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Fulton County, IL, Cemetery listings

Hi my name is Foxie Hagerty & I would like to welcome you to this Fulton County, IL  Site! I very much am in need of your contributions of cemetery listings, tombstone photos and also on cemeteries which are soon to be lost and not to be found again. 

So, let's hear from you out there.

This county site is up for adoption. Email me if you would like to adopt, transcribe cemetery listings, have tombstone photos to submit, anything feel free to click on my doggie to email me.  Thanks for your kindness.

if you have any questions or would like to add any information or a photo of a tombstone feel free to email me.....


****Need help here in this county if you would like to submit tombstone photos or listings feel free to email me your contributions to this site. .jpg works best for all browsers.

Send your digital or scanned Fulton Co gravestone pictures to the county coordinator. Please limit the size of each picture to about 200kbs.
Please send the cemetery in which it from, township. type info on the stone in the email you attach your photo to. Thanks so much for all of your help!!!. click on doggie above to email!

Thanks for your help.

For online Records Contact:

Fulton County Illinois Vital Records
Fulton County Clerk

100 N Main Street
Lewistown, IL 61542
Phone: (309) 547-3041

Lewistown County Seat-Web-Site

contact the Fulton Co Genealogical Society for their publications. Some of their cemetery listings have much more info than just deaths & birth dates. Takes too much time to put all of it here. Please contact them.

Fulton Co Historical & Genealogical Society
P. O. Box 583
Canton, IL 61520-0583

send a self addressed stamped envelope for their publication list. their resources would make could documentation of your family history.

Always a works in progress

created July 11, 2006

More cemetery listings on the way!

IL GenealogyTrails Fulton

IL GenWeb Fulton

Established January 28, 1823 County Seat: Lewistown
Name Origin: Robert Fulton, the first successful builder of steamboats on American waters.


Biographical Section

email me your typed bios to be posted on new link in mak'g.

Thank You Kindly!

Obituary Section

email me your obits to be posted on new link in mak'g.

Thank You Kindly!


Under the column when you click on the name it take you to a page with twp map on it which if printed & you visit our handsome Fulton Co., IL. you should be able to find the cemetery you are looking for. If not stop & ask as people are very generous & like to help. There will be other valuable info on these pages along with the maps so be sure to scroll down a bit on the page.

Thanks for stopping by. Happy Gene Hunting!!I thank you & your ancestors who came before thank you too.

Some new tombstone photos were put online for Wiley Cemetery, Deerfield Twp, Fulton co., IL over the week end. if you click on what should be the thumbnail of the photo it open in own window with the original photograph I took while visiting this cemetery. Made on my laptop and tried converting to here. Now to find out why it won't work. Sorry for the inconvenience of it all but all names are listed.

TOWNSHIP Cemetery Name Location
Union Avon Section 30
Buchen's Pasture Section 10
NE 35  
Section 13  
Babbitt CemeteryIllinois Saving Graves Fulton co., Cemeteries, Genealogy, photo giff

 Section 4 NW ¼

St. Augustine  CemeteryIllinois Saving Graves Fulton co., Cemeteries, Genealogy, photo giff

Section 5
Virgil Section 33
Banner King's Hill Section 1
Wright Section 2
Kellsa Section 3
Banner Section 11
Walnut Section 15
Bybee Section 16
Courtney Section 21
Westerfield Section 31
Bernadotte Engle Section 1
Buckheart Nelson Section 2
Canton Norris Section 2
Cass Henderson Section 2 & 3
Vermont Dobbins Section 1
Bailey Section 8
Kerr Section 8
Lindsey Section 9
Quaker Section 14
Easley Section 27

Vermont Cemetery Illinois Saving Graves Fulton co., Cemeteries, Genealogy, photo giff

takes 13:28 min to dwnld

all photos in this photo gallery

North East side of City of Vermont

All photos are named.

Vermont Cemetery page 2

link on Vermont Cemetery Page

Liverpool Pollitt Section 1
Orion Haredesty Section 05

Ellisville CemeteryIllinois Saving Graves Fulton co., Cemeteries, Genealogy, photo giff

Section 32

this cemetery is done is two pages.
first page takes 8:03 min
dwnload over slow net connect.

link on  first page

 for second page in this series.

Farmington Chapin Pleasant Hill Section 9
Ellisville Ellisville Town

Illinois Saving Graves Fulton co., Cemeteries, Genealogy, photo giffPictorial View

Section 32
Harris McBeth Section 1
Isabel Freeman Section 6
Duncan Section 8
Farris Section 16
No Name Section 17
Foutch Section 27
Garlisch Section 28
Otto Section 30
Kearney Section 33
Kerton Seehorn Section 5
Hickory Section 7
Linebuagh Section 18
Kerton Section 19
Severns Section 30
Morningstar Section 31
Unknown Burials anywhere???
Woodland Dobson Burials Section 1
Hart Section 2
Summum Section 4
Sixteen Section 9
Woodland Section 17
Mt. Zion Section 23
Cooper Section 27
Destroyed Rhoades? Section 27
Destroyed Cemetery Section 28
Gould Sec 36


Ashby Section 1
Ames Section
Waterford Section 11
Astoria Union Chapel Section 1
Engle Section 15
Salem Section 16
Astoria NW Section 26
Oak Grove Section 27
Jenning's Burial Section 33

South Fulton

offsite link w/link back

Section 35
Deerfield Foster Section 2
Lamb Section 4
Zion Erb Section 13
Wiley Section 21
Roberts Section 25
Kaler Section 33
Lee Guernsey W/Illinois Saving Graves Fulton co., Cemeteries, Genealogy, photo giff

takes 6min dwld slw net connect.

Section 16

Virgil Section 4
Lewistown Wright Section 1
Morgan Section 3
Phillips Section 5
Woodard Section 7
McNeil Section 9
Brooks Section 19
Oak Hill Section 22
St. Mary's Section 22
Private Section 23
Barkley Section 30
Pleasant Harwick Section 2
Montgomery Section 4
Lacey Section 4
Old Ipava Section 6
New Ipava Section 6
Littleton Section 9
Smith Section 14
Howard Section 15
Stoops Section 20
Trotter & Smith Burials Section 23
Weese Section 33`
Harmon Section 35
Putman Putnum Section 2

Young Hickory

Weaver Section 35
Drumm Section 11
Beer Section 36
Hummel Section 23
East Midway Section 02
West Midway Section 11
Zinn Section 14


Anderson Section 26
Fiat Section 31
Fairview Section 33
Farmer's BarkerIllinois Saving Graves Fulton co., Cemeteries, Genealogy, photo giff Section 18
MinerIllinois Saving Graves Fulton co., Cemeteries, Genealogy, photo giff. Section 18
Laurel Hill Sec 32 Table Grove
Temple Sec 16
Zoll Section 26

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