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PERRY CEMETERY is located in the NW quarter of Section 30-Brown Co. Illinois Cooperstown Twp


     There are  sixty-four " Perry "  tombstones found in this cemetery, giving it's name.
The land on which this cemetery is located was taken from the government by Edmund Perry on August 1, 1836,  it is not known precisely when the first burial occurred.

       In 1830, there were seven families of the Nathan and Rebecca Yarbrey/Yarbrough/ Perry families who came to Illinois from South Carolina by way of Kentucky - five sons and two sons-in-laws. Their children were Edmund, Melvina, William, Edward, Sarah, Irwin, Benjamin and John. All became residents of Illinois.

This 1830 migration seems to have centered around the eldest son, Edmund, who with his two brothers, a brother-in-law had laid out the land in 1829. He was here at the time of the deep snow and returned in June 1830 to bring his parents and the family back with him. The trip from Kentucky is said to have taken about a month.

Edmund had married Rachel Bridges of North Carolina. The had eleven children: Martha, Phoebe, Rebecca, Icabod, James, Nathan, Sarah, Melvina, Louisa, Francis, and Luke.

Nathan, aged 82, and Rebecca and Edmund, aged 82, and Rachel, aged 76, are said to have been buried near the
center of the cemetery around which was a wooden fence.

BREWER Ashford 20 APR 1865 05 JAN 1909 Husb of Phedora Kees
BREWER Phedora Kees 08 APR 1871 01 OCT 1903 Wife of Ashford Brewer -dau of Eliz Perry & Samuel Kees
BUTLER Elizabeth Perry 31 DEC 1856 23 MAR 1905 Wife of James A Butler
BUTLER Eugene 17 JUL 1880 27 NOV 1943 Husb of Kitty Seckmanson of Eliz Perry & James A Butler
BUTLER Francis M 1882 19 SEP 1882 8m son of Eliz Perry & James A Butler
BUTLER James A 10 JAN 1856 31 MAR 1925 Husb of Elizabeth Perry
BUTLER Kitty Seckman 1881 1910 Wife of Eugene Butler
BUTLER Truman 1906 1913 Son of Eugene & Kitty Seckman
DAVIS Elizabeth Trueecel 22 NOV 1822 10 FEB 1888 65y 2m 18d
DAVIS Nelson 07 JUL 1898 78y 1m 7d -son of Melvina Perry & Benj Davis
DEWITT Elizabeth Hills 03 OCT 1851 23y wife of A DeWitt
DUNBAR Infant 29 AUG 1909 Child of George & Nora
EDWARDS Adie 28 MAY 1902 88y
EDWARDS Martin S 21 MAR 1889 70y 5m 10d
GLENN Melinda Milligan 15 JUL 1795 02 AUG 1878 Wife of Thomas Glenn
GLENN Thomas 31 AUG 1781 19 APR 1887 Husb of Melinda Milligan
HAMMOND Martha J Hurst 19 OCT 1843 10 SEP 1875 Wife of Robert Hammond -dau of Emily Bell & Calvin Hurst
HETRICK Edith Perry 15 FEB 1880 27 SEP 1915 Wife of Edward M Hetrick -dau of Francis M & Eliz McCoy
HILL Henry 14 JAN 1859 43y 9m 19d
HILLS Elizabeth 07 SEP 1871 76y
HILLS Jonathan 02 JAN 1843 16y -son of Robert Hills & Eliz Angel
HILLS Laura E Kennedy 24 FEB 1886 32y 6m 9d
HILLS Robert S 08 NOV 1866 71y
HOSFORD Grace Ellen Lanier 26 JUL 1890 26 JUL 1890 Wife of R Reid Hosford -dau of Thos L Lanier & Margaret A Hurst
HOSFORD Ralph Reid 28 OCT 1884 04 APR 1924 Wife of Grace E Lanier -son of Martin & Matilda Davis
HURST Albert 02 OCT 1847 27 SEP 1860 12y 1m 2d son of Calvin & Emily Bell
HURST Bell Long 1856 10 JAN 1918 2nd wife of James
HURST Bradley 22 OCT 1834 13 MAY 1907 Husb of Matilda Worthington -son of Calvin Hurst & Phoebe Perry
HURST Calvin 30 APR 1808 30 SEP 1876 68y 5m husb of Phoebe Perry
HURST Catherine 1851 12 FEB 1881 20y 1m dau of B & Matilda W
HURST Cynthia 09 DEC 1859 03 AUG 1884 24y 7m 17d dau of Calvin & Emily Bell
HURST Elizabeth Perry 09 FEB 1852 08 MAY 1879 27y 3m 1d 1st wife of James -dau of Andrew J & Matilda W
HURST Emily Bell 1819 22 AUG 1874 55y 2nd w of Calvin Hurst -dau of Robert Bell & Jane Anderson
HURST Francis E 03 JUN 1889 9m son of AA & E
HURST Infant Son 27 NOV 1893 11d son of AA & E
HURST Infant Son 1880 09 MAR 1880 Son of Bradley & Matilda
HURST James 15 APR 1842 02 DEC 1928 Husb of Eliz Perry and Bell Longson of Calvin & Emily Bell
HURST Jeremiah 04 OCT 1828 01 SEP 1851 21y 10m 28d son of Calvin & Phoebe Perry
HURST John 15 SEP 1836 18 FEB 1869 3m son of Calvin H & Phoebe Perry
HURST John J 27 SEP 1871 30 APR 1886 14y 7m 3d son of James H & Eliz Perry
HURST Matilda Worthington 07 JUL 1834 10 MAR 1912 Wife of Bradley Hurst
HURST Minnie 17 JAN 1875 29 SEP 1896 Wife of Albert
HURST Minnie 31 AUG 1876 23 MAR 1894 17y 6m 23d dau of James H & Eliz Perry
HURST Nina 1871 03 OCT 1899 3y 1m 9d dau of Bradley & Matilda
