Doddsville Cemetery, Industry Twp., McDonough County, IL


DODDSVILLE CEMETERY, Industry  TOWNSHIP?,  McDonough COUNTY, ILLINOIS.  Very nice, well kept cemetery, Fenced, not private.  This is a very partial list of burials.

Foxie's Note: Doddsville is located  North of Littleton, IL, and appears to sit on the McDonough & Schuyler county lines. And according to the Illinois State Genealogical Society web site it is actually in McDonough County and considered at Industry Township. But will leave here for now until I get the McDonough County cemeteries online.

Pictures and information submitted by Harry & Kathy Mills.


  1. BURNHAM, Hannah 1870 – 1919, Wife of H. D. SELLERS, Daughter of Edgar & Caroline ARMSTRONG BURNHAM.
  1. SELLERS MONUMENT—for Hosea David.& Hannah Sellers
  1. SELLERS, Hosea (David) 29 Apr 1872 – 1944, Husband of Hannah BURNHAM, son of William & Charlotte WYCKOFF SELLERS, Great-Grandson of Drury & Demaris SELLERS,  Pioneer Family of Schuyler Co, IL.
  1. Old Methodist Church (1926) Near Doddsville Cemetery=


BURNHAM, John A. 1859 – 1950, Brother of Hannah Burnham Sellers, Husband of:

            SELLERS, Ella Amanda 20 Jun 1861 – 15 Jul 1939, daughter of Wm. & Charlotte Wyckoff Sellers.

BURNHAM, Frank Blair 1860 – 1944, Brother of Hannah Burnham Sellers, Husband of:

            CORDELL, Caroline 1865 – 1952

            BURNHAM, Anna Ruth 1901 – 1903, Daughter of Frank B.& Caroline Burnham

CLUGSTEN, David A. 1861 – 1945, Husband of:

            BURNHAM, Elizabeth 1868 – 19--, Sister of Hannah Burnham Sellers

BURNHAM, Paul Graff 18 Jan 1869 – 12 Mar 1907, Brother of Hannah Burnham Sellers, Husband of:  SELLERS, Elizabeth 24 Feb 1869 – 8 Jan 1929, Daughter of Wm. & Charlotte Wyckoff SELLERS.

 (William & Charlotte Wyckoff SELLERS are buried in Thompson Cemetery, Schuyler Co.)



Methodist Church

Doddsville, Schuyler Co., IL

Hannah Burnham

wife of H. D. Sellers


Sellers Main Monument

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any comments, suggestions, help, insults, compliments feel free to email them to me or if you have person's buried in this cemetery would love to hear from you.  Maybe somebody you know is not listed and buried here... Can always use the help. Thanks

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