Duschen, Menard Co., IL

sometimes referred to as the Schaddell Cemetery,

I have no idea if this was a complete listings or not. It was sent to me last fall from by Isabella Rutledge Carsons. Thanks Isabella, sorry took so long to get online. if you have any other information on persons buried here or tombstone photo click on my hand at bottom of page. Thanks.

Duschen Cemetery sometimes referred to as the Schaddell Cemetery is located in section 34 of Menard co., IL

Follow Rte. 97 through Petersburg to Oakford. Turn left off IL State Rte. 97 at Oakford on 1st Street, which becomes a blacktop road. Follow the blacktop road for about 2.4 miles to East County Line Rd. Turn left on East County Line Rd. and drive for about 2 miles. This is not an easy cemetery to find. and you need permission from a farmer to cross his cornfield.

Name Born Died Age Additional Inscription/Information

BENNETT, Elizabeth 26 Jun 1865 2m 10d Dau of J.A. & L. Bennett
BENNETT, Lucy 24 Aug 1869 25y 4m ?d Wife of J.A. Bennett

BONNETT, Charles 4 Mar 1880 Son of G.W. & T. Bonnett
BONNETT, Charles 7 Jun 1875 1d Inf Son of G.W. & E. Bonnett
BONNETT, Christena 10 Aug 1872 4d Dau of T. & G. Bonnett
BONNETT, Fandera 23 Jun 1868 22 Apr 1870 Dau of G. & T. Bonnett
BONNETT, Maggie 6 Aug 1872 7 May 1889 17y Dau of G.W. & T. Bonnett
BONNETT, Mary W. 9 Aug 1875 Dau of G.W. & T. Bonnett
BONNETT, Nettie 31 Mar 1884 2y Dau T.&G. Bonnett (Fm Death Rec.)
BONNETT, Theresia 16 Jun 1875 28y 3m 23d Wife of Geo. W. Bonnett

DUNSCHEN, Charles 20 Sep 1820
DUNSCHEN, Charles 24 Oct 1860 12 Oct 1888 28y Son of C. & Anna Dunschen
DUNSCHEN, Mary 26 Aug 1876 8y 6m 7d Dau of Chas. & Annie Dunschen
DUNSCHEN, Anna (1830) 3 Dec 1891 61y

HELLERBRANDT, Charles F. 17 Sep 1865 8m 17d Son of C. & J.F. Hildebrandt

REIMANN, Mary 3 Nov 1903 12hrs (From Menard death records)

VOGT, Anna B. 16 Jan 1903 5m2d (From Menard death records)

WUBBEKE, Johan 12 Mar 1868 18 Jul 1868 Son of _. & _. Wuebbeke

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