Terpening/Armstrong Reunion Minutes taken from the 2004 & read at 2005 Reunion

The Terpening/Armstrong Reunion of 2004 was held on September 05, 2004. There were 40 families and children present for the gathering.  The day was really pretty nice and sunny. Sherrill Terp announced it was time to eat.  Darald Eller said grace.  Everyone enjoyed the pot-luck style picnic.


Births reported:

Marly Josephine Morrison born January 25, 2004 to Mathew & Lora Morrison of Madison Wisconsin. Great-granddaughter of Elizabeth Terpening Orterry.


Erin Mae Anderson born August 23, 2004, daughter of David and Traci Anderson of Wichita, KS, great-granddaughter of John Wesley Terpening.  And granddaughter of Emma and Andy Anderson of Altona, IL.


Alex Joshua Boyer born May 11, 2004, at Chesapeake, VA. Parents: Sara Terpening & Jeff Boyer

Grandparents: Roger & Darcy Terpening; Great-grandparents Don & Corinne Terpening



Jackson Lucas Gray born Aug 03, 2004

Abigail Elizabeth Gray

Born at Aurora, IL

Parents Matt & Amy Ziehr Gray

Grandparents Margie Terpening Gray

Great grandparents Don & Corine Terpening


Jack Thomas Falgout born December 03, 2003

Born at Lafayette, LA

Parents—Annie Terpening & Beau Falgout

Grandparents Jerry & Kathie Toups Terpening

Great grandparents Don & Corine Terpening


Ask: have a note Mary Terpening/Trent, Alexis

Daughter of Roger & Darcy Terpening, Rio.


? Jeff or Tony grandchild?



Brad Terpening & Jennifer McElroy June 5, 2004

Alice Terpening & Brian Rubin October 02, 2004



Jane Terpening, wife of  Ed Terpening. Lived on Seminary Street Galesburg, IL

Donald Clay Terpening

Lois Terpening fall of 2004


Letter from Ken Cooper this August saying his wife Irene Stevenson Cooper died February 03, 2003.

Also, and email from Eileen Blaze that Katherine Armstrong had died at age 101 in AZ. Katherine is out of the Olive Terpening daughter of John Peck and Mindwell Smith Terpening who married William Bracken Armstrong.


Relatives in the War of Iraq:

Also, reported was Curtis Lowe in Iraq May 2003- May 2004. Son of Tom & Nancy Case---Grandson of George and Catherine Glass of Oneida.


Aunt Edith Millikan has a granddaughter in Iraq right now.  Edie’s oldest daughter.



Farthest: Eileen Blaze from Texas

Youngest: Caleb Foster Glass

Oldest: Sherrill

Oldest female: Deb’s Mom



Motions were carried for them to remain the same.

Kyle Terpening, President

Sam Law, Vice-President

Foxie Hagerty- Secretary

Dennis Terpening, Treasurer


Treasurer Report:

Not sure

Passed the Hat:

Collected $56.00

$88 already in + $71 - $30.00 Expenses  = $129 + $56.00 = $185?


Paid Sherrill $10.00 for Pavilion

Paid me $20 for postage


Fred Glass brought a book written by Rex Terpening of Canada

Sherrill brought copies to buy Terpening book from some company.  He said he had purchased 3 copies of it.


     I made a special announcement about Rachel Haden Williams Peckenpaugh Daughter of American Revolutionary War Soldier James Williams, that we take up a collection to pay for the DAR Marker to be placed on her gravesite in the Knoxville cemetery.  It was carried. To pass the hat this year.  In actuality the DAR Daughter Marker for Rachel’s Grave was not put on a tombstone as it could not be with the wording on the tombstone and placement.  Lucretia Leffingwell Chapter of Knoxville and I paid for the DAR Daughter’s marker for Rachel’s Grave and Kate and I installed it in the cemetery on August 28, 2005.  In passing the hat for this I feel the money should go to Lucretia Leffingwell Chapter and me to help defray the cost of the Marker….. Foxie's note: This was not announced or even done. There was a spot of trouble with some people involved & on how the ceremony and stuff should be done which was not right and the marker didn't get dedicated a tombstone did.


