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From your Host Foxie

The below info still stands.  but as of Feb 28, 2006 of this year I want to be working more on restoring cemeteries in the state of Illinois.  and do to the load of emails I receive every day on research I would like to refer you to the Warren county Genealogical Society to do research for you. I have yet to get caught up from my busy year last year and now another year upon me and I want to be able to the cemeteries and I don't have time for both. The Warren County Genealogical Society has agreed to be posted here for your reference in getting a hold of one of their researching do to your research.  They Charge a $5.00 and hour minimum charge for research; plus copying costs & postage. If you run into any trouble just email me anyway and I can see what I can do.  But first check out the Warren County Genealogical Society as I want to do more with the cemeteries.  I will take photos of tombstones as I will be visiting this year many in the state of Illinois.  Thanks for all of your help in helping me to make this such a wonderful site for you and don't forget to email me your Warren County Ancestor information for a page to be made in their honor.

You may get a hold of the Warren county Genealogical

Society with this email address

Update from Foxie:

As last year most of was spent with my folks and their ailing health and then I lost my father in August. I have gotten so far behind in everything. Two years of busy busy busy..... this year I cam not taking on doing any more research for other people as I have my own history and family book to be update and printed by September of this year. So, am beginning work on it now. Much to do plus, also want to get to work in some of the cemeteries around neighboring counties.

I will not be doing any more look ups and if you find my name on a look up list which they are all over and I did not put my name to many of them but did honor them I will not be doing so now. There comes in a time in life when this lady needs to say no and that's what I'm saying now. Sorry, if this incontinence's anyone but the Genealogical Society is more than willing to help you out and have more time than I do at the present.

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"Genealogical Data from the Monmouth Atlas 1856-1865." Marsha Hoffman Rising, by compiler, 1992. Newspaper abstracts.

One name per lookup----include surname and first name-----NO Other Information.  Volunteer has only ONE book; does not live in Warren Co & doesn't do research for hire.    





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Greenbush Info 


     4th Volunteer

 Warren Co. Death Index, Tombstone Inscriptions for Greenbush, Evangelical Church in Greenbush,  Prairie Farmer Directory...


       5th Volunteer         

   Martha has have extensive family records of all of these families, including affine and is glad to share.

                      My mother, Caroline Capps Florey, was born in Monmouth.  Her parents, O.A. CAPPS and Mary Adeline Ogden Capps, her grandparents, F.Delos OGDEN and Harriet Lewis Ogden, and Thomas Lancaster Capps and Mary Jewell Capps, her great grandparents, Franklin Ogden (1st wife Jane BRIGGS died in NY), Zephaniah LEWIS and Eliza Ogden, Asa Capps and Maryann BROOKS Capps, Reuben JEWELL and Elizabeth Johnson (no stones remain?), and her great great grandparents, Abraham Ogden and Keziah HOUGHTON Ogden, and many other relatives, are all buried in Berwick and Lenox Union cemeteries.

State Historical Society of Wisconsin, which has a large genealogy collection.  I have been typing family records from the Warren county history books and will be glad to send you Word files of the Capps, Lewis, Ogden, Jewell and other entries from these books

6th Volunteer

Marvin Smith,

Loads of information on Smith and related family's from Warren County, IL.

 plus have been making web pages for him here on this site...

7th Volunteer

I am able to search the Knox and Warren County areas, as well as a few others close to me pretty much anywhere within 50 miles, maybe more in special circumstances, I am also a searcher for VSN in this area and therefore will only charge minimal fees.... for example if I have to purchase a great deal of court records. I haven't been at this long so be patient with me, in my short amount of time I have found three people and my most expensive search has been $10. Write me I'll see what I can do, and even if I can't help you I WILL reply.

Jennifer ~




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