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"Illinois Saving Graves is dedicated to providing leadership, education and advocacy in preserving and restoring endangered and forgotten cemeteries statewide"

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I will be moving these web pages to a new server to bear with me in this transition as I have many many things going on at the present time. I do not want to loose all of our hard work or place where I've helped so many people through out Illinois and beyond. I will post a new url but you will still be able to find illinois saving graves web pages by simply typing in it is my url & I own the rights to this & it will be put to use on the new server. I also have my knox Co., IL and Warren Co., IL web pages I have to move to and correct many many links after the move. so please bear with me. at this time if there is anyone out there who truly wants to help now is the time. I have the counties & people say they are going to help but nothing ever comes of it. maybe it's too much work. But I love it and wouldn't have it any other way. I have a yahoo mailing list where I shall announce this too. plus, have finally gone to facebook & created a group. Should do a page for illinois saving graves. will when I get time. thank you so much for you patience and will try to catch up with contributed information at the same time. maybe we shall have another snowy winter. no lambs this winter will be born here at least i hope not. there is a chance but hope i don't thank you all for your contributions & hope to continue on with them too. thanks

Please do not email from pages off of index page or this county page listings. my alias email is now being returned to you. I've changed the one on this page & index page for now or click on join me at the facebook group i've created recently. thanks for your patients & your time.

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comments, suggestions, contributions, complaints


Award Received June 01, 2006

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Volunteers Needed join me on facebook!!! thanks!

Help!! Help!! Help!!

      This is the home for all 102 counties for the State of Illinois in which everyone has numerous ancestors buried in one or more cemeteries,  whether well cared for or not.  My main goal is to put as many online here for easy look-ups & reference for other people to enjoy, contribute, submit tombstone photos, information on persons buried in cemeteries, abandoned ones will be mostly on the endangered cemetery pages.  I also need to find the time to update said page.

      Beings there are 102 counties in the State of Illinois it is going to be a little hard for just little old me to make all these web pages but for now I'm trying to get tombstone photos from the counties online and to preserve them forever here my little space. If you would care to adopt a county email me which county you are interested in.  I can sure use the help in making web pages as they take time. any of them are up for adoption. I have some with online links with more of them to come in the foreseen future.

 One is actually adopted and online at this site and I would really like to Thank Elizabeth Davis for all the work she has been doing on Vermilion County, with the cemetery listings, her tombstone photo work is just great.  Visit her link below to see what a great job she has done and continues to do.

   Other online link which has been much work for me & also for Kathy Mills.  She typed, took tombstone photos last summer while living in Quincy, IL.  Now she lives in N. C. and doing this for N. C. in the county she lives in.  Sure miss her. I'm still going through tombstone photos I took last summer & fall while visiting my friend in Clayton & Kathy in Quincy and now a new trip I just took down to see Pat.  Pat is one of the people you will see with my daughter Kate, my now 4year old great-nephew in some of the tombstone photos. They are all a big help.-------- But if someone out there would like to adopt the Adams county site or co-host with me I would be most grateful-------and with more contributions from me as I visit there quite frequently feel free to email me and be sure to visit the link below.

January 28, 2008, I have taken the adopt me out of the county table below. It was just too much for me every time I looked at the page. If there is not a county page adjoining this Illinois Saving Graves County Cemetery listings page for the  102 counties in our State then I will eventually make one.

The counties I know for sure which are adopted are Stark & Peoria, by Karen Hammer hosted elsewhere, I do have a county page here with photos I've taken as a result of my growing up in Stark Co., IL., Vermillion Co., IL by Elizabeth

Hinton Genealogy Research.

many different counties but not all cemeteries for said counties.

Illinois National Cemeteries

Contributions to all counties in IL most welcome. Need tombstone photos, cemetery information, lets here from you out. there. Click on my hand and send them in. Thanks I thank & your ancestors will too when we find them if you are having trouble.

Also you are welcome to join in our:

click on below  to be added to the update mailing list & what's happening around the state of Illinois. All members & posts are approved by your host, Foxie, so if not posted immediately this is why. I would like names when being asked to join, county, Thanks for your coorporation in this matter helps to keep down spammers.

Try Face book first as right now am having trouble keeping up with everything. & have to get my pages moved. thanks

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IL Sav Graves Hme IL Sav Grav Counties Il Sav Graves Endangered

If you have readable photos of grave markers in Illinois please consider
contributing them to our photo project.
I will accept one photo or an entire cemetery of photos.
I am accepting your tombstone photo's. To submit them please include the county name and the name of the cemetery in the subject line attach your .jpg photo to and email and press send. Thanks so much for your help.

Let's fill these pages with your wonderful tombstone photos from all over our Great State of Illinois!!! Don't forget let me know of abandoned & neglected cemeteries. If we don't do something about them now they will soon be gone & lost to us forever.

News!!! Karen Hammer who hosted Peoria  & Stark Co., IL AHGP sites and then helped with the IL Saving Graves info for those same counties has pulled her sites. I do not know why I was told by a mutual friend of a mutual friend!! Foxie!!!

==== Online here @ Illinois Saving Graves but still might need a host. Thanks for all your help!! Trying to get an online county page for each county and this is not an easy task to behold. But I will prevail. Then I expect to hear from fellow camera people out there who are traveling around the this great state of Illinois. Thanks so much every one. Will help we will surely fill out many many many pages filled with tombstone photos. May need to hire me a secretary.

Foxie's Note: The Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library offers a newspaper lookup service & will send you copies of the original obituaries listed below for a small fee -- 2 obits for a $1.00 for Illinois residents $10.00 for out of state -- check out their information by clicking on this link



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