Hinkle Cemetery of Peoria County, IL

Abandoned Cemetery..... is lost and needed to be found....

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Hinkle Cemetery

Cemetery:       Hinkle Cemetery
Sign:           No
Street:         R.R.
City:           Glasford, Illinois
Township:       Timber Township
County:         Peoria
State:       Illinois
Nation:         USA
Zip:            61520
lat_ns:         N
long_ew:        W
Status:         Abandoned
Size:           Small
Type:           Road-public
Location:       Rural
Terrain:        Level
Watersource:    No
Features:       Pasture
Property:       Private
Access:         Inaccessible
Enclosure:      None
Gate:           None
Established:    unknown
Gravestones:    no gravestones
Removed:        Unknown
Relocated:      Unsure
Repairs:        No
Methods:        Adhesives
Restoration:    No
Association:    Unsure
Records:        Unsure
Inventory:      Unsure
Landscaping:    Unsure
Paths:          No
Trees:          Yes4
Crypts:         No
Fencing:        No
Brickwork:      No
Ironwork:       No
Sculpture:      No
Fountains:      No
Roads:          No
Buildings:      No
Cement:         No
ranite:        No
Marble:         No
Native:         No
Slate:          No
Others:         No
Wood:           No
Materials:      No
Architectural:  No
Angels:         No
Draperies:      No
Fraternal:      No
Hands:          No
Lambs:          No
Monograms:      No
 Plants:         No
 Photos:         No
 Religious:      No
 Scrollwork:     No
 Urns:           No
 Carvings:       No
 Condition:      Cemetery destroyed
 Unmarked:       No
 Broken:         No
 Toppled:        No
 Disintegrating: No
 Buried:         No
 Weather:        Unknown
 Pollution:      Unknown
 Vandalized:     No
 Report:         Yes
 Ground Cover:    Yes
 Drainage:       Good
 Owner:          Family
 Use:            Residential
 Bordering:      Residential
 Change:         Unknown
 Reason:         Roads
 Visited:        Unknown
 Archeology:     Unknown
 Habitat:        Unknown
 Contacted:      None
 Name:           Judy Wickert
 Email:          jcw12@_sbcglobal.net
 Date:           6/30/2005

In the surnames below I've been told none of these people are buried here I have no idea as I have never been to this cemetery and this information was emailed to me from the person above.

William S. Kidd, Frances (Green,Kidd, George H. Sonnemaker, Eldora  Sonnemaker, Henry Sonnemaker, Wilhelmina Sonnenaker, George
Sonnemaker,  Mary Sonnenaker, Albert Sonnemaker, Anna E. Sonnemaker,
William T.  Sonnemaker, & Johnny Sonnemaker.  (Partial Listing)

Hinkle, Mary M. dau of N. & M. d. May 19, 1855 (stone was broken)

Hinkle, Elizabeth J. wife of O. J. or D. J. d. ??? 25, 1845 or 1847 Age 25 yr
On this same stone is Sarah E., John A. and Daniel J.: children of D. J. & E. J. Hinkle no dates
On another side of this same stone: Mary A. infant dau of D. J. & B. Hinkle no dates

No stone has ever been found for William Hinkle d. May 20, 1927 Co. I 86 Ill. Inf. & Co. B 7 Ill. Inf.


This cemetery is in a grove of trees in the n. w. part of section 21 of  Timber township, Peoria County, Illinois.  Located about one mile west of  Glasford, Illinois.  No stones found in the cemetery in
2004.  Cows are allowed in the cemetery because there are no fences.  This cemetery was  copied by Virginia L. & Betty P. Schultz on May 20, 1972. Cemetery book  located at Parlin Ingersol Library Genealogy Department.  Courtesy Fulton  County Historical and Genealogical Society.


Directions courtesy of Steve Slaughter: From the City of Peoria, take US Route 24 thru Bartonville, past the cut-off to Pekin (Tazewell County), thru Mapleton & Kingston Mines. Approx 1.0 to 1.3 miles from Kingston Mines, turn right onto Glasford Road (County Route 33). Drive 1.6 miles into the town of Glasford. Drive out Main St. out of town (left). Road turns to gravel. From the time you leave the paved road & turn onto the gravel road, go about 1/4 mile. Look to your right. Cemetery rests IN THE TREES AT THE TOP OF THE HILL.
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