Adams Cemetery, Atlas Twp, of Adams County, IL

Abandoned Cemetery..... is lost and needed to be found....

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Located on the bluff at the northwest corner of the Atlas Crossroads at Atlas. 
There is a road into the woods, a short distance west on Hwy. 96 from the corner.


Adams, Agee, Borrowman, Capps, Dober, Dodge, Dustin, Greene, Haynes, 
Helkey, Henderson, Henry, Long, McCleery, McKinney, Marion, Murphy, 
Petty, Preston, Robertson, Robinson, Roosa, Ross, Rupert, Seely,
 Shaw, Stebbins, William, Unidentified infant 
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I am looking for the Old Adams Cemetery in Atlas, Illinois.  My Children's' great-grandmother was a descendent of Jeremiah Adams.  I would like to visit this site in October.  Any information would be appreciated.  Thank you.
Bernice Jaynes
As far as I know, the Adams cemetery is in Pike County.  It's on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi River.  This is a quote from an old Newspaper," Atlas, near the southern edge of Pike County is 42 miles south of Quincy, Illinois by concrete and gravel road.  It is approximately 3 miles south of Rockport, it's post office."  I don't have the date of this newspaper.  It was here that Nancy Ross, the first white child in Pike County, was born". 
Thanks for answering my E-mail. 


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