Below is a copy of the announcement sent out this year for our annual Reunion held every year in the same place.  If you have any relations to these people or know of any of the people in the pictures below feel free to contact me at any time.  The pictures you can click on them to get a bigger size to view.  Some of them I know some I don't and would like to know.  Any help from anybody would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks!

Terpening/Armstrong 66th Reunion

August 31, 2003  Sunday before labor day September 1, 2003

66th & counting

Lincoln Park Pavilion

Lincoln Park, Galesburg, IL  61401

We start at 12:30p  1/2 past-Noon


Aunt Edythe 1971 Reunion

Aunt Edyth Wilson    Uncle Earl Wilson's Family   


Bring a covered dish to pass, your own place settings, drink, whatever you want to please your family.  There is always coffee, tea, and lemonade.  There are no alcoholic beverages allowed in the park.  We have ice cream to serve with your delicious desert you’ve brought to share.

 Uncle Hugh & ? Grandpa John Wes on R & ?       South Dakota Terpening's


This year will mark our 66th year and counting.  Last year at the reunion I gave everyone who was present a family group sheet to fill out on his or her family and then to snail mail to me to help me get our family tree updated, I received one back.  Since the family reunion, I have had a worm in my computer—and they do distasteful things-two hard drives crashes; I really need your help this year at the reunion.  Would like you to have the family group sheet filled out & with you to give to me (the only person who snailed mailed me theirs was Aunt Carol Terpening—God Bless her--,and I didn’t even give her one to fill out,  bring old photos or new or not so old, or memorabilia to share (if bringing old photos, please make me a copy for our family book), write a little note on what you remember from last year’s reunion (lost my word.doc and don’t have a print out), you maybe called upon.  If anyone has a picture that was taken of the community at Tylerville/Utah of the school, church, businesses I would like a copy of them.

As you can see I love photographs.  Have to get mine organized.  Hope to see you all there and maybe some new faces.  Thanks and have a Jim-dandy Day!  Kate and I will certainly as we’ve enjoy the whole summer.  I got notification that my membership to Daughters of the American Revolution was going to go through just needed to go before the board in July.  So, far haven’t gotten that yet.   You can contact me at:

Foxie Hagerty, Secretary

Foxie, Augusta, Ron wed-bliss

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Note:   Have tried for several hours today to get this to look like it did when I printed it out and am tired of it.  The pictures aren’t suppose to go downward the way they do but I can’t get them to do anything else. The 1st one is my of my Aunt Edythe Wilson at the 1971 reunion, second one is my grandfather John Wesley Terpening and Katheryn Arleigh Shenault, the on is of Uncle Hugh and ?????, the last one is of my Grandfather John WesleyTerpening and ?????? If you should happen to recognize anyone in thie pictures you can email be at the above link…..  Thanks!   Have a Great Day….