Mossville ~ Robinson Cemetery, of Peoria County, IL

Abandoned Cemetery..... is lost and needed to be found....

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Cemetery conditions, courtesy of Steve Slaughter:

This inventory of headstones was done by Steve Slaughter, March 13, 2002, and all photographs provided by him except as noted.

Thank YOU---STEVE!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!

Technically, this cemetery is known as ROBINSON- MOSSVILLE or MOSSVILLE-ROBINSON. This hard to get-to cemetery is classed as DESPOILED beyond repair. There is no way to drive to it. It rests atop a hill off Illinois Route 29. Just before the village of Mossville is the Mossville Road. Crossing a creek a Methodist Church is on the right. The only way I've found to get to the cemetery is to park in the church parking lot, cross the street & climb the hill through trees, brush, etc. Be sure you are "in shape" as the climb is strenous. Cemetery rests atop the hill. Several stones remain though it's obvious that it is a beer drinking party place. One grave has been tampered with. No evidence could be found to verify if the violators reached the coffin. PEORIA COUNTY POLICE INVESTIGATED.

Daughter, S. Abigail, 1857-1892
Son, Moses H., 1850-1877
Daughter, Louisa J., 1873-1924
Mother, Sarah, 1823-1899
Father, Enos T., 1822-1896

FOSTER, Gerald G., 1922-1922

HOLMES, George W., b. Feb. 22,1861, d. Aug. 27, 1913

Granville, b. Dec. 16,1826, d. No Dates
Margaret A., His Wife, b. Sept. 27, 1826, d. Dec. 9, 1900, At Rest

Samuel C., 1818-1911
Asenath L., His Wife, 1831-1912

Mary Jane, b. July 6, 1846, d. April 21, 1915
Jas B., Company G 154 IL Inf.
(Note: 1 base with no stone and 7 concrete headstones with hand carved initials, thought to be children's graves. Next to Jas and Mary Rhoades graves therefore listed here)
Last one buried and can't read

Joseph V.H., b. Feb. 16, 1844, d. Sept. 6, 1910/
His wife, Georgiana CLIFTON, b. Dec. 3, 1844, d. No dates
William Ranklin, b. Aug. 31, 1867, d. April 19, 1904 (Grave next to William Rankilin just a base)
Catherine, b. Nov. 28, 1810, d. March 18, 1850
William, b. May 27, 1805, d. April 14, 1887
Maude, daug. of M.N. & E.J. Robinson, d. March 10, 1877, Age: 4y 5m 12d

STOCKERT, John, b. Sept. 16, 1823, d. March 27, 1894

Base intact- headstone missing. Parental stones Father and Mother next to it, no dates
Laurel E., dau. of E. & C.A. Thorne, b. Sept. 24, 1889, d. May 9, 1893,- Safe in the Arms of Jesus-
Leroy F., son of E. & C.A. Thorne, 1884- 1908
Edward, son of E. & C.A. Thorne, 1887-1918
Edward, 1856-1927
William, A native of North (can't make out), Iceland, d. Jan. 15, 1883, Age: 33y 3m 2d

Broken stone- Name looks to be HARINE, no dates

Mossville Cemetery, Peoria Co., IL @ IL SAVing Graves by STeve Slaughter.

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