HURST Phoebe Perry 31 MAY 1811 02 FEB 1840 28y 8m 2d 1st w of Calvin Hurst -dau of Edmund H & Rachel Bridges
HURST Sarah M 21 NOV 1849 18 JUN 1875 25y dau of Calvin H & Emily Bell
HURST Sarah T 07 NOV 1862 18 DEC 1877 15y 1m 11d dau of Bradley & Matilda
HURST Susanna 1857 15 JAN 1870 13y dau of Bradley & Matilda
HURST William R 27 APR 1861 20 AUG 1884 23y 3m 23d son of Bradley & Matilda
INNES Elizabeth 02 MAR 1855 28y 7m 2d wife of R Innes
JONES Infant Dau 01 FEB 1887 Dau of HG & P
KEES Elizabeth Perry 04 MAR 1844 16 AUG 1918 Wife of Samuel K & Sarah Perry
KEES Elmira E 03 JAN 1860 1y 19m 19d dau of W & H
KEES Frank 1880 30 JUL 1886 6y 4m 24d son of Samuel & Eliz Perry
KEES Hannah E 12 FEB 1884 15y 1m 29d
KEES Hannah Putnam 19 DEC 1869 33y 8m 26d wife of Wm Kees
KEES James 10 FEB 1862 1y 9m 28d son of W & H
KEES John 25 MAR 1852 40y 2d
KEES LaFayette 12 AUG 1854 2y
KEES Orina 25 JAN 1888 72y 4m 13d wife of J Kees
KEES Samuel 23 NOV 1836 16 JAN 1918 Husb of Eliz Perry
KEES William 15 FEB 1888 53y 8m 21d husb of Hannah Putnam
LAA Luther 1878 1910
LANIER Edom W 1858 1902 Husb of Eliz Perry & Mary L Brewer
LANIER Eliza Perry 1861 1947 Wife of Edom Lanier -dau of James R Perry & Eliz Hills
LANIER Ina 1903 Dau of GW & Ruby
LANIER Infant 1d child of Edom & Eliza Perry
LANIER Leona May Perry 04 OCT 1886 FEB 1975 Wife of Oliver D -dau of Edmond Perry & Ella Smith
LANIER Margaret A Hurst 05 SEP 1856 20 JUN 1928 Wife of Thomas Lanier -dau of Calvin & Emily Bell
LANIER Oliver 28 JAN 1881 05 JAN 1955 Husb of Leona May Perry -son of Thos & Margaret A Hurst
LANIER Thomas Lindsey 25 JAN 1853 09 FEB 1921 Husb of Margaret A Hurst -son of Seth Lanier & Mary Brewer
MCCOY James G 08 OCT 1852 19m
MCPHERSON Rose Claire 1885 19 AUG 1885 4m 12d -dau of Orlando McPherson & Rachel Perry
MORISON James L 04 JAN 1864 2m 10d son of JA & R
PERRY Alva 1879 1954
PERRY Andrew J 1830 25 MAY 1855 26y husb of Matilda Worthington
PERRY Austin 1859 08 OCT 1862 2y son of Elisha & Sarah Perry
PERRY Baby Boy 13 SEP 1907 Son of Luther & Laura Olga Perry
PERRY Carlos Lanier 1916 1920 Son of Alva Perry & Ethel Lanier
PERRY Caroline Grover 21 JUN 1836 17 SEP 1876 40y 2m 26d wife of Luke W
PERRY Clarence A 1888 06 FEB 1888 6m 24d son of Gilbert B & Eliz Hills
PERRY Clarinda 07 JUL 1855 13 DEC 1896 Dau of Elisha Perry & Sarah Perry
PERRY Earl 1886 06 MAY 1891 5y 9d son of Francis M & Minnie Hurst
PERRY Edmond
PERRY Edmond 'Eddie 09 SEP 1859 1941 Husb of Malinda Brewer -son of James R Perry & Eliza Hills
PERRY Edmund 1851 1923 Husb of Ella Smith -son of Frances M Perry & Martha Hills
PERRY Edna 1893 1938 Dau of Frances M & Minnie Hurst
PERRY Edna 1872 25 SEP 1878 6y dau of Luke W & Caroline Grover
PERRY Elisha 29 NOV 1818 12 JUL 1889 Husb of Sarah Perry -son of Luke Perry & Betty McNew
PERRY Eliza Hills 19 JUN 1821 08 APR 1897 76y 9m 13d wife of James R Perry
PERRY Elizabeth Hills Wife of Gilbert B Perry
PERRY Elizabeth McCoy 1844 08 APR 1897 Wife of Frances Marion Perry
PERRY Ella 4y 11d dau of Nathan & Esther Glenn
PERRY Ella Smith 1859 1939 Wife of Edmund Perry
PERRY Emery A 1872 1941 Husb of Geraldine
PERRY Esther Glenn 27 MAY 1825 27 NOV 1902 Wife of Nathan Perry -dau of Thomas Glenn
PERRY Francis Marion Sr 12 AUG 1829 29 MAY 1907 Husb of Martha Patsy Hillsson of Edmond Perry & Rachel Bridges
PERRY Francis Marion 21 DEC 1847 08 MAR 1919 Husb of Elizabeth McCoy -son of James R Perry & Eliz Hills
PERRY Francis Marion Jr 1863 1923 Husb of Minnie Hurstson of Francis M & Martha Hills
PERRY Franklin P 'Rufus 01 NOV 1853 1920 Husb of Tabitha J McDanielson of Francis M & Martha Hills
PERRY Genar J 08 JUN 1900 26 NOV 1965 ILL Pvt. U.S. Army WWI     son of Edmund Perry & Melinda Brewer
PERRY George W 28 NOV 1842 29 MAR 1897 Husb of Nellieson of Elisha Perry and Sarah Perry
PERRY Geraldine 01 DEC 1888 15 MAR 1966 Wife of Emory A Perry
PERRY Gilbert B 1855 Husb of Elizabeth Hills -son of Luke W Perry & Caroline Grover
PERRY Harriet 1850 26 AUG 1883 33y dau of Elisha & Sarah Perry
PERRY Henry 12d son of Nathan & Esther Glenn
PERRY Henry Dean 1896 19 OCT 1898 2y 6m 4d son of Franklin P & Tabitha McDaniel
PERRY Infant
PERRY Infant 27 MAR 1863 Child of Luke W & Caroline Grover
PERRY James R Jr 19 MAY 1866 02 APR 1955 Husb of Nellie J Clarkson of James R Perry & Eliz Hills
PERRY James R Sr 20 AUG 1817 13 SEP 1893 76y 23d hus of Eliz Hillsson of Edmund Perry & Rachel Bridges