News on my mother.  Emma Mae Terpening Anderson is now on Kidney dialysis and goes three times a week to Kewanee for dialysis.  Mother has a time with this as the fistula’s and such weren’t working correctly and we made many trips to Morton, Peoria, to get things to work properly.  Finally now hope everything is going to be okay for awhile.


       Christina Anderson, daughter of John Thomas Anderson, and granddaughter of Emma Mae Terpening & Ormand “Andy” Anderson was Married on June 18, 2005.  Was a beautiful wedding.  She married Noah Andrew Parker Johnson of Abingdon, IL.  They now reside in Jacksonville, IL.  With Christina still working at the Passaviant Memorial Area Hospital, Jacksonville.  Noah is assistant manager of a Pizza Hut in Springfield soon to have his own Pizza Hut in Jacksonville, IL.


    Amanda Jean Anderson, daughter of John Thomas Anderson, and granddaughter of Emma Mae Terpening & Ormand “Andy” Anderson” graduated from ROWVA High School last May.  She is now attending Carl Sandburg College on a Softball scholarship. 


    Have been contacted by two third cousins who live out west:  One is a descendant of Mindwell Smith Terpening’s sister Eliza Smith Waite.  We are looking for Smith descendants.  Mindwell Smith’s parents were Sarah Sally Peck who married Richard Peters Smith. Sarah Sally Peck is the daughter of Abijah Peck who became the first minister of the Baptist Church at Clifton Park.  He married Mindwell Close.  These are Mindwell’s parents.  Rev. Abijah Peck married a second time Lydia. They are all three buried in the Peck Cemetery behind the church. So, is Richard and Sarah Sally Peck Smith.  Patty was told that they died young in their forties or something and that Abijah and his wife raised the children.  After Mindwell married John Peck Terpening and came to Warren County, IL; some of her siblings later followed suit.  Samuel Smith, Abijah Smith, two we know for sure.  Nathaniel Smith.  Eliza and her husband also came west while here either in Warren County or Knox had twins.   Then some of them stayed here and some went to Missouri.  Need help in locating descendants of these people. Patty and I are trying to find out who Richard Peters Smith’s parents were.  So, far we have not found this out.


     Email from Richard Clark of Monmouth that Olive Terpening sister to John Peck Terpening was never married more than once.  She married Frestus Hibbard which he is trying to connect with  another Hibbard that was a minister in Warren County and is buried in the Mosher Cemetery.  His wife is a descendant of Olive Terpening  and Frestus I. Hibbard.  Olive Terpening Hibbard was never known as Mrs. Boswell.  Olive died in MO. And is buried there with her husband.  I have a copy of the obituary.  So, in the biography of John Peck Terpening and him referring to his sister as Mrs. Boswell it was not Olive Terpening Hibbard.  Olive (Terpening) Hibbard's daughter Mariah married a man named George W. (perhaps George Washington) Ferrington. Richard Clark’s wife’s maiden name was Ferrington.  Am still trying to sort all of this out as the Minors married first cousins.  It’ is very confusing.


     Have information on my Emma Wallace’s family who came from Kentucky to Warren County in the early 1830’s and settled in Kelly Twp. By the Terpening’s and others.   Will get it together for my direct line later. 


New Business:


Have two new web sites.  County Coordinator for Knox County at American History and Genealogy Project and State Coordinator for Illinois Saving Graves.  Also, have been asked to take over the Hunter Cemetery Restoration Web site and make a web page for a council woman in Yuba City, CA..  With these we are going to try and get a non-profit organization going to help save old and abandoned cemeteries in the state of Illinois.  Will take time.  But right now I’m concentrating on Warren and Knox County cemeteries.

 I announced and would like something done.

Terpening Cemetery---- Can we do something about the older stones in the cemetery.

Can get assistants from the Illinois State Comptroller.


Hope Cemetery--- I have some relatives buried here and some are related to others here.  Irene Wallace Britt and her family. Irene Wallace was sister to Emma Mae Wallace who married John Thomas Terpening.  Their father was William Christopher Wallace and Sarah Townsend.  The Stemp and a few of the other tombstones are being covered up and sinking into the ground. Would like something done about this.


Terpening Cemetery that was on Mack A. Glass property at least he owns the land now.  It is across the street from where the original Terpening farm was.

These were read at the 2005 Terpening/Armstrong Reunion.


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