Coats Cemetery, Liberty Twp., Adams County, IL

COATS CEMETERY-Liberty Township, Adams County, Illinois

Located in the NE 1/4 Section 3.  It is on the blacktop between Five Points and Kellerville, on the south side of the road.  It is mowed and taken care of, May 1978, Canvassed by Great River Genealogy Society.

Kate & I visited this cemetery with a very kind gentleman from the Kingston area of Adams co., who showed us how to get there.  Thanks. Have to look up his name as I'm not very good at remembering people's names.  Hope to get to see him again when we travel down to Adams County, for another visit Have photos of every tombstone here in this cemetery.

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We didn't get all of the tombstones because

 I didn't have any chalk or anything to clean

off the black stuff on the older ones with us.

But there is one down there we got of John

Williams who wasn't in the

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BENCE Hattie ---- 2/15/1880
BENCE Willie ---- 11/1/1895
BENCE Annie ---- 11/1/1895
BENCE John 1854 1948  
CHAPLEY Tracey 1859 1919 Mother, Wife of John Bence
RUWE Emily 1/17/1861 1/27/1862 Dau of W.& E.
HEITLAND Henrietta ---- 5/8/1863 ae 47yrs, on same stone with Emily Ruwe
LONGOOR George T. 7/18/1900 5/9/1962

LONGOOR Peter H. 1873 1955
LONGOOR Nettie E. 1882 1968
HECKRODT Henry A. 7/27/1858 2/20/1918

HECKRODT Susana 4/8/1855 2/28/1916

HECKRODT Martin A. 9/14/1820 7/15/1881

His Wife


HECKROOT Anna M. 11/14/1820 3/3/1901
HECKRODT John M. ---- 1/25/1857 ae 61y 6m
HECKRODT Anna Mary ---- 8/13/1850 ae 3y 6m 10d, Dau of M.& A.
HECKRODT John H. ---- 6/3/1857

Tombstone photo above is for both

boys. You can hardly read the one on the left.

ae 5y 10m 22d, Son of M.A.& A.M.

HECKRODT John Martin ---- 2/23/1864 ae 3y 20d, Son of M.A.& A.M.
RYDER Merle E. 1898 1951


BUSKIRK Michael L. 1865 1944

Father  &  Mother

BUSKIRK Adah M. 1871 1944
GARDNER Erastus ---- 10/10/1855 ae 50y 5m
GARDNER Mary E. ---- 12/28/1848 ae 1y 3m, Dau of E.& E. (stone broken)
TOURNEAR Johnie Otis 2/6/1900 6/17/1900

both on same tombstone

His Wife

TOURNEAR Alva Roy 7/22/1898 4/17/1899
TOURNEAR Mahaly Mildred 1842 1908

both on same tombstone

TOURNEAR Prosper 1842 1909
WILLIAMS Norah B. ---- 9/20/1893

ae 27y 2m 28d, Wife of Oscar

WILLIAMS Ida M. 1872 1906  
COATS Ross S. ---- ----

COATS John W. ---- ----
COATS Willie Jr. ---- ----
COATS Mary A. ---- ----
COATS Glen ---- 5/3/1890 ae 1y 7d, Son of W. A.& M.A.
COATS Neva ---- 8/5/1884 ae 8m 23d, Dau of W. A.& M.A.
COATS William A. 2/21/1817 11/8/1891  
COATS Ellen 6/16/1816 5/4/1897 His Wife
WILLIAMS Owen ---- 6/5/1880 ae 11y 8m 27d, Son of J. A.& E. K.
WILLIAMS Evaline K. ---- 7/3/1896

ae 50y 4m, Wife of J. A.

Willismas John 1842 1914*

Wasn't on original listings

GARDNER Mary E. ---- 8/29/1864 ae 1y 3m 4d, Dau of Rob't & Louisa
GARDNER Henry Harrison ---- 2/14/1875 ae 31y --m --d, deteriorated stone
GARDNER Laura ---- 4/15/1856 ae 3y 27d, Dau of E.& E.


any comments, suggestions, help, insults, compliments feel free to email them to me or if you have person's buried in this cemetery would love to hear from you.  Maybe somebody you know is not listed and buried here... Can always use the help. Thanks


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