PERRY Jasper 1858 1916 Husb of Laura Logsdon -son of Frances M Perry & Martha Hills
PERRY Laura E Logsdon 1866 1949 Wife of Jasper Perry
PERRY LeRoy 3m 8d son of Nathan & Esther Glenn
PERRY Louis H 09 FEB 1886 30 OCT 1901 Son of Wm W Perry & Sarah Lanier
PERRY Louisa D 'Lydie 1875 1917 Wife of Robert Perry -dau of Thos F Perry & Louisa McCoy
PERRY Louisa Hurst 1867 1936
PERRY Malinda Brewer 1863 1926 Wife of Edmond 'Eddie Perry
PERRY Marion M 1891 1963 Husb of Edna Lora Brown -son of Martin & Millie Hurst
PERRY Marshall ?Son of RO Perry or Rbt S & Louisa McCoy
PERRY Martha 'Patsy Hills 09 DEC 1830 12 MAR 1905 Wife of Francis M Perry Sr -dau of Robert Hills & Eliz Angel
PERRY Martha A Stewart 1861 1889 Wife of Robert S Perry
PERRY Martin E 20 APR 1866 18 AUG 1935 Husb of Millie Louisa Hurst
PERRY Mary I 01 SEP 1825 21 SEP 1867 2y 21d dau of Luke W & Caroline Grover
PERRY Melinda L 23 DEC 1848 15 OCT 1907 Dau of Nathan & Esther Glenn
PERRY Minnie Hurst 1868 1910 Wife of Francis Marion Jr -son of Elisha & Sarah Perry
PERRY Nathan 19 SEP 1819 19 JAN 1903 Husb of Esther Glenn
PERRY Nellie 09 APR 1849 16 JUN 1911 Wife of George W
PERRY Nellie Jane Clark 13 JUN 1870 14 MAR 1900 Wife of James Jr
PERRY Orrie 1893 23 DEC 1893 1m 5d dau of Martin E & Millie Louise Hurst
PERRY Owen 1890 1918 Son of Martin E & Millie Louise Hurst
PERRY Payton 17 NOV 1898 22 OCT 1899 11m 5d son of Edmund & Ella Smith
PERRY Rachel A 1870 04 NOV 1881 11y dau of Luke W & Caroline Grover
PERRY Ray B 22 MAR 1888 14 AUG 1971 ILL Pvt. U.S. Army WWI -son of Edmund Perry & Melinda Brewer
PERRY Ressie M 1890 1913 Dau of Edmond & Malinda Brewer
PERRY Robert S 1859 1916 Husb of Louisa McCoy
PERRY Rosemary 5m 4d dau of Nathan& Esther Glenn
PERRY Russell 01 JUN 1896 13 OCT 1898 2y 4m 12d son of Rbt & Louisa McCoy
PERRY Sarah Lanier 1861 1950 Wife of William W Perry
PERRY Sarah Perry 27 MAR 1822 20 JUN 1879 Wife of Elisha Perry -dau of Edmund Perry & Rachel Bridges
PERRY Stephen 02 APR 1889 3y 6m 15d son of GW & S
PERRY Tabitha J McDaniel 1865 1919 Wife of Franklin P Perry
PERRY William Riley 1857 12 SEP 1864 1y 8m son of Elisha & Sarah Perry
PERRY William W 1861 1937 Son of Francis M Perry & Martha Hills
PUTNAM George W 09 JAN 1862 16y 29d son of Wm & Martha
PUTNAM Henry 05 NOV 1865 31y 9m 2d
PUTNAM James L 09 MAY 1863 8y 4m 28d son of J & MA
PUTNAM Margaret 15 SEP 1863 24y 9m 2d wife of J H Putnam
PUTNAM Martha A Grover 14 MAR 1896 84y wife of William Putnam
PUTNAM Stephan L
PUTNAM Tabitha
PUTNAM William 26 FEB 1853 44y 9m husb of Martha A Grover
SECKMAN Cecil 30 AUG 1908 23 APR 1910 Son of Clyde T & Tracy Butler
SECKMAN Clifford 10 OCT 1906 03 APR 1910 Son of Clyde T & Tracy Butler
SECKMAN Clyde T 1875 1962 Husb of Tracy Butler
SECKMAN Darius 27 SEP 1981 21 FEB 1920 Son of Clyde T & Tracy Butler
SECKMAN Evans Earl 13 SEP 1920 21 MAY 1922 Son of Evans E & Bessie Hurst
SECKMAN Infant Son 1823 23 AUG 1923 Son of Otis & Bessie Hurst
SECKMAN Infant Dau 1902 13 OCT 1902 Dau of Clyde T & Tracy Butler
SECKMAN Lee Augustis 08 DEC 1916 08 SEP 1917 Son of Otis & Bessie Hurst
SECKMAN Lloyd 25 NOV 1915 29 FEB 1920 Son of Clyde T & Tracy Butler
SECKMAN Merle 16 JAN 1911 24 FEB 1920 Son of Clyde T & Tracy Butler
SECKMAN Tracy Butler 1878 1963 Wife of Clyde T Seckman -dau of James A Butler & Eliz Perry
SHARON Hester L 04 SEP 1882 23y 2m 23d wife of V V Sharon
SIMMONS Infant Son 03 MAY 1906 Son of A & P
UNDERWOOD Almira Perry 1851 1931 Wife of Richard Underwood -dau of James R Perry & Eliz Hills
UNDERWOOD Richard 1850 1936 Husb of Almira Perry
VANCE Almira Hills 25 NOV 1832 17 SEP 1909 Wife of Bryant B Vance -dau of Rbt Hills & Eliz Angel
VANCE Bryant Breeden 11 MAY 1829 08 APR 1906 Husb of Almira Hills
VANCE Eliza 08 JUL 1856 1y 7m 1d dau of Bryant & Almira Hills
VANCE Infant Son Son of Bryant B & Almira Hills
VANCE Mable V 11 JAN 1881 6m 7d dau of CW & MM
VANCE Mary A Broken stone-wf of Simon Vance
WORTHINGTON Elizabeth Dunbar 17 MAY 1870 46y 2nd wife of B Worthington
WORTHINGTON 20 JAN 1881 23y 11m 29d
WORTHINGTON Bradford 26 MAY 1881 77y husb of Lucinda Hill
WORTHINGTON Henry SEP 1847 9m son of B Worthington
WORTHINGTON Lucinda 27 JAN 1850 3y 5m 1d dau of B & E Worthington
WORTHINGTON Lucinda Hill 27 AUG 1845 30y 9m 22d wife of Bradford
WORTHINGTON Melgar B 16 JUL 1863 1y 11 m son of B & E Worthington
WORTHINGTON Robert MAY 1841 9m son of Bradford & Lucinda
WORTHINGTON Thomas J 10 MAY 1853 6m son of B & E Worthington

