Walker Cemetery, Emmet Twp., McDonough County, IL



This is a partial list of gravesites.  This cemetery is in very bad condition, although someone does mow the acreage and it is now fenced.  Many crumbled and broken stones, many laying in piles.

Submitted by Harry & Kathy Mills Thanks Hare & Kath.

  1. STICKLEN, Eliza C.
  2. GREENLEAF, Lorenzo M. & Lucy M.
  3. PENNINGTON, Mamie R.
  4. PENNINGTON, Rebecca w/o Wm.

Very likely that Riley Pennington (brother of Melissa Pennington Sellers, and his family, buried here.)

 Glen Ayers   Obituary for Melissa PENNINGTON SELLERS

Macomb Journal

Leroy Sellers of near Rushville, Schuyler county; M. A. Sellers of Emmit township, this county, Melissa Belle Schroeder of Huntley, Neb. Her husband died 46 years ago. She had three sons in the Civil war--John A., Co. B, 84th Reg., Ill. Vol., who  was killed at the battle of Stone River; Andrew T. and Leroy were members of Co. A, 10th Mo.  Andrew T., after serving three years with his regiment, was mustered out and started home on a vessel called the General Lyon. The vessel and all onboard were lost. Leroy being the only person who lived to return home.

        She was one of the earliest settlers in Schuyler County. When she crossed the Illinois river there were only about 14 families then in that county. She was a sister to Joel Pennington, the first sheriff of Schuyler county (error-Joel was the second sheriff).

        Mrs. Sellers joined the Methodist church in Schuyler county about 50 years ago, in which faith she had lived ever since.   Funeral services were held at the Guy church Monday afternoon by Rev. T. Brown; internment in the Walker cemetery.

Note: Melissa's mother was Ann Osborn(e) and her father was Moses Pennington.

 The Civil War had started and her sons Leroy, John & Andrew enlisted; Leroy was the only one to return home. John was killed in the Battle of Stone Run, leaving his widow and two small children.  Andrew was on his way home for discharge, when his ship was burned at sea.

  Melissa had purchased land in Oakland Twp but as her sons were unable to farm it, the land was never cleared of debt and in Feb 1873 Melissa declared for tax assessment relief on the property.  The petition was witnessed by Margaret's husband Littleton Moore and Melissa's son Miles.

  1. STICKLEN, Nellie Blanche 5/24/1894
  2. PENNINGTON, Billy d: 11/1/1831
  3. Walker Cemetery Pictures, 2

In 1864 her close companion and brother Riley moved up to McDonough Co near their brother William; her brother Joel died in 1865.  It may have been about this time that Melissa moved to Oakland Twp next to her daughter Margaret.  In 1864 Leroy returned from the war; the 1870 census of Oakland Twp lists Melissa with Albert (age 18) and Melissa (age 15) residing adjacent to Margaret. In 1865 Albert had married Margaret's sister in law Mahala Moore.

  On Sept 19, 1871 Melissa filed in McDonough County for a mother 's pension on son Andrew's services, giving her address as Industry, IL.  David N. Pennington, her nephew who was Riley's son, witnessed the petition. 

  On 30 Jan 1879 she subscribed to a petition to collect arrears on the pension she had been awarded in 1872 (on son Andrew's service).

        Melissa Sellers died Sept. 2, 1901 at about 2:30 a.m. at the home of her son, M. A, Sellers (note-his full name was Miles Albert Sellers who married Elizabeth A. Strickland 10/25/1874) of Emmet township with whom she lived for a number of years. Her ailment was general disability. Her age was 87 years, 7 months and 25 days.  Melissa Pennington was born June 6, 1814 in Barren county, Kentucky. When about 4 years old she moved with her parents to Crawford county, Indiana. About four years later they moved to Franklin county, Illinois and when 11 years of age moved to Schuyler county and in 1870 came to McDonough county. She was united in marriage to Thomas Sellers Dec. 23, 1833 (error-they married 12/23/1832). To this union 12 children were born, of whom only three survive:

In November 1855 Melissa sold the 90 acre ranch to Josiah Parrott for $2,070.  In 1858 her sons William & John had married, and by 1880 Melissa and the remaining children were living in Littleton Twp, where according to the census of that year, she lived near her brothers in law John & Hartwell Sellers, and to her brother Riley.

  1. PENNINGTON, Martha, 1842 5 Dec 1862, Wife of James R.
  2. PENNINGTON, John I., 1845 6 Jan 1870, Won of William & Rachel Osborne Pennington
  3. PENNINGTON, William 25 Mar 1799 18 Feb 1880, Husband of Rachel OSBORNE, Son of Moses & Ann OSBORN PENNINGTON
  4. SELLERS, Melissa PENNINGTON 6 Jan 1814 3 Sep 1901 Wife of THOMAS SELLERS, Daughter of Moses & Ann Osborn PENNINGTON
  5. PENNINGTON, Alfred 1828 2 May 1895 ae 67y 1m 21d, son of William & Rachel Osborne Pennington, Husband of Tessie Laventre.


View of

Walker Cemetery

Alfred Pennington

Billie Pennington

Eliza Stricklin

John I. Pennington

son of William

Lucy M & Lorenzo M


Mamie H. Pennington

Dec 23, 1883


wife of

J. Pennington


Wife of

Thomas Sellers

Nellie Blanche


Rebecca Pennington

wife of



William Pennington

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