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Enfield Cemetery
White County [Illinois]
IL-AHGP site

NOTE: If you know of any Enfield cemetery listings or any other records on these or other White County cemeteries, I would be very interested in receiving your information to include on this page, with your name as contributor. (Please send your name and email address) Have A Safe Day & Thanks for Viewing This Site D.E.Wright !!!!!

Cemetery page

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NOTE: Directions

BLACK, William E
~~b:1867 ~~d:1943
BLACK,Sarah E.
~~b:1867 ~~d:1944
BLACK, Ernest Earl
~~b:May 31, 1894 ~~d:June 12, 1949
Submitted by Don E. Wright Poster-#-1-

FIELDS, Charles S.
~~b: Dec. 15, 1856 ~~d: March 04, 1919
FIELDS, Jennie,
~~b: Aug. 03, 1864 ~~d: Oct. 01, 1947
wife of Charles
FIELDS, John Calvin Fields
~~b: Sept. 15, 1826 ~~d: Jan. 01, 1895
FIELDS, Lucy A. (Groves)
~~b: March 24, 1834 ~~d: May 23, 1875
wife of John
~~b: 1857 ~~d: 1933

MILLER, Samuel
~~b: Nov. 1858~~d: March 07, 1936
s/o Petilla Miller and Susan J. Land
MILLER, Robert "Robin"
~~b: Jan. 25, 1799 ~~d: March 22, 1866
S/o Peter Miller & Susan A. McClary
~~b: 1768 ~~d: May 6,1844

MAYS, Mary
~~b: Dec. 04, 1807 ~~d: April 30, 1877

WRIGHT, William W.
~~b:July 28, 1874 ~~d:April 13, 1956
WRIGHT, Emily R.
~~b:Aug 23, 1885 ~~d:July 12, 1970
WRIGHT, Thomas F.
~~b:March 22, 1887 ~~d:Jan 18, 1960
~~b:1892 ~~d:1893
~~b:1889 ~~d:1893
~~b:1896 ~~d:1898
WRIGHT, Randall J.
~~b:Dec 25, 1902 ~~d:no/dates
WRIGHT, Rudolph B.
~~b:July 27, 1894 ~~d:Feb 09, 1971
Submitted by Don E. Wright Poster-#-1-

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