Harbour Cemetery, Mount Sterling Twp. Brown Co., IL

Harbour Cemetery, is located in the southeast quarter of section 35, Mt. Sterling Township.

This cemetery is very well kept up with a good wire fence, a gate that opened and shut and the grass is cut. This was the condition of the cemetery in 1973.

     Abner Harbour took out land in section 35 Oct. 1838 for a place to bury his family. The first recorded burial in his plot was that of his daughter.
Surname Name Birth Death Comments Military
Harbour Violette   Jan 17, 1856 19yrs
Harbour Abner      
Harbour Mary   Sept 24, 1880 87 years/wife of Abner
Harbour Margaret 1877 ???? wife of J. P.
Harbour Amanda 1877 1897  
Harbour John M.   1892 65yrs
Harbour Nancy A.   Aug 30, 1887 31 yrs
Harbour Infant     of John M. & Nancy
Harbour Pearl Keith March 22, 1889 Feb 19, 1972 wife of John Harbour
Blanke Fred 1890 1947  
Buntline     Feb 28, 1861 aged 20yrs 2ms
Carmen Eddie     son of E. & L. aged 3years
Carmen Marvin     son of E. & L aged 1 year
Deitrick Jackson R. 1873 1961  
Deitrick Martha July 28, 1880 Jan 6, 1972 wife of J. R.
Green Hiriam March 23, 1884 Sept 9, 1959  
Jackson William 1874 1951  
Reische William 1876 1964 born in Thuringla, Germany
Reische Christian 1829 1926 born in Thuringla, Germany
Reische Mary 1936 1931 born in Ohio, wife of Christian
Thomas Richard   Jan 19, 1867 aged 52yrs 9ms
Thomas Esther   1895 aged 76yrs 8ms 20das, wife of R.
Thomas John L.   Feb 21, 1897 aged 67yrs 2mos
Thomas Laura Reische   Nov 25, 1893 aged 32 years, wife of John L.
Thomas Floyd 1839 1928  
Thomas Jane Reische 1867 1932 wife of Floyd
Thomas Leo B.   Sep 21, 1890 aged 2m 8ds
Thomas Idella Maire Thomas Aug 15, 1881 Jan 17, 1963 wife of Sherman Thomas
Wheeler John   Oct 21, 1888 born in Virginia now West VA.
Wheeler Leah   Dec 22, 1881 Aged 68yrs 8ms 12ds, wife of John
Putman Amanda Thomas     wife of George Putman
Putman Ruth     dau of George & Amanda
Putman Myrtle     dau of George & Amanda

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