Tylerville Church & History

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Tylerville History

By Aileen Terpening



           The community of Tylerville consisted of a church, store, icehouse, and across the road from the store,  Woodsman Hall with a machine shop below.  There were very few families living there when the Terpening family arrived in 1836.  The church was built in 1871, but I do not know the dates  the store or hall were erected.  The Terpening family came from Holland to New York State and followed the waterways from New York to Quincy, IL, arriving there in 1835.  My great-grandfather and great Uncle came from Quincy that same year, to Warren and Knox Counties, looking for a place to live.  They found a place to live on a hill, just north of what is now the Terpening Cemetery.  They remained in Quincy over winter and one of the daughters married a Mr. Jones who was merchant there.  In the Spring of 1836, the rest of the family came to Warren County and found another family living in their log cabin.  The report was that 22 people lived together there, until the other family could relocate.  Mrs. Jones of Quincy and a daughter died soon after their arrival and were the first burials in the Terpening Cemetery.
           When the family returned to Quincy for the body of Mrs. Jones, the wolves followed them quite a number of miles, until they arrived in Monmouth.
          I feel certain that Tylerville’s post office was originally named Utah.  The post office was located in the store.  Utah was on the map for about 70 years.  One of my great-grandmothers rode horseback through the neighborhood to collect money to build the church and my other great-grandmother cooked for the workers.  Harrison Terpening and my father, John A. Terpening, were the proprietors of the store.  We also had a branch library from Warren County for a number of years before moving it to our home on the hill east of the store.  Librarians from Monmouth would come out in the summertime and read stories to the children in our yard.  Two incidents I never forgot were the death of my teacher, Guy Weeks, and a double funeral for my great-Aunt Mattie Armstrong and her sister, Mrs. Anderson.  The funeral was held at the Tylerville Church.  The Armstrong family arrived in the neighborhood in the 1840’s.  Some of the early settlers were the Adcock’s, Sallee’s, Kellogg’s, Bullman’s, Ryner’s, Mitchell’s, Bloomgren’s, Allen’s, Brown’s, Ingersoll’s, Ferris’s, and many more.
          This was written when Aileen Terpening was 90 years of age and living at the Knox County Nursing Home for nine years.  On June 26, 2000, Aileen Terpening died and is buried in the Terpening Cemetery, Kelly Township, Warren County, IL.  Aileen was the family historian and when she became unable to keep up with it due to her age.  I have been delegated this job now.   It is rather in a mess now.  I am hoping to correct this.  To update our family tree and to continue on for her.  I have other memorours I'd like to put here for her at a later date.  Aileen always wanted to be a writer and boy did she ever write to people.  Aileen was a heck of a woman...  If you are related or have any information on Armstrong's, Terpening's,  and related people feel free to email me.  Just click on mail box below and will turn up in my home email address.... Thanks!




If you have any information on anyone who used to live in the Tylerville Community of Warren County,

Illinois feel free to email me.  I would love to hear from you just click on the mail box above. I am also interested in obtaining a photo of the Tylerville Church which used to stand across the road from where my 3rd great grandfather John Peck Terpening used to live. You can attach it as a .Jpg file and email to me... Thanks for your help!


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