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 The Bethel aka Waugh was transcribed by Ira Shane in 1967.

Bethel aka Waugh Cemetery

all photos contributed by Kyle Shoultz thanks Kyle for your very wonderful photographs of Bethel Cemetery.

Hamilton County, IL


Footstones of Luther Jines and Sarah Jines Dixon all photos on this page were contributed by Kyle Shoultz. Thanks so much Kyle I'm sure

everyone will enjoy them. I did.

 can not read this stone from photo. thought

 maybe somebody might know whose it is by location in the cemetery. if you do feel free to email me

The Bethal Cemetery inscriptions were copied by Mrs. Maude Whiting in the 1960s.

Adams, Martha18981909d/o H. M. & Clara
Apgar, George18841949 
Apgar, Ella May189119__w/o George
Apgar, George 1893Age 76
Apgar, Holl18591942 
Apgar, Ralph18981901 
Apgar, RileyOctober 1, 1910May 5, 1934 
Apgar, Tweedy Ann18651937 
Austin, Clarence C. & Catherine D. not on list.
Bennett, Phillip18391902Cpl. Co. G & MO VOL INF - Civil War
Bennett, Rebecca J.18391917w/o Phillip
Bishop, Woodard L.18391905 
Bosworth, Aurelius M.18371934Co. G, IL INF-Civil War
Bosworth, Cameron E.18631927 
Bosworth, Hezekiah18071880 
Bosworth, Gregg G.18711937 
Bosworth, Gracie190119__ 
Bosworth, Mary T.18741958w/o Gregg G.
Bosworth, Nancy A.18371895w/o Aurelius M.
Brookens, July Ann18571876 
Bullock  Infant
Bullock, Charles18711960 
Bullock, Florence18731934 
Bullock, Joseph18801954 
Bureyrn, Irma Irene19211925 
Burkett, Earl J.19251925s/o Earl
Camp, Eliza18121876 
Cook, Henry W.18461920 
Cook, Rebecca 1898Age 43; w/o Henry W.
Deerbake, Anna18681911d/o J. H. & A. C.
Deerbake, Frank18631944 
Deerbake, Mary18731942 
Dill, David18841904 
Dill, Maude18911892Sister
Dill, Perry18801901 
Dixon, Sarah A. E. Jines182718__
Drew, Harriet Boster184119__w/o Thomas
Drew, Thomas18471917 
Drew, Thomas J. 1917Co. K 48 IL INF Civil War
Dulany, Carson   
Dulaney, Coyl   
Dulany, Frank E.   
Dulany, Joseph P.18681941 
Dulany, Joseph Preston & Mary E. Davis not sure if they are still alive
Dulany, Martha C.18691953 
Dulany, Ruth   
Dulany, Virgil E.19171919s/o Richard & Golda
Dulaney, our Children Susan Dulany Grond Nov 7, 1859 & Joseph Preston Delany III can't make out the date on Joseph Preston looks like Mar 18 or 16 1964.
Feeney, Caroline P.18801935 
Feeney, Sopia T.189819__w/o William J.
Feeney, William J.18781953 
Gage, Clarence18921951 
Gage, Eva188519__ 
Gage, Herman L.19101940 
Gage, Lemuel187919__ 
Gage, Levi18441930 
Gage, Maude189419__w/o Clarence
Gage, Sarah18591932w/o Levi
Gates, Bertha18821956w/o W. F.
Gates, John T.18651894 
Gates, Martha E.18631893 
Gates, Mattie E.18721895w/o Samuel
Gates, Samuel18671896 
Gates, Samuel H.18861910 
Gates, W. F.188219__ 
Hall, Edith E.   
Hall, Elizabeth A.189019__Mother
Hall, Emma18871904 
Hall, Hassal A.   
Hall, Helen F.   
Hall, George18561931 
Hall, Mary18611946w/o George
Hall, Merrell18__1890s/o G. & M.
Hall, Minnie187719__ 
Hall, Oscar18781939 
Hall, Vernie Z.19011963 
Hallmark 1934PFC 46th Div. WWI
Hamson, Aaron18401893 
Hamson, Catherine18451908w/o Aaron; Mother
Hamson, Corda188719__w/o John
Hamson, Edward187719__ 
Hamson, John18821944 
Hamson, Mable L.19051919Sister?
Hamson, Ollie A.18821941w/o Edward
Hamson, Paul M.19071919 
Holt, Are (?)18881896 
Holt, Jesse J.18551907Father
Holt, Myrtle1889 Sister
Holt, Otto C.188319__ 
Holt, Rachel18651950Mother (w/o Jesse J.)
Holt, Riley19101934 
Holt, Rosa189019__w/o Otto C.
Holt, Sarah 18871918w/o Otto C.
Hook, Blanch19011910d/o Elmer E. & Cordelia
Hook, Clara18731960w/o Jerome; married 3/24/91
Hook, Cordelia18811953 
Hook, Eli18441918Co. F 21 OH INF Civil War
Hook, Elmer E.18781956 
Hook, George T.18751950 
Hook, Jerome18681963 
Hook, Ida M.187619__w/o George T.
Hook, Lawrence19141961Pfc. 1300 Engr. C. B. WWII
Hook, Lucy Crocker18461921w/o Eli
Hook, W. S. 1888w/o Eli & Lucy
Irvin, Alice18501911w/o John
Irvin, Jane E. Turner  w/o Samuel H.; married May 15, 1895
Irvin, Samuel H.18801925 

This is also a Jines tombstones but is unreadable in the photo. needs to be cleaned up.

