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Christy Cemetery of Lawrence County, IL 

Abandoned Cemetery..... is lost is lost and needed to be found.... & has been found!!!

Photo taken by Mac & Virgie Christy who also had the sign made & put up. I didn't get a chance to go down this past Oct 17-19, 2008 when they were down there.

Below are a few pictures we took in the fall of 2007, November, when I was down there & helped them out.

Overview of the cemetery after we had cleaned it up the brush & debris. it had many thorns from the hedge trees there which got caught in your shoes, clothing, your skin.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2008 08:16:53 AM

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This family cemetery is in the middle of a cornfield on a working farm. It is located right outside of Sumner. Coming from Lawrenceville, highway 50 is divided, right before it goes back to a combined highway and near a bank is where the farm is located.

Christy Cemetery dates back to 1829 on land originally settled by Andrew Christy, who is buried here. and a son William Y Christy. Nearly all of the burials were made in the mid 1800's. There is the Clubb family was interned here too due to cholera or some other influenza in 1851. Of the seven children, three lived on to adulthood. Three members of the Christy family died between March and July 0f 1842.

All photos below were contributed by Mac Christy a direct descendant of Andrew Christy. Mac lives in the state of Kansas but is trying his best to give the last resting place of his ancestors some dignity. Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Mac.

Christy Cemetery, Lawrence Co., IL photos by Mac Christy Thanks!!!

Above Mac Christy with his ancestors tombstones he has dug up out of their old burial ground.

My wife and I have just returned from a trip to work on the Christy family
cemetery in Christy Township, Sumner IL.
The cemetery needed much work to get into, and the one day there allowed us
only to clear some brush and start to identify markers to be restored, etc.
We plan to return to the site in late November and re-set my GG grandfather
William Y. Christy's monument and repair my GGG grandfather Andrew Christy
and his wife Elisabeth Christy's markers.
The cemetery is in a farm field belonging to the Piper family who bought the
land from the Christys in the 1870's.
Andrew Christy took up the land in 1821 and died there in 1835.
Mac Christy ENC USN (RET)


Christy Cemetery, Lawrence Co., IL photos by Mac Christy Thanks!!!

Elisabeth Sept 24, 1768-`Oct 27, 1829

Aged 61ys 1mo & 3ds

Christy Cemetery, Lawrence Co., IL photos by Mac Christy Thanks!!!

Joseph R. Christy Dec 12, 1812--March 21, 1842

Aged 39ys 3m 8ds

Christy Cemetery, Lawrence Co., IL photos by Mac Christy Thanks!!!Andrew Christy born Feb 11, 1769-- Apr 19, 1835 Aged 67ys 2m 8ds

So would have one of Andrew's who first Settled in Lawrence Co., IL in the early 1800's I cropped it from the one of above. Also, lying on the right hand side of Mac in the photo above, 1st photo, is one with the name of Samuel on it. close up of it below.

Christy Cemetery, Lawrence Co., IL photos by Mac Christy Thanks!!!

Samuel Christy




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The photo on the right was taken this past November in the Christy Cemetery. as you can see much work was done while I was there with Max & Virgie Christy. Brush had been cleared and boy did we have to pull thorns out of clothes & shoes from the hedge trees which were in full more like a huge maple trees they looked like than hedge trees. I plan on a return trip with Max & Virgie in the spring will be posting some more photos on an adjoining