Alker, Menard Co., IL

I have no idea if this was a complete listings or not. It was sent to me last fall from by Isabella Rutledge Carsons. Thanks Isabella, sorry took so long to get online. if you have any other information on persons buried here or tombstone photo click on my hand at bottom of page. Thanks.

Follow Rte. 29 to Sweetwater Road, which is past the Rte. 123/Rte. 29 junction, but before Greenview. If you are heading toward Greenview, turn right at the Sweetwater Road and go 1.5 miles to a "T" road. Turn right at the "T" in the road and go 0.3 miles and you will see Baker cemetery on the right in the middle of a field. It is directly across the road from a farm house. It is fenced and well maintained.

A. A.

ALKIRE, Ann 11 Apr 1867 35y Wife of D.A. Alkire
ALKIRE, Catharine (Davis) 1 Nov 1872 80y7m25d Wife of Leonard Alkire
ALKIRE, Edwin D. 6 Sep 1869 12y
ALKIRE, Edwin R. 2 Feb 1850 5y11m24d Son of L. & M.A. Alkire
ALKIRE, Ida Hester 29 Oct 1865 1y6m25d Dau of J.D. & C.D. Alkire
ALKIRE, Infant 12 Mar 1824
ALKIRE, Leonard 16 Jan 1877 91y22d
ALKIRE, Paul 8 Aug 1863 2y2d Son of L. & M. Alkire
ALKIRE, William A. 18 Jan 1859 4y2m26d Son of L. & M. Alkire

BRACKEN, Anna Louisa 23 Dec 1878 3y9m4d (From death records)
BRACKEN, Ella 4 Jan 1879 10m (From death records)
BRACKEN, Ellen 23 Dec 1876 48y9m12d Wife of J.N. Bracken
BRACKEN, Mary 5 Apr 1877 5m5d Dau of J.N. & E. Bracken

DUMFORD, Mary Adaline 9 Aug 1878 21y3m9d

ENGLE, Elizabeth 28 Apr 1808 31 Mar 1900 92y Wife of Wm. Engle
ENGLE, Harmon W. 25 Jul 1863 2y5m19d
ENGLE, Infant 1 Sep 1825 1m21d Son of W. & E. Engle
ENGLE, Infant 28 Mar 1856 Son of J. & S. Engle
ENGLE, Isaac 6 Apr 1845 3y7m12d Son of W. & E. Engle
ENGLE, James H. 28 Jun 1837 2y1m8d Son of W. & E. Engle
ENGLE, Jerome 29 Nov 1867 7y1m10d Son of J. & S.A. Engle
ENGLE, Job 1856
ENGLE, John 19 Feb 1826 19 Jul 1890
ENGLE, John 11 Nov 1881 23y29d Son of J. & S.A. Engle
ENGLE, Martin Alonzo P. 12 Aug 1849 5y11m5d Son of W. & E. Engle
ENGLE, Nancy A. 17 Apr 1843 82y Wife of Levi Engle
ENGLE, Sarah A. 7 Aug 1834 16 Sep 1918
ENGLE, William 24 Feb 1864 12 Sep 1890 Son of J. & Sarah Engle
ENGLE, William 8 Mar 1870 68y10m23d

HUGHES, Emily 16 Sep 1836 3y Dau of H.D. & S. Hughes
HUGHES, Hugh 25 Jul 1862 50y2m27d
HUGHES, John 10 Aug 1841 3y 8m 5d Son of H.D. & S. Hughes
HUGHES, Lucinda S. 12 Jan 1865 6m29d
HUGHES, Susan 2 Mar 1810 25 Jul 1896 Wife of H.D. Hughes

LYKES, Willie 14 Feb 1879 8m25d Son of F.M. & E.


MILLS, Samuel C. 1812 29 Jul 1887

OLDS, Andrew F. 14 Dec 1860 1y7m23d
OLDS, Mary A. 18 Oct 1857 2y1m23d Dau of A.J. & A. Olds
OLDS, Melissa J. 12 Jan 1859 3y4m9d Dau of V.D. & E. Olds
OLDS, Milam A. 15 Sep 1856 2m 19d
OLDS, William H. 18 Sep 1859 1y9m13d Son of A.J. & A. Olds

SIKES, Ira 9 May 1829 4 Jun 1894
SIKES, Sarah 24 Apr 1810 12 Mar 1886

WHIPP, Edward 2 Oct 1841 5y3m17d Son of W. & A. Whipp
WHIPP, Lydia 16 Dec 1865 22y10m23d
WHIPP, Wesley 21 Dec 1845/7 36y6m18d
WHIPP, William Wesley 25 May 1863 1y5m20d

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