Parker Cemetery,  of Peoria County, IL

Abandoned Cemetery..... is lost and needed to be found....

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Cemetery conditions, courtesy of Steve Slaughter:

Thank YOU---STEVE!!!!THANK YOU!!!!!

This endangered cemetery is not marked on the plat books. To drive to it, drive Illinois Route 116 from Trivoli to Cramer Road & turn left on Cramer Rd. Drive 1.75 miles crossing Nelson Rd. Cemetery is on the right (still on Cramer Rd). Should you reach Wasson Road, you will have passed it. Look for a fair sized cedar tree with numerous grave stones placed against it. 3 military stones still rooted in front of the tree. Originally, all the stones were on graves but after a Boy Scout "clean-up" that, from all accounts was largely unsupervised, they uprooted the stones & placed them in a pile. The cemetery is still bounded by a fence on 3 sides & Cramer Road to the front.

Broken stones, moved stones, lying flat, trees growing around them, this cemetery is in dire need of some tender loving care.

Blakesley, Emogene Castle
Brebner, Elizabeth
Brebner, William M.
Brooks, Charles
Brownfield, Mary
Bruen, Henry
House, Lewis
Jacobs, Henry
Jacobs, William
Litter, Elizabeth
Mathewson, Ezra
Mathewson, Willie

Parker, John
Parker, S. A.
Parker, Samuel
Parker, William P.
Proctor, Charles W.
Proctor, Jesse M.

For Photographs on this cemetery go to Karen's Parker Cemetery, Peoria Co., IL site. I don't have any. and beings she already has some. But if you have any be sure & send me some for the little box below. Thanks!!!!


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