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Versailes Cemetery, Versailes TWP., Brown County, Illinois is located on the West side of town.  We just followed a sign that said Cemetery & park out west of the town of Versailes. On the left hand side of the road you see a sign pointing the cemetery.  It is on a gravel road that leads right up to the cemetery which sits on a hill you can see from the road.

if you have any questions or would like to add any information or a photo of a tombstone feel free to email me. Thanks!


For online Records Contact:

Brown County Clerk

Courthouse Building
200 Court St., Rm 4
Mt. Sterling, IL 62353
(217) 773-3421

Always a works in progress


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Foxie Hagerty


Mother & Father
Julia A.
Died Oct 12, 1899
& John Bond M D
Dec. 28, 1881

B. F. Walker

Born Cot. 02, 1844

Died Feb. 09, 1914

Reid Family Plot
Edward A. 1876-1888


William H. 1853- 1924

Mary J. His Wife


Mary E.
Feb 20, 1845
Mar 27, 1912
Dec 07, 1839
Dec 16, 1906


Leah F

Nov 17, 1847 N

Nov 30, 1900 

AGE 53yrs 13ds


Feb 23, 1845

Mar 22, 1932

Age 87yrs 29ds


wife of

S. F. Ingram

Died Jan 05, 1895

Aged 43yrs 11m

2005=? when stone was placed?


Sarah A 1856-1937

James M 1849-1938


S. L. Sept 15, 1859

May 06, 1946

Vioalette Feb 27, 1861

Dec 13, 1901


Ben Sept 26, 1861

Mar 26, 1913

Verla Jane Aug 01, 1812

April 29, 1910


Sallie E. June 01, 1863

Nov 23, 1893

Ira Jan 25, 1852

Nov 25, 1906

J. Brown Plot

Several views of this plot

Should of been the front of plot but the

stone is facing the other way.

John Brown Plot

another view of Plot above

John Brown
Co G 27 Reg Ill Vol Inf
Mar 05, 1836--- Feb 01, 1913
Martha, His Wife
July 04, 1838---Feb 14, 1928
big stone in background.
L. J. Hanks

Feb 02, 1891

Aged 36yrs 8m 29das

in John Brown's Plot

Little Fritz

son of L J & L E Hanks

died Mar 21, 1891

aged 10m  & 7ds

On L. J. Hanks Stone

in John Brown's Plot.


Albert L 1848--1916

Mollie A., his wife


in front of them

Georgia Metz


In Memory of
Leonora Rowland
Born Sept 11, 1831
died Nov 18, 1884
Thomas Rowland
born Jan ??, 1827
died May 27, ???
can't read my photo

Member of

Modern Woodsmen Emblem

C. W. Sept 12, 1849
Oct 17, 1907
Anna L., his wife
Born Nov 08, 1852
Jan 09, 1928
He Giveth his beloved Sleep

Nora Myers, his wife
Jan 15, 1860
Dec 11, 1931
William H. Myers
Mar 10, 1855
Feb 14, 1904
At Rest
Margaret Hoffman
Aug 10, 1824
Jan 17, 1898
Carrington Hoffman
Feb 14, 1826
Dec 03, 1905
Clarence L 1879-1952
Belle H 1877-1953
Eliza Vandeventer
wife of John P Hartman
Sept 28, 1844
June 28, 1917
John P. Hartman
Dec 22, 1838
Mar 23, 1829
Mother Ester
Mar 07, 1845
May 29, 1905
Father L. T.
June 14, 1847
Jan 29, 1923
Alma May 12, 1890
Apr 24, 1977
Otha L. Sept 12, 1882
Feb 15, 1976
Beloved Parents & Grandparents
Olma Logsdon Kennedy
May 03, 1913
Aug 05, 1986
Loving mother & grandmother
Lawrence Davis


A. Mildred Davis Knight


Hurst Plot
in back
Lawrence E. 1939-1940
in front
Elizabeth 1869-1937
Albert A. 1868-1951

can't read one on far left in back.

Ravencroft family Plot next few
stones will be from this plot.
biggest one in the cemetery. &
love the old stuff still standing
around it although you can see
where they have put up newer ones.
Ravencroft family Plot
Amanda F. Wife of W. H.
Oct 10, 1847---Jan 08, 1896
to live in the hearts we leave
behind is not to the ---stone on left
Ashford D. Ravenscroft

Ravencroft family Plot
William H. 1842-1924
Belle Bryant

Modern Woodsman Emblem
Ravencroft family Plot
Ella M. wife of
Ashford D. Ravenscrot

Ravencroft family Plot
Mary M. Yates
Ravencroft Family Plot

Mary Casteen
wife of Ashford D. Ravencroft
born in Woodford Co., KY
Nov 17, 1824
died at Versailles
Mar 26, 1907

this is just one side of big

white stone in middle of plot

Lucinda J. Ravencroft Graves
Virginia C. Ravenscroft
Dec 28, 1849
Feb 02, 1894
aged 44yrs 1mo 4dysI'm here
Lucinda J. Ravencroft Graves
Virginia C. Ravenscroft
Dec 28, 1849
Feb 02, 1894
aged 44yrs 1mo 4dysI'm here

front view.

In the Midst of Life we are in death
Ashford D. Ravenscroft
A Merchant of Versailles
for 35 years
Born in Hampshire Co., VA
June 22, 1808
Died April 19, 1872
Aged 63 yrs 9ms 27dys
Martha C.
Dau of A D & M F Ravenscxroft
June 14, 1852
May 15, 1856
Martha also has her own tombstone below
Aged 3yrs 11mo 1da

William H. Ravenscroft
Dec 17, 1842
Dec 28, 1924
This is a corner in the Ravenscroft Family Plot
Martha C.
Daughter of
Asford D & Mary F.
Died May 15, 1856
Aged 3yrs 11 mo 1ds
also her name is on her
parents main tomstone

This is in the Ravenscroft Plot

 but can't readwhat it says .

Also in Ravenscroft Plot

 and hard to read

Think the first name is Katie


the Righteous hath Hope in his Death.

I believe these the ones just
above this one that are hard
to read are all head stones for
the main white stone above.

Henson A. Ravenscroft


Son of
L & E Peter
Member of Co C or G
Ill Cav
Died at Rollla, ???
Jan 26, 1862
Aged 20yrs 4ms 11ds
This poor fellow died
for his country in the Civil
War & take a gander at
his tombstone it is broken
and we found it lying against
tree. I didn't know at the time
he was a veteran or I would of
left him a flag I always carry with me.
so sad sad sad........

Parents tombstone below.

Wife of
Isham Peters
Born April 11, 1817
Died May 02, 1902

front view of tombstone

above this one.

Isham Peters

side of the tombstone

w/head stones on sides.

Isham Peters
Born Dec 05, 1800
died Jan 28, 1865
Close up

W. N. Aug o8, 1838-Apr 16, 1915

Mary F., His Wife

Mar 29, 1840-Jan 17, 1917

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