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Terpenning Cemeteryangel

Kelly Township, Warren County, IL

    Anyone desiring  pictures from this cemetery just  me with you name and snail mail address.  I have pictures of everyone buried in this cemetery. Hopefully you can click on the thumbnails of the graphics and you will get the larger picture.  Thanks and have a good day!

 ***A note from your host:  I am working with a new program (FrontPage) and am having a little difficulties with it. Please hang in there while I get the kinks out of it. 


          I have relatives buried here in this cemetery and have made notations on some of the people buried here for your convenience.  The Cemetery is easy to get to from Galesburg, IL.  You go out North on RT 150 Towards Alpha.  When you get to the road that goes to Carl Sandburg College, you make a left here.  You follow this road out into the country.  The first stop sign is the Hope Cemetery.  You go straight through heading west.  You will go a couple of miles when there is a slight curve in the road.  To your left will be the Adcock Cemetery With Revolutionary People buried here.  Then just past the curve on your left is the Terpening Cemetery.  It is fenced in and very well maintained by Terpening descendants that live in the area.  I've been here many many times.

    Every possible proofread has been done to provide you with accurate information.  If you are researching your family you still need to acquire the legal documentation from the counties or the cemeteries to show who these people are and prove your relationship to them.  Any help I can give you feel free to me anytime.

        Terpening Cemetery is located near rural reference numbers 150E  240N in the southeast quarter of the northwest quarter of Section 33 in Kelly Twp., Warren County, IL.  The land was deeded to the trustees of the cemetery in April 1893, but was used for burials before that time.  The cemetery is approximately one acre in size and well maintained.  This cemetery is also still in use today. In September 1981, the Terpening Cemetery inscriptions were identified as:

     Foxie's Note: Since I did this have been out to the cemetery many many times as I have quite a few family members buried in this cemetery plus, am trying to sort through photos so I can put more of them online here. I've also found some discrepancies in some of the tombstones will note them at a later date. 

    One that was called to my attention is Amanda Hibbard's tombstone.  It says she died when 11 years old but when she was 15 she was married to a Jasper Armstrong.  Amanda Hibbard was the daughter of Olive Terpening and Forestus Hibbard who lived in Warren County and married here.  They later moved to Missouri where she they both died and are buried.  Anyone having any information about Jasper Armstrong or the Hibbard's please contact me as I would very much like to correspond with you.  Also, if anyone has any information on Forestus Hibbard and his parents and where they came from.  Olive Terpenning was a sister to my third great-grandfather John Peck Terpenning.  Thanks.



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Known Burials in the Terpenning Cemetery


Smith, Horace died Dec 27, 1858   ae 66y 21d

Smith, Margaret died March 22, 1885  ae 83y 10m-6d  wife of Horace


St. George, Sylvester died Nov. 19, 1853 age 3y 11m 19d   Son of R.&M ST. George



Gregory, John died July 21, 1863 ae 4y 10m 22d  Son of A .M.&A. GREGORY

Gregory,  infant daughter of A. M. & A. Gregory died February 2, 1863 ae 15d

Gregory, Eliza J.  died October 10, 1864  ae 1y 9m dau. Of D.C. & N. Gregory

Gregory, Eliza J. died August 28, 1870- October 25, 1877 dau of A.M. & A. Gregory

Gregory, Ansong   died February 20, 1861 ae 61yr

              Anna E.  Died September 16, 1894  ae 84y 10m 27d  Wife of A. C. Gregory


Fort, Charles W.  Co B 102 IL INF.


Reese Martin died August 2, 1861  ae 77y 9m 29d  (stone lying against a tree)

Reese, Martin  Oct 3, 1783 – August 2, 1861   CAPTAIN IN WAR OF 1812

            Jane D  1788-1812  (His Wife)

            Sarah S. 1804-1837  (His wife)

            Nancy A. 1830-1842 (his daughter)


Reese, Ann M.  died September 4, 1856 age 1y 6m dau of T.D. &M Reese


Marquit, (Terpening,) Sarah  daughter of Ezekiel and Olive Terpening, Died December 24, 1850  ae 35y 5m 25d  wife of Levi Marquit


this is the back of their tombstone.

Jones, In memory of Elizabeth Terpening, wife of James E. Jones,

who died August 31, 1836  ae 26y;           

            Also, ANNIS TERPENING WHO DIED AUGUST 10, 1836 AGE 17Y.

                        THESE WERE DAUGHTERS OF EZEKIEL &OLIVE TERPENING.  THE FIRST TO BE   BURIED THIS CEMETERY. I'm not sure; but according to family history Elizabeth who was married to James E. Jones in Quincy, IL, died before Annis did.

  This is a very old tombstone and is still there but the first name is awful hard to read...