ICHABOD PERRY, one of the early settlers of this county, residing in Mount Sterling, was born in Claiborne county, Tennessee, July 18, 1815. His father, Edmond Perry, was a native of North Carolina and served in the war of 1812, receiving a land warrant for 160 acres; but it is not known that this was ever located. His father came from the same State, and removed form there to Claiborne, Tennessee, where he purchased land and carried on farming until 1831, when he came to Illinois. He spent his last years in Brown county. The maiden name of his wife was Rebecca Yarberry, also a native of North Carolina. She died in Brown county also. Their son, Edmond, was a natural mechanic, but never learned a trade, and as he was very fond of hunting, he put in a good deal of time in that way. He resided in Tennessee until 1831, when, with his parents and others and wife and ten children, he emigrated to Illinois, and after four weeks overland travel landed in Morgan county. He rented a log cabin, three quarters of a mile from Jacksonville, and there spent the winter, and in the spring of 1832 came to that part of Schuyler that has been included in Brown county. He settled on a tract of vacant land in what is now Cooperstown township, and at once built a log cabin in the usual manner of the settlers, with rough hewn logs and puncheon floor. He lived in that place for about a year when he found out that he had built his house on the wrong land. He then moved to the adjoining quarter and put up a log cabin there, and later purchased this land, paying therefore $200, mostly in property. It was military land. This included the southwest quarter of section thirty, and he turned his attention to the improvement of the land, and resided in this locality until his death. The maiden name of his wife was Rachel Bridges, daughter of William and Sarah Bridges, who moved from Tennessee to Missouri in 1831, and spent the rest of their days there.

