Greenbrier Cemetery of Perry County, IL

Abandoned Cemetery..... is lost and needed to be found....

created July 15, 2005 10:52pm

06/10/2006 08:10:58 AM


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Greenbrier Cemetery

 Cemetery:       Greenbrier Cemetery
 Sign:           No
 Street:         Prairie Dog Road
 City:           Pinckneyville Illinois
 Township:       T 6 S, R 3 W
 County:         Perry
 State:          Illinois
 Nation:         United States
 lat_ns:         N
 lat_h:          8
 long_ew:        W
 long_h:         89
 long_mmss:      4167
 Status:         Abandoned
 Size:           Small
 Directions:     5 miles HWY 13 and Mathews Road, follow Wolf Road
 Type:           Road-public
 Location:       Rural
 Terrain:        Level
 Water source:    No
 Features:       grove of trees
Property:       Private
 Access:         Open
 Enclosure:      Natural
 Gate:           None
 Gravestones:    50
 Removed:        Yes
 Relocated:      No
 Repairs:        Yes
 Methods:        Adhesives
 Restoration:    Yes
 Association:    No
 Records:        Yes
 Inventory:      Unsure
 Landscaping:    Yes
 Paths:          No
 Trees:          Yes4
 Crypts:         No
 Fencing:        No
 Brickwork:      No
 Ironwork:       No
 Sculpture:      No
 Fountains:      No
 Roads:          No
 Buildings:      No
 Cement:         Yes
 Granite:        Yes
 Marble:         No
 Native:         Yes
 Slate:          Yes
 Others:         Yes
 Wood:           Unsure
 Materials:      Unsure
 Architectural:  Unsure
 Angels:         Unsure
 Draperies:      Unsure
 Fraternal:      Unsure
 Hands:          Unsure
Lambs:          Unsure
 Monograms:      Unsure
 Plants:         Unsure
 Photos:         Unsure
 Religious:      Unsure
 Scrollwork:     Unsure
 Urns:           Unsure
Carvings:       Unsure
 Condition:      Cemetery neglected
 Unmarked:       Yes
 Broken:         Yes
 Toppled:        Yes
 Disintegrating: Yes
 Buried:         Yes
 Weather:        Yes
 Pollution:      Yes
 Vandalized:     Yes
 Report:         Yes
 Overgrowth2:    Graves-Disturbing
 Overgrowth3:    Gravestones-Disturbing
 Groundcover:    Yes
 Vines:          Yes
 Drainage:       Problem-Constant
 Problem2:       Apathy
 Owner:          Private
 Use:            Agricultural
 Bordering:      Agricultural
 Change:         Same
 Reason:         Roads
 Visited:        Rarely
 Archeology:     No
 Habitat:        Yes
 Name:           Randy Crain
 Date:           02 Jul 05


 Becker, Bourland, Brown, CRAIN, Goodacker, Hamilton,
McKinney, Pugh,  Pyatt, Salley, Stebbins, Thompson, Willis, and more

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