Robison, Martha A.   April 18, 1826     March 28, 1852  Wife of John Robison

              James G  died April 14, 1863 ae 12y 2d   son of J & M. Robison

              John A.  September 23, 1849  -- October 1 1850 son of J. & M Robison


Robison, Andrew   1792-1848  (Father)

             Nancy S.        1794 –1876  His wife –Mother

            Their children

                        Isabella  1816-1838

                        William F. 1824-1840

                        Nancy E.  1832-1840


Terpening, Sarah M.  died September 6, 1858  age 12y 2m 22d    dau of A. & A. K. Terpening


Ingersoll, David  died Jul 9, 1812   age 69y 26d

                        NOTE:  this man died before there were any white settlers in this part of the state.  (Perhaps he died elsewhere And his remains were brought here afterwards for burial, or maybe the stone is simply a memorial for a man whose remains are at another place.)  The above text note is what the Warren County Genealogical Society wrote.  But I have since found out that David Ingersoll is the father of Harvey Ingersoll who married Maude Mabel Armstrong daughter of John & Evie Terpening Armstrong. There is also a bio on him in the P & B of 1886 of Warren County, IL, by Chapman Brothers I hope to get on here later.  Thanks will also find the correct dates for this man. 


Presson, Harriet M.  Died November 20, 1853 ae 26y 10m 20d   wife of S. Presson


Hendricks, Samuel,    died December 28, 1858  ae 33y


Townsend, John W.    Co K 55 Ill Inf


Landon, William         Bty Hi Mo L Art


Davis, Esther D         died March 31, 1857 ae 21y 9m10d  wife of T. J. Davis


Church, Alfred N.       died March 25, 1854 ae 3y 11m  son of W. & M. Church

Church, Albert N.       Died September 19, 1858 ae 1y 10m 22d son of Wm. & M. Church


Smith, George W.      died Dec. 5, 1859 ae 17y 10m son of Rev. George W. and M. Smith


Davis, Melica L.        died January 11, 1855  dau of T.J. & E. D. Davis


Hibbard,_______  son of F I & O (Terpening (daughter of Ezekiel & Olive Terpening)  Hibbard  died February who drowned June 16, 1863  ae 18y 16d

Hibbard, Amanda Ann          died Mar. 8, 1858  age 11y 10m 12d dau of F I & OT Hibbard also want to point out here I have a  Marriage certificate that states that a Amanda Hibbard married a Jaspher Armstrong.***** am wondering if it is this young girl or another one by the same parents?

            , son of F I &OT Hibbard        died February 9, 1858 ae 5m 10d

            Charles F. November 29, 1853 ae 1y 4m 12d   Son of Forestus  I & Olive Terpening Hibbard,

OLIVER H. died March 20, 1839 ae 11m 20d son of Forestus I & Olive Terpening HIBBARD*** Olive was a sister to John Peck Terpening and my 3rd great-Aunt.  It has also been called to my attention that Olive Terpening Hibbard was not married more than once.  So, in the bio of my 3rd great grandfather John Peck Terpening who he refers to as Mrs. Boswell can not be Olive Terpening Hibbard as was assumed in early workings of the Terpening history.  Have to note that on the Biography also.


Landon, Frank G. son of M R. & H A Landon           died September, 1869  broken stone --this is the daughter of Merrill  and Harriet A. Terpening Landon. Harriet was a daughter of Peter Ezekiel & Harriet Francisco Terpening. Merrell being the  son of William A.  & Elizabeth Betsy Barrett Landon*** Foxie's Note-



Terpening, Bessie        dau of Wm H.. & Cordelia  Ryekert Terpening   died September 2, 1872 ae 3m 

Terpening, Wm. Henry        died February 25, 1888 ae 59y 11m 21d   William Henry Terpening's tombstone son of Ezekiel & Olive


Terpening, Windfield S. son of Peter Ezekiel & Harriet  A Francisco Terpening    died March 16, 1861 ae 5m 


Eliza O.   dau of P E & H A Terpening   died March 20, 1850 ae 2y 1m 14d 

            Mariah J. dau of P E & H A Terpening  died September 16, 1847 ae 1y 4d 

Peter & Wife Hannah Francisco Terpening after the 1870's moved to MO. Peter was a brother to John Peck Terpening and the first School Teacher in Kelly and Spring Grove Twp., Warren County, IL.


Robert & Lucinda N. Sallee


Sallee, Ruth                November 10, 1884 –January 29, 1885  dau of G M & J SALLEE

Sallee, Robert E.        September 02, 1821---September 16, 1865  Foxie's Note: Robert E. Sallee was a minister and I also found out he was in the Civil War.  Robert was also listed as one of the Executors of Ezekiel Terpenning's Will.

            Lucinda N.      October 20, 1824—February 05, 1898

                                    THEIR CHILDREN

            Edwin H.         October20, 1824- February 5, 1898

            Warren           August 05, 1849---- August 31, 1849

            Emma L.         November 06, 1850----October 11, 1851


    Henry & Minerva Sallee's tombstone...                   

