward Colver, Charles S. Conlee, J. W.
Cowan, William Cowick, Levi B. Crandall, Emery H.
Crane, S. B. Crawford, S. K. MD Cullom, Shelby M.
Cummings, J. K. Davidson, J. W. Davis, L. B.
Dawdy, W. H. Day, Coridon D. Diffenbaugh, Samuel
Dixson, Eli Dixson, Stephen Douglas, H. S.
Douty, L. S. Duffey, Rev. F. C. Dull, C. M.
Duncan, Joseph Dunkle, D. D. Edelman, Leonard W.
Edelman, Leonard W. Edwards, Ninian Edwards, William
Eldred, Arnold Eldred, Sarah M. Elliott, R. a.
Evans, E. P. Ewing, W. L. d. Field, J. I.
Fillmore, Millard Firoved, James P. Fish, George W.
Flake, John Fletcher, Charles S. Ford, Thomas
Forwoord, B. F. Frantz, H. M. Frantz, W. H.
Freeman, Mary E. French, Augustaus C. Galbraith, James
Gallaugher, William Galloway, C. Gardner, Benjamin H.
Gardner, James Garfield, James A. Gerlaw, R. W.
Gibson, R. A. Gibson, Samuel Giddings, H. C.
Gilliland, H. R. Gilliland, S. Gilmore, James T.
Gilmore, J . H. Gilmore, L. H. Glasgow, James L.
Glenn, Hon. John J. Godfrey, Burton Cordon, John A.
Gordon, N. Gossett, George Gowdy, Joseph S.















































































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