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 The Wolfe Cemetery was transcribed by Ira Shane in 1967.

The Wolfe Cemetery
Hamilton County, IL

Transcriber's note: Located on the Jim Davis Farm and hard to find.  East of blacktop road.  We drove by edge of cornfield halfway and followed path through the woods.  Had to crawl under fence.  It was rather large and many stones were gone.  There was a circle of cedar trees in the east edge.  It sits on a hill with a woods all around it.  The west side was the only entrance we could find.  This place was well cared for.  Some stones were broken.
Name Birth Death Other
Wood, Amanda w/o James Aug. 1, 1844 Feb. 17, 1910  
Wood, James Dec. 10, 1841 ___  
Wood, George Sept. 1, 1851 Sept. 11, ___  
Mitchell, Amanda Wood Dec. 17, 184_ April 1867  
Wood, Mary Nov. 26, 1853   1868
Wood, Edward Oct. 19, 1810 Mar. 21, 1864  
Wood, Elias May 25, 1851 July 8, 1871  
Wood, Elizabeth Hughes     Adult
Garrison, Martha B., w/o T. B.   Dec. 31, 1864 stone buried
Davis, John O. Feb. 28, 1840 March 5, 1863 Co. K 13 Ill. Vol. Died in Memphis 
of smallpox.
Davis, John Stedman   Oct. 9, 1863 Age 65yrs/8mos/22days
Davis, Catherine A. Keasler   Nov. 9, 1860 w/o John Stedman 55yrs/11mos/26days
Davis, Sarah   Sept. 13, 1857 Age 22yrs/11mos/6days
Keasler, J. D. 1852 1870  
Minor, Elizabeth Shaw July 7, 185_ May 15, ___ Consort of Coleman
Minor, Elizabeth Scott October 22, 1827 Sept. 12, 1845 Consort of Coleman
Minor, Maria Jane July 21, 1836 Feb. 2, 1840  
Garrison, James A. s/o Wm. & N. July 23, 1840 Sept. 1, 1840  
Garrison, Mark s/o Wm. & N. Feb. 21, 1851 March 8, 1851  
Woods, T. April 11, 1889 Nov. 31, 1889  
Wood, Amanda May 2, 184_   Too badly worn to read
Satterfield, John     Co. L 6th Ill. Cav
Powell, James Oct. 15, 1819 Oct. 25, 1819  
Powell, Marjery w/o Daniel 1796 Mar. 5, 1826  
Scott, James E. s/o J. T. & S. A.   July 16, 1862 Age 6 months
Hardy, Corbet s/o W. E. & B.   June 7, 1887 Age 6 days
Basha, James B.     Sand stone

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