Harshbarger Cemetery of Knox County, IL

         My daughter, Kate, and I just visited this cemetery around the first of May, 2005.   We were there around the first of May of this year.  Had to get permission from the land owner and then he gave me my first ride on a four wheeler back into the cemetery.  Also, found there is a tombstone in their yard by a tree.  Took a photo of that also.  Want to go back and have permission to do so and will try and get better photos.  Right now the cemetery is overgrown with weeds, tree saplings, and such.  My daughter couldn't go back with us as the four wheeler only holds two and didn't want her sitting in the car by herself.  She wouldn't go into the house with the other folks.

I want to thank the kind people who own the land around this cemetery for taking me there and letting me photograph the tombstone in their yard by the tree. 

This is also a cemetery on my list to restore. 


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Always a work in progress....

Enjoy........ Pleasant Happy delightful days to you and yours....

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View of Cemetery


Mary daughter of

This is the tombstone in the yard by a tree not in the cemetery.


Mary daughter of

this is the tombstone in the yard by a tree.

photo 2


Mary daughter of

tombstone in yard by tree. third photo


Cloe daughter of.


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