Ichabod was sixteen years old when he came to Illinois with his parents. The country was sparsely settled and but little improvement has been made anywhere. For some years the people lived on the produce of their farms and on the wild game that abounded in the forests. His mother used to card, spin and weave, and dressed her children in homespun made by her own hands. The father, being a skilled hunter, used to kill a great many deer. He dressed the skins, and in the winter the boys used to wear pants made of that material. Ichabod received his early education in the public schools of Tennessee. These were taught on the subscription plan, each family paying according to the number of children sent. He made the best of his opportunities, and in later years has improved his mind by extensive reading. He remained with his parents until he was twenty one and then began life for himself. In 1836 he went to the Territory of Iowa. At the time of his marriage he located on wild land in section 24, of Mount Sterling township, which he occupied for fifty-three years. He bought other tracts of land at various times, and at one time was the owner of 800 acres. He has assisted each of his children to homes, and now lives with his daughter, Mrs. Ward.

In 1838, he married Martha Bell, born in Kentucky, January 1, 1818, daughter of Robert and Jennie Bell. She died January 7, 1892. He has four children living: Oliver H., married to Martha McMillian; Lewis C., married first to Columbia Sharon, and for his present wife, Julia Dennis; Ethan Allen, married Delia Sharon; and Mary, married to William Ward. Mr. Perry is an ardent supporter of Republican principles. In 1846, etc., when he was a Democrat, he was Justice of the Peace two terms.

