Pioneer Cemetery of Kane County, IL

Abandoned Cemetery..... is lost and needed to be found....

April 25, 2006, 6:35am

Wednesday, April 26, 2006 08:20:57 AM

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Cemetery:       Pioneer Cemetery

Other:          Fermilab Cemetery
Sign:           Yes
Street:         On Fermilab property
City:           Batavia, Illinois
County:         Kane County
State:          Illinois
Nation:         U. S. A.
lat_ns:         N
long_ew:        W
long h:
long mmss:
Status:         Inactive
Size:           Small
Directions:     Unpaved road west of Meson lab on Fermilab
property, which is a high-energy physics laboratory
Type:           Road-private
Location:       Urban
Terrain:        Level
Water source:    No
Features:       Sets on 2,500 acres, appears to be surrounded by a wooden fence and pine trees .

Property:       Private
Access:         Permission-required
Enclosure:      Fence
Gate:           Locks
Established:    Mid-1800's
Gravestones:    Approximately 40
Newest:         Robert Wilson Died-2000.  (Founder of Fermilab)
Removed:        Yes
Relocated:      Unsure
Repairs:        Unsure
Methods:        Adhesives
Restoration:    Unsure
Association:    Unsure
Records:        Unsure
Inventory:      Unsure
Availability:   Fermilab Historian, Adrienne Kolb, a
Fermilab Newsletter from June and a news article from The Beacon News, dated March 10, 2006.
Landscaping:    Unsure
Paths:          Unsure
Trees:          Yes4
Crypts:         Unsure
Fencing:        Unsure
Brickwork:      Unsure
Ironwork:       Unsure
Sculpture:      Unsure
Fountains:      Unsure
Roads:          Unsure
Buildings:      Unsure
Cement:         Yes
Granite:        Unsure
Marble:         Unsure
Native:         Unsure
Slate:          Unsure
Others:         Unsure
Wood:           Unsure
Materials:      Yes
Architectural:  Unsure
Angels:         Unsure
Draperies:      Unsure
Fraternal:      Unsure
Hands:          Unsure
Lambs:          Unsure
Monograms:      Unsure
Plants:         Unsure
Photos:         Unsure
Religious:      Unsure
Scrollwork:     Unsure
Urns:           Unsure
Carvings:       Unsure
Condition:      Cemetery destroyed
Unmarked:       Yes
Broken:         Yes
Toppled:        Yes
Disintegrating: Yes
Buried:         Yes
Weather:        Unknown
Pollution:      Unknown
 Vandalized:     No
Report:         No
VA1:            Gravestones-Overturned
VA2:            Gravestones-Broken
 VA3:            Gravestones-Stolen
Overgrowth:     None
Drainage:       Good
Problem2:       Apathy
Owner:          Cemetery
Use:            Industrial
Bordering:      Recreational
Change:         Same
Reason:         Commercial
Visited:        Unknown
Archeology:     Unknown
Habitat:        Unknown
Contacted:      Noone
Name:           Judy Wickert
Date:           3/24/2006


 Alfred Benedict, s/o Isaac & Mary Benedict, died January
19, 1854, George C. Hubbard died January 17, 1851, aged 25 years, Thompson Mead, Lieutenant  in the War of 1812, and Robert Wilson, died 2000. Most of the graves are  Mead and Thompson (adults and children).

 Other Information:

 Bob Lootens is the property maintenance supervisor at
Fermilab, who grew up near the acreage and now takes care of it for the lab.The headstones with 2 exceptions --- are in bad shape.  Some are broken, others have sunk into the earth, most have faded so badly that it takes careful inspection to read them.


I have no full addresses, only the name of a staff writer
of The Beacon News of Aurora, Illinois who wrote this article that I am contributing. (Matt Hanley)

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