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Endangered Illinois Cemeteries

"Illinois Saving Graves is dedicated to providing leadership, education and advocacy in preserving and restoring endangered and forgotten cemeteries statewide"

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Help to save Bald Bluff Cemetery, Pike County, IL

Help to save St. Joseph's Cemetery, O'Hare Airport Expansion Project.

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Success in Stephenson County, IL Click here to read about it.

People we need to get out and see what is happening in our rural areas and with the cemeteries. There is not nearly enough here on this page. I challenge each and everyone of you whether in the State of Illinois or another State to get out there and see what is happening and then come to the IL or other Saving Graves web pages and report what is happening. Just think,.......... someday this could be our last resting place. Be sure to take your camera and get photos.  A photo speaks louder than words.

Thanks for your help!!!

Endangered Illinois Cemeteries
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 Illinois Saving Graves web site is still in operation & work on it constantly it seems. The guys at the other place on Saving Graves I have contacted but get no response so I have no idea what is happening on their end of the stick so to speak. The above submit reports will have to be in email form from now on. In the email say county where cemetery is located, twp, condition, photos if have them, has a sign or not, what the area is like around the cemetery, still in operation, first date buried, last date of burials, how to access cemetery, surrounding area, burials removed, longitude & Latitude, directions to cemetery, is still active or not, anything else that might be of interest.

Thanks for your help in this matter.