Walkers of Wigton Reunion

August 5, 2006


The Walkers of Wigton Reunion Group held their 2006 reunion at the First Presbyterian church on August 5, at the First Presbyterian Church in Macomb IL.  Thirty three people attended.


The business meeting included election of officers; President, Connie Deener; Vice-President, Alan Walker; Secretary, Julia Territo; Treasurer, Katie Huston.  The group voted to purchase a reprint copy of the book “Early Days of Greenbush” and donate it to the McDonough County Genealogical Society Research library.


The reunion group enjoyed lunch prepared and served by the Presbyterian Women.


The afternoon program included a presentation by Libby Grimm of Macomb on the life of Charles Gilchrist who was the son-in-law of Joseph Gilmore Walker. 

          Charles led an interesting life as a soldier and traveler.  He served as leader of a unit of black soldiers during the civil war and is the only general buried in McDonough County.  He is buried in the Aberghast-Pearce Cemetery in Walnut Grove Township.


     The main presentation of the program was given by Gary Pearson of Seattle Washington.  He presented his research and pictures on the life of his ancestor, Abner Walker.

          Abner Walker came to Illinois as part of the large group of Walkers     and their in-laws who migrated from Kentucky in the 1830’s.  He was      an inventor who developed a very successful wooden water pump.  He was also a designer and builder of homes, including one that still stands on S Randolph Street in Macomb IL. 


          Abner and his family eventually settled in Greenbush IL where he had a saw mill and they ran a hotel.  His daughter and son-in-law, Squire and Mary E. Buzan, ran a store in Greenbush.


          In 1851 Abner’s son and daughter and then Abner himself died of cholera in Greenbush. The family is buried in Greenbush Cemetery.

Following the program a group of fourteen people toured Greenbush, Greenbush Cemetery, and the Roseville Museum.


We would like to thank Foxie Hagerty and her daughter, Kate, for locating an old map of Greenbush and for helping us get good pictures of the stones in Greenbush Cemetery.  Thanks also to Avis and Raymond Hutchins who opened the Roseville Museum for our group to enjoy.


We would like to hear from others who are related to the Walkers who came from Wigton, Scotland in 1726, settled in Chester County Pennsylvania, then moved to Virginia(1735), then to Kentucky(1794) and then to central Illinois in 1830. We would especially like to hear from anyone who has more information about the Abner Walker family in Greenbush and would certainly like to find a picture of Abner Walker or members of his family.


If you have information or would like to know more about our group, contact Connie Deener at cdeener@macomb.com .

     Below are few photos I took while attending the Walker Reunion. Thanks for inviting us, Connie. Kate and I had a wonderful time.   You may click on the thumbnails although I've made them bigger than normal here for a bigger photo. Thanks & Happy Days. Be sure to get a hold of Connie if you are any relation to this family big or small. Then you can come and share in the very wonderful meal and good time that my daughter & I shared with her and her extended family.  Thanks again, Connie, it was a wonderful day, even though it was so hot outside.

Gary Pearson on Right

Avis and Raymond Hutchins

When we were at the Greenbush Cemetery-- Photo on right is of Abner Walker Descendants by their tombstones

Walker Reunion


Photo at left of Kate & Foxie

taken by Connie just before she left.

We are standing in front of the Museum run by the Warren Co. Historical Society in Roseville. The Museum is in the old Roseville High School. Three stories high.


Basement at Museum

Kate in Jail at the Historical Museum in Roseville

I accidentally dropped and broke my camera while trying to get a good shot of this wagon which is in the basement of the museum.

Photos below were emailed to me from Gary Pearson who was the main spokes person at the Reunion this year in Macomb. Thanks, Gary and very wonderful photos. They are thumbnails of the original photos click on them for a bigger view which opens in it's own window.

Gary has his own Walker Genealogy Page @ Gary Pearson Genealogy

You can also email him by clicking on his name above. Thanks!

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