Not sure whose these are. This is a daughter of of J. & E. Jines born  April 26, 1886 & died Apr 15, 1900. As you can see she is not listed below.

Jines, A. M.  Sgt. Co B 11 KY INF Civil War
Jines, Daniel18501940 
Jines, Ellen Trotter18581928w/o Fines on
Jines, Fines18581928
Jines, George
March 7, 1883February 22, 1921 
Jines, Jos  

Co. E 152 IL INF

Jines, Luther F.
December 12, 1860September, 1906 


Jines, Luther F.

born Nov 1825---

died Dec 18, 1869

In Memory of H. Dean Jines CW04 USMC Retired

Great, Great, Great Grandson of Luther Jines

Sarah F. Jines Mar 19, 1850-Jan 12, 1922
Joines, Rebecca18621907 
Joines, A. M. Sgt 18341877Co. B, 11 KY INF.
Kelley, William188_1943 
Kerbaugh, William M. 1912Co. E REG IL INF Civil War
Lowery, Ada Ann18881888d/o W. H. & I.
Musgrave, Stephen L.18441908Co. H 75 OH INF Civil War Cpl
Musgrave, Martha18161894w/o J. M.
Musgrave, Mary185119__w/o Stephen L.
Nation, Abigal 1893Age 61; w/o John H.
Nation, John H. 1912Age 86
Owen, Daniel18891909 
Owen, May Thierry18891899 
Orr, Daniel Sylvester19401952s/o Jessie Davis
Perdue, J. Guy18861940 
Perdue, John D.18501932 
Perdue, Mary E.18551939w/o John D.
Ratcliff, Emma18421892w/o William F.
Ratclift, Jane J.18701900 
Ratclif, William F. 1892Co. G 110 IL VOL INF Civil War
Rinehardt, Oatie Arlene19181942d/o Otis & Sarah
Rose, Julia18501930w/o W. R.
Rose, W. R.18491900 
Rawls, Dennis M.18381921Civil War also on stone with his wife below all photos on this page taken by Kyle Shoultz
Rawls, John R. 1885 
Rawls, Martha M. Turner18411919w/o Dennis 
Rawls, Carson L.18891949

Rawls, James S.18651948 
Rawls, Mary A.18681922w/o James S.---- tombstone photo below by Kyle Shoultz on this page

Rudesill, Martha18971901d/o S. P. & L. J.
Savage, Anna Lena19161943 
Shean, Thomas (Shehand?) 1909Cpl. Co. A 38 IL INF Civil War
Shehand, Mary18311907w/o Cpl. Thomas
Shipley, Theophilus 1886 
Sodders, Edward W.18741893 
Sodders, Eza J.18431923w/o George W.
Sodders, George W.18321891Co. A 87 IL INF Civil War
Stilliman, Anna N.189719__w/o Arthur J.
Stilliman, Arthur J.18801956 
Stilliman, Etta Lee18891943 
Stilliman, Van192819__ 
Thirbry, Elizabeth (Thierry)18221878w/o Francis
Thirbry, Francis (Thierry)18231875 
Thierry, Cellia18491906 

Trotter, Alice M.18901926

Trotter, Alphus188619__ 
Trotter, Alvin  Brother
Trotter, Alphus September 16, 1967age 11; brother of Wm. & Alvin
Trotter, Caroline18551942

w/o Joseph on same stone as husband photo below taken by Kyle Shoultz

Trotter, Ira18841963 
Trotter, Joseph 18521930

Husband of Caroline

Trotter, Nettei (Wilkey)18681894 
Trotter, William   
Underwood, Charley R.18911892 
Underwood, Fatima 1889Age 77; w/o W. B.
Underwood, W. B.18141884 
Waugh, Alexander187719__s/o John
Waugh, Alonder187919__ 
Waugh, John18521888Father
Westfall, F. V.18541904 
Wheeler, Paul L.19041938 
Williams, Harriet18711956w/o William
Williams, William18621953 
Williams, Josiah  Co. L 60 IN INF (Co. C 60 IL) Civil War
Winnett, Alexander M. 1898Age 21; Co. L (97th) 9th IL VOL INF Civil War
Zellers, Edna M. 1914w/o John
Zellers, Edwin18791940 
Zellers, Emily F.18541932w/o of Nelson 
Zellers, Frank M.18811961 
Zellers, George18451931 
Zellers, Gracie M.18861949w/o Frank M.
Zellers, John 1889 
Zellers, Martha J.18431933 
Zellers, Ralph19071962 
Zellers, Robert (W. D.)19041941ARMY

contributed by Kathy Ray. Thanks Kathy. 

I have no further information on this cemetery or the people buried here. If you can contribute info, photos, etc. feel free to email me. Thanks!

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