Greenwell Cemetery, Mount Sterling Twp. Brown Co., IL

Greenwell Cemetery, is located in the southeast quarter of section 1, Mt. Sterling Township.
    Mr. George Greenwell burial ground is just a little southwest of the house occupied in 1960 by Jesse Ingram about fives miles east of Mt. Sterling, Illinois. Only tombstones to be found in 1960 were:


Surname Name Birth Death Comments Military
Greenwell George   Feb 5, 1906 Aged 89yrs 3mos 21ds
Greenwell Amanda F.   Oct 5, 1882 Aged 69yrs 7ms 2ds
Greenwell B. S.   June 13, 1878 son of G & A aged 26 yrs 25ds
Thomas Fanny   March 9, 1850 dau of Elijah aged 22yrs 6ms 25ds

George Greenwell married Amanda Rentfro Adams, a widow with a a small son, John Quincy Adams, in Kentucky. In 1845, they brought their family to Brown county where Mr. William Greenwell had come in 1840 and built a grist mill on Crooked Creek. George Greenwell bought a farm east of Mr. Sterling where Mr. Greenwell lived the rest o his life. There were then children in the Greenwell family, a son who died as an infant; Sarah J. who died at the age of 12 yrs, Henry who was accidentally drowned in 1862 while serving as a soldier in the Union Army at Chambersburg, Ill. when stricken with TB in 1878; Harriet wife of J. B. Dennis, died 1872, Horace died 1908, Mary died 1920, George died 1926; William M. died 1927, and Amy wife of N. B. Cox died 1940. Fanny Thomas was the daughter of a neighbor of the Greenwell's.

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