Sallee, Henry A.         Sept. 30, 1837-- October 30, 1858  age 31 y 1 month

           Minerva           Sept. 03, 1836---March 07, 1910

Abisha Sallee      


Sallee, Lucy                died February 25, 1869 wife of A. Sallee Our Mother

Sallee, Abisha            Died July 24, 1871, age 74 y 3m 22d


Sallee, Phillip              March 13, 1832----October 12, 1881


Sallee, Joseph R.       June 9, 1822---December 30, 1884

Bandy, Mary F.          September 21, 1834----August 14, 1915   wife of George Bandy





Terpening, Ezekiel     July 09, 1861   ae 82y 11m 4d  ***This is my 5th great-grandfather & grandmother)

Terpening, Olive        February 08, 1865 ae79y 9m 1d    wife of Ezekiel Terpening





   John P. Terpening of Saratoga Co., NY, visited this region

                                                In 1835.  Seeking a home site, he returned with his bride and

                                                His parents Ezekiel and Olive and their nine other children.

                                                They landed at Quincy, January 01, 1836.  Arrived here

                                                March 09, 1836.  Their home was north on opposite slope. 

                                                Two grown daughters, ANNIS and Elizabeth Jones died the first

                                                Summer and were the first to be buried here.  A son Peter taught

                                                The first school in this township.

Stone  “Erected 1952 by the family.”


Terpening, Infant son  of David  & Catherine Jane Keiger Terpening   died March 31, 1857 ae 6d

Terpening, Lillie O.  dau.,   of D &CJ Terpening                June 16, 1865 ae 3y 4m 4d

Terpening, Owen L.,  son    of D & CJ Terpening               September 21, 1864   no age

Terpening, Charity A. dau., of D& CJ Terpening                March 02, 1865     no age


Terpening, Mindwell  dau., of S. & I. Terpening                 December 29, 1860 ae 11m 1d


Robison, dau. of M. C. L. & D. P. Robinson                            broken stone  age 17d

Robison, M. C. L.,                                                                   October 25, 1935----August 07, 1920

             , Drewzilla P.  his wife                                               September 19, 1832----March01, 1861

             , Nancy, their daughter                                             died 1861 ae 17 d

 (This is my 3rd great-grandmother's, Martha Nicolina Armstrong Terpening's Parents that came from Ireland. Mother of Martha Nicolina Armstrong who married Harrison Peck Terpening, my 3rd-great -grandparents.)

Armstrong, Frances                         December 23, 1872  ae 68y 3d 

Armstrong, John                              April 13, 1860    ae  63y 10m 20d




Britt, James                                                    October 09,1852-----April 30, 1914 Brother to Edward Britt

         , Martha  his wife                                  March 20, 1824-----July 31, 1897

                                    OUR CHILDREN

             ,Sylvia M.                                          February 1861---April 1861

             , Oscar J.                                           1865---1866

Britt, infant dau. Of Edward & Sarah             September 20, 1861


Hollenbeck, Eliza  wife of James                  April 30, 1871   ae 56yrs 14d

                   , James                                        August 16, 1867    ae 55y 3m 13d


McKelvie, Erected by Agness McKelvie  

                                    in memory of her husband John McKelvie a native of Ayrshire, Scotland

                                                                                    died March 18, 1864  ae 56y 7m 14d

                  , Elizabeth    dau., of J. & A. McKelvie              June 18, 1868   ae 2y 9m  ____days

                  , Agnes                                                                  September 18, 1873  52 y  6m 20d


          John Peck Terpening   Mindwell Smith Terpening     

This is on the side of John's tombstone is where is wife's name is

Mindwell Smith they are the same color just different lighting, I guess.  

Terpening, John Peck            April 12, 1811----January 02, 1892

                 , Mindwell his wife            April 02, 1813----March 20, 1900

**(This is my 4th great-grandparents & son of Ezekiel  & Olive Peake Terpening)



Terpening, Edwin Ezekiel                              1851-193

                 , Cynthia Adcock his wife             1855-1932


Stewart, George.                                            1855-1903



Britt, Edward                                                  July 24, 1831---May 20, 1911

            Sarah his wife                                     May 04, 1833---December 17, 1899

       Foxie's note: It has come to my attention that Edward and Sarah came from England right after they were married.   They lived on a farm in Kelly Twp, Warren County, IL.  His brother and his wife are listed above.  The surname Britt really started out as Brett by the American pronunciation of it changed it to Britt.  Edward and Sarah are also the parents of Charles Britt who married my great grandmother's sister, Irene Wallace .  They are buried in the Hope Cemetery up the road from this cemetery.  Also, the parents of Alfred Britt who wrote the book on the Town that never was.  Not all information in it about my Terpening family is correct.  Albert was their youngest son.