JAMES PERRY, a prominent citizen of Versailles, is a native of the Blue Grass country, being born there in 1817. His father was Edmond Perry, a farmer of South Carolina, and his father was Nathan Perry, a farmer of the same State, who came to Illinois in the fall of 1830. Edmond Perry had made the journey the year before, in the company of his two brothers and a brother-in-law. They spent the winter of 1829-1830 in Illinois and were here during the big snow storm, which is a historical one. In June of 1830, he returned to his family and brought them and his parents to the new country. The trip was made in the regulation style, covered wagons and ox teams, and, although they were a month on the journey, they enjoyed it to a remarkable degree. There was a fascination in the free life they led, camping by the roadside when they made their stops. One night the party had the luxury of sleeping in a vacant house in Springfield. The party consisted of seven families of the Perry's, including two brothers-in-law. They came with a limited means, but before long by industry they all were in comfortable circumstances. The old grandmother Perry had been a Miss Rebecca Yarbrey, and she was the other of eight children, all of whom eventually came to Illinois. She and her husband lived to be aged people, he dying at the age of eighty-two years and she some three years before him. Their children were: Edmond Perry, father of subject, eighty-two; Luke Perry, eighty; Melvina, seventy; William died in the prime of life; Edward, about seventy; Sarah, over seventy; Irving, about sixty; Benjamin, baptized in the Baptist Church, is about sixty; John, baptized in the same faith when seventy-five years of age; Edmond Perry, married Rachel Bridges of North Carolina, and they had eleven children, all of whom grew up and had families, namely: Martha, died when she was about fifty, leaving nine children; Phoebe, died when a young woman, leaving four children; Rebecca, wife of Samuel Briggs, of Versailles; Ichabod, a retired farmer in Mt. Sterling is a widower; James, of this sketch; Nathan, a farmer of this township; Sarah died in this township, leaving six children, being about fifty at her death; Melvina died in the prime of life, leaving one child; Louisa married and in middle life; Francis, farmer of Mt. Sterling, has six sons; and Luke, a farmer of Stone county, Missouri, who has six children. The mother died about seventy-six years of age and the father four years later, when he was eighty-two years of age. They left a good estate and are remembered as being among the best of the pioneer families of the State.

