Fairchild Cemetery of Vermilion County, IL

Abandoned Cemetery..... is lost and needed to be found....

created Monday, November 21, 2005 10:52pm

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Cemetery:       Fairchild Cemetery Savanna
Other:          Brick Church Cemetery
Sign:           Yes
Street:         County Rd 1270
City:           Danville, Illinois
Township:       Blount
County:         Vermilion
State:          Illinois
Nation:         USA
Zip:            61834
lat ns:         N
lat h:
lat mmss:       2300
long ew:        E
long h:
long mmss:      1220
Status:         Abandoned
Size:           Small
Directions: From Danville, Ill. take US150 west to Henning Road (Co. Rd. 1300E) turn North and proceed 6 miles to County Rd 2300 (marked as Indian Springs Rd) turn west, Proceed to first rd. County Rd. 1270 E. turn right--Proceed 1 & 2/10ths miles-cemetery is on right-Labeled "Fairchild Cemetery Savanna'

Type:           Road-public
Location:       Rural
Terrain:        Level
Water source:    Yes
Features:       4 1/2-5 ft. Prairie Grass, thick brush, berry     briars, trees
Property:       Public
Access:         Open
Enclosure:      Fence-Broken
Gate:           None
Established:    11-4-1844
Gravestones:    50 or more
Oldest:         1834   Difficult to find due to thickness of the prairie grass that has been planted there and many broken ones on ground.

Newest:       not sure
Removed:      Unknown
Relocated:      No
Repairs:        No
Methods:      Adhesives
Restoration:    No
Association:    Unsure
Records:       Unsure
Inventory:      Unsure
Landscaping:    No
Paths:          No
Trees:          Yes4
Crypts:         No
Fencing:        No
Brickwork:      No
Ironwork:       No
Sculpture:      No
Fountains:      No
Roads:          No
Buildings:      No
Cement:         Unsure
Granite:        Yes
Marble:         Yes
Native:         Yes
Slate:          Yes
Others:         Unsure
Wood:           No
Materials:      Unsure
Architectural:    Yes
Angels:         Yes
Draperies:       Yes
Fraternal:      Unsure
Hands:          Unsure
Lambs:          Unsure
Monograms:      Unsure
Plants:         Unsure
Photos:         Unsure
Religious:      Unsure
Scrollwork:     Unsure
Urns:           No
Carvings:       Yes
Condition:      Cemetery neglected
Unmarked:       Yes
Broken:         Yes
Toppled:        Yes
Disintegrating:   Yes
Buried:          Yes
Weather:        Yes
Pollution:        No
Vandalized:     Yes
Report:         Yes
VA1:            Gravestones-Overturned
VA2:            Gravestones-Broken
Overgrowth:     None
Overgrowth1:    Problem-Access
Overgrowth2:    Graves-Disturbing
Overgrowth3:    Gravestones-Disturbing
Overgrowth4:    Gravestones-Damaging
GroundCover:    Yes
Vines:          Yes
Drainage:       Good
Problem2:       Apathy
Owner:          Cemetery
Use:            Agricultural
Bordering:      Woods
Change:         Same
Reason:         Roads
Visited:        Rarely
Archeology:     Unknown
Habitat:        Yes
Contacted:      Kennekuk Park
Name:           Eleanore (Dodson) Warner
Email:          warnerbgmo@webtv.net
Date:           10/05/05 submitted


Albert, Dodson, Fairchild

Other Information:

We just found out a month ago that our great, great, great
grandfather and
his family are buried here.  When we went to see it a
couple weeks ago we
found it had been sown in prairie grass and almost
impossible to find any
of the stones-many broken and lying on ground partially
covered with
debris. From what I remember Daniel Fairchild and his wife (
whom the
cemetery is named) is buried in the center of the cemetery
but their were
trees uprooting his wifes stone, causing it to overturn--as
well as berry
briars surrounding both stones.