St. John's Catholic Cemetery, Oxford Township,

Henry Co., Illinois

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St. John's Catholic Cemetery Est. 1884


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L. Alice, Oct 18, 1909-May 15, 2002

dau of Richard & Anna Welch

Richard Amos, Feb 8, 1909-May 15, 1974

son of Wm & Sarah Married Sept 22, 1934


Ortrude Welch, June 18, 1907- Nov 1, 1992

Claude J, Dec 14, 1902-May 27, 1986

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What I do with my daughter in my spare time.

Our Sheep!!!! & Our Barnyard!!!

Misty, & her twins Little Ram standing

Lily lying down born last. March 22, 2007

Misty, & her twins

Lily just standing, we lost the little Ram

Mickey & Minnie

Minnie's first steps, March 06, 2007

Mickey & Her little Minnie


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