Nations Cemetery, Adams County, IL
These are photos I took while visiting my friend in Clayton, IL, one hot summer day last year, 2005; I have some more, I just need to sort through to see where we were & such.  There was a very kind gentleman who lives in a house not far from the cemetery who came & took us all around to some others.
any comments, suggestions, help, insults, compliments feel free to email them to me or if you have person's buried in this cemetery would love to hear from you.  Maybe somebody you know is not listed and buried here... Can always use the help. Thanks

Below are tombstone photos taken by Foxie when visiting her friend in Clayton, Adams County, IL. You will see Pat, in one or two, my now 4yr old Great-nephew who loves to help his great-Aunt in the cemeteries and my daughter, Kate, who is also a big help to me.  You may click on the thumbnails for a bigger view.  We took photos of all the tombstones in the cemetery.  Sorry for not naming photos but time is short for me.... email me is you download a photo.  Just like to know where they go and give me credit.  Do not want to see them on another web page.  Thanks!

NATIONS CEMETERY-Liberty Township, Adams County, Illinois

Located at the SE 1/4 of Section 3.  This cemetery is well kept and close to the road.  It is not used today.  Canvassed May 1978 by the Great River Genealogy Society.

LIERLEWilliam B.18471930 
LIERLEEliza E.18571890Wife
AKERSPaul F.19191931 
AKERSParthena F.19191921 
AKERSIra O.18741949 
AKERSMary R.18761965 
PHILIPSMathilda----1/10/1883ae 61y 9m 19d, Wife of W.R.
TAYLORIda J.18651945 
JOHNSONAdam R.18881949 
JOHNSONLettie A.18911974 
JOHNSONRachel A.1/1/185310/12/1896Wife
WIGLENancy8/11/18113/30/1861(death date might be incorrect--stone was broken under a tree and now moved in a row)  Wife of Solomon
NAYLORRhoda9/18/18381/13/1872Wife of Samuel Naylor, Stone Broken
NAYLORJennie----2/11/1884ae 21y 3m 11d, Dau of S.& R. Naylor
NAYLORCharley----8/10/1897ae 31y 5m 15d
NAYLORSarah E.----6/9/1898ae 54y 1m 24d, Wife of J.B. Nation, flag marker--possibly JB
WELLSInfant Son----10/2/1896Son of J.A.& M.
WIGLELorena----7/14/1881ae 15y 9m 28d, Dau of Solomon & H.A.
WIGLESolomon W.----10/25/1879ae 63y 6m 5d
WIGLENancy`18111861Wife of Solomon
NATIONSFlorence Effa----11/8/1880ae 5y 3m 19d, Dau of Isaiah S.& Jane W.
NATIONSJessie----9/14/1882ae 21y 11m 11d, Dau of David & Susan
NATIONSJohn H.----3/14/1864 ae 1y 4m 23d, Son of J.& H.M.
ROEJohn M.----1/6/1875in the 68th year of his age
ROEElizabeth----6/7/1889ae 79y 7m 21d, wife of J.M.
LIMBAUGHMichael----7/29/1867ae 83y 8m 19d
ROEMyrta----11/7/1883ae 2y 4m 10d, Dau of W.H.& O.G.
NATIONSMyrtle E.----9/10/1885ae 1y 20d, Dau of J.B.& S.E.
NATIONJohn B. Jr.1/27/186211/24/1905Veteran Flag
NATIONSMirta A.----3/18/1869ae 8m 18d, Dau of J.& C.I.
NATIONSOgden O.----8/15/1862ae 1y 11m 18d, Son of Jas. & Cath Nations
NATIONSMinnie N.----10/20/1871ae 8y 11m 21d, Dau of J.& C.I.
NATIONSIsaiah----3/10/1849ae 22y 10m 27d, Son of D.& H.
NATIONSHannah----1/20/1858ae 51y, Wife of David, (broken stone)
CARRRebecca6/30/18588/21/1898Wife of R.B., Mother
AKERSJustin K.18731951 
AKERSSarah C.18721937 
LIERLEHuldah A.6/4/18495/6/1891Dau of Wm.
LIERLEMelissa J.18561934 
LIERLEDelbert J.18971897 
PARNMattie J.18801968 
PARNAugust H.18841967 
JOHNSONInfant Daughter18881888Infant Dau of C.P.& M.E.
JOHNSONAnna L.---1888ae 4m, Infant Dau of C.P.& M.E.
JOHNSONInfant Daughter18901890Infant Dau of C.P.& M.E.
JOHNSONCommodore P.18491936 
JOHNSONMary Ellen18481925His Wife
NATIONSS.A. DANIEL10/2/18356/17/1871ae 30y 8m 15d, Wife of B.R./ 6 children's initials, does not say buried here:  H.O., C.B., A.P., O.E., I.M., J.D.)
NATIONSBerriman R.10/24/1827---- 
NATIONSSarah A.10/2/18356/17/1871 (she has 2 stones)
NATIONSHelen O.1/25/18566/5/1857Dau of B.R.& S.A.
NATIONSOlevia E.2/4/18615/28/1862Dau of B.R.& S.A.
NATIONSIsaiah M.4/15/186512/17/1878Son of B.R.& S.A.
NATIONSBarbara----3/10/1863ae 65y 10m 27d, Wife of Isaiah
HENDRIXSarah NATIONS----12/12/1846ae 21y 4m 4d, Wife of Thomas, Dau of Isaiah Nations
NATIONSNathan----8/18/1848ae 79y
NATIONSLevisa----7/2/1862ae 88yrs, Wife of Nathan
VANCILIsom1/1/18275/6/1906Mason, Father
TAYLORH. Francis3/30/190310/;24/1976ae 73y 6m 23d
TAYLORMargaret E.3/27/1909---- 

The Photo gallery is not working. I had a hard drive crash in 2007, and then got new computer and somehow have misplaced some photos. the thumbnails won't work on all photos. it was called to my attention. I'm sorry about this but the whole bottom page will have to be redone & I'll probably have to take the photos over again. until I can accomplish this you'll have to go by the names in the listings above. Sorry for your inconvenience. If you have any Nations family information feel free to email me. Plus, Janice is making a site on just Nations. you are more than welcome to visit her site and help her out too.

Janice's site is located at NATIONSSTUDY.COM


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