Bruner, Mary J.                                             1870-1941




Terpening, Ruth  (Adcock-not on stone)      1896—1989

              Roy, her husband                             1878-1955


Sallee, W. Henry son of G.M. & J. Sallee   March 17, 1893   ae 6y 8m 23d



Robison, Robert Garret                                1820---1895

             , Sebina Vincent his wife`                 1834---1916

             , Delpha D.                                        1864—1929

Robison, John Father                                    July 17, 1822---December 16, 1908

             , Elizabeth A. wife & mother            April 05, 1836---October 31, 1897



Britt,  Leona         November 08, 1862---January 07, 1894      

            John Edward    July 07, 1863---December 04, 1947

                                    CHILDREN OF JOHN AND LEONA BRITT

                        Henry J.                      May 15, 1891---July 26, 1892

                        Lula May                    July 10, 1893---February 13, 1894


Glass, Marjorie M.  dau  of M. T. & M. A.   1922


Allen, Amelia R.         1841-1928

            Edmond F.      1863-1928

            Lillian              1862-1936

            Clyde              1892


Stogell, Mary E. dau. Of J. H. AND J. A. Stogell                 November 07, 1893---July 28, 1894



McKelvie, Nicholas B.          1879-1919  Father & husband to Daisy Terpenning

                        This is Foxie's  note:  Nicholas McKelvie married Daisy Terpening, daughter of David and Catherine Jane Keiger Terpening, and moved his family to Billings, MT.  He died in an accident while    working on a bridge when he fell in the water and drowned near Billings, MT.  His body was  shipped back to Illinois to be buried in the Terpening Cemetery.  Daisy when she died October 13, 1958, was Buried at Billings, MT.  Wanted to put this here as a lot of people don’t  know where he was buried.               




Terpening, David                     December 23, 1825---July 19, 1904 

(John Peck's brother & son of Ezekiel & Olive Terpening)

                Catherine J. Keiger his wife    October 17, 1836---August 01, 1908


Terpening, Perlie D.                          1871-1954  Son of David and Catherine Jane Keiger Terpening never married.


Townsend, James N.                          June 01, 1840---March 21, 1918

                 Amarylis J. his wife           October 06, 1858---December 21, 1918


Townsend, Mary E.  dau of J. N. & E. E. Townsend             October 03, 1874---December 08, 1895


Terpening, Nora Townsend               1866---1900

                        Elbert Lincoln             1860-1931  Son of David and Catherine Jane Keiger Terpening


Wallace, Leroy        April 03, 1903---April 22, 1915LeRoy Wallace Tombstone Picture


Wallace, Clark  June 02, 1907---June 04, 1907

                                  Clark Wallace Tombstone Picture

Wallace, Mother      March 24, 1874---June 03, 1922Mother Mindwell E. Terpening Wallace. Tombstone

The above Mother Wallace is Mindwell E. Terpening daughter of David and Catherine Jane Keiger Terpening.  But all that is on the stone is Mother Wallace.


 Small stones  Porter—Davis---Warren---footstones

Gregory, Martin C.                            January 07, 1829---August 10, 1901

Gregory, Le Roy Elza                        1888---1947

Gregory, Nancy  Mother                   1840-1929          

Gregory, Charles Father                   1835-1924

 This is the back of the Gregory Stone in the Cemetery.

Back of Gregory Tombstone                                     Font of Gregory Tombstone

Gregory, Porter H.                             1846-1901  Masonic Emblem

              Warren S.                             1851-1917  Masonic Emblem

               W. Davis                              1843-19____



Clayton, Jenny                                   ?????

Clayton, Nettie                                   ?????

Clayton, Ossie                                    ?????

Clayton, Betty                                    1866-1963


Allen, George A.                                1867—1957


Terpening, John Alexander               1867-1957  Son of Smith & Isabella Armstrong Terpening

                 Myrtle his wife                  1875-1930


Two funeral markers no names or dates.


Gardner, James  Father                                September 13, 1829---February 05, 1912

             Margaret Ann Wife & Mother        November 01, 1829---March 14, 1917

            Nancy C.                                             January 17, 1862---October 14, 1899

            Elva V. E.                                            April 20, 1864  ae 9y 11m 14d



Adcock, Hattie J.                   1871---1953   

            George R.                   1837---1914



Adcock, Stonewall J.              1864---1947

            S. Gardner                  1875---1946

            Nancy C.                     1836---1912

            Henry J.                      1832---1918

            Alice Daley                 1867---1940


Looking East Krystal is at Ezekiel & Olive Terpening's grave.  to the left of them is Joseph Sallee's family, to the left of them is Abisha & Lucy Sallee family.



Cemetery and Burial Site Preservation and Documentation by mcpheetersfam
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