Mr. Perry was married, in his twenty-third year to Eliza Hills of Indiana, daughter of Robert and Betsy (Angel) Hills, who came to Schuyler county before the big snow storm. They died on their farm at an advanced age, he when he was seventy-five, and she when she was a year younger.

Mr. and Mrs. Perry settled on their present home of eighty acres in the fall of 1841, October 15. He now pays taxes on about 560 acres of land, although he started with very little money. All of their eleven children are living, the eldest fifty-three, and the youngest twenty-six. There is not a death in the family and all of the children are married and settled in life. These children are: Charles, now a banker in Knoxville, Iowa, with two sons; William Perry (see sketch): Olive, wife of J. B. Masters, a retired farmer of Denver, with three children; Francis, a farmer of this township, with four children; Robin, a farmer of Mt. Sterling township, with one daughter; Almira, wife of Richard Underwood, a farmer living near by, has four sons; Elizabeth, wife of James Butler, a farmer of this township, six children; Edmond, a farmer of this township with two children; Eliza, wife of E. W. Lanier, a farmer living near by, four children; and James K., a farmer on the old homestead, two children.

Mr. Perry supports the principles of the Democratic party and he and his wife are members of the Baptist Church. Mr. Perry is now an old man, being about seventy-five years younger. He is practically retired, but takes a strong interest in all that is taking place, and is as much interested in the welfare of his children and grandchildren as if he were yet a young man. These children are persons to be proud of, as none of them ever contract any debts that they are not perfectly able to pay, all have been well educated, and are worthy sons and daughters of their respected and honored parents. The old people's hearts are gladdened by the merry prattle of the thirty-three grandchildren who have been added to this large and prosperous family.

WILLIAM PERRY . - The gentleman whose sketch it is our pleasure to present to our readers, was born in Cooperstown township, at the present home of his father, March, 1844. His father, James Perry, was born on Powel's river, in Tennessee, in 1808, coming to Illinois in 1830.

William Perry was reared to farm life, and was well educated in the common schools, teaching several terms after finishing his education. His marriage occurred, in 1866, when he was only twenty-two to Miss Mary E. Grover, daughter of W. P. Grover, and his wife, a Miss Patterson, both natives of Ohio, but residents of Brown county.

Mr. and Mrs. Perry first rented the old home farm, and in 1876 bought eight acres for $3,200, which he sold two years later, buying his present farm of eighty acres on section 32, paying the same price for it.

By this marriage Mr. Perry had six children, one of whom died when an infant. Mrs. Perry died in 1878, leaving three sons and one daughter, namely: Oscar, twenty-four; Elmer, twenty-two; Scott, eighteen, and Hattie, fourteen. He was again married in 1882, to Miss Anna Whitehead, of this county, daughter of Dr. John and Mary (Gilford) Whitehead. Mr. and Mrs. Perry have one living child, Orpha, aged six.

Mr. Perry was Town Collector, at twenty-two years, and served as Assessor for two years, from the time he was twenty-three until he was twenty-five. He next served as Township Treasurer for twelve years. Until 1876 he was a Democrat, but since that time he has been an advocate of reforms, being now a member of the Farmers' Alliance, or People's Party.

Mr. Perry carries on general farming on his beautiful farm, where he resides, surrounded by his children and his loving wife; and if ever a man had cause to be proud of his past life, it is the subject of this sketch, William Perry.

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