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Here are the photos for the Mason Hatch grave. He is buried in a small
cemetery in
Ogle County with very few graves (mostly HAYES names).
It is near Oregon and off of one of the main roads -- 64, or 72. Sorry, not
much help. It is off to the side of a cornfield.I resized these. Sorry about the others.

Tracy No problem I now have DSL so no problem at all. I'm happy as a lark

sitting here putting these on this page. You've made me very happy today. Thanks Tracy.

Site of Revolutionary War Veteran

The cemetery is in the background.



Mason Hatch, bronze stone by Tracy St. Claire Ogle Co IL Saivng GravesMason Hatch Continental Line Revolutionary War

this photo was sent this morning. thanks Tracy. Feb 06, 2008 one snowy day in IL.  it is in the background in the photo above with the flag.

Bethel or Hayes Cemetery---White Rock Township, Ogle co., IL.
Bethel or Hayes Cemetery contains about 19 graves and is no longer in use. It is located just east of the village of Kings on the north side of Illinois Rt. 64 in a field. from Tracy's description and photos plus, I'd seen a photo like the one above before on another web page and I believe this is the same cemetery. Information was from a Ogle co. Cemeteries online with the other link on the Illinois Saving Graves co. page.

The photos on this page were contributed by Tracy St. Claire. Thank you so very much Tracy! I love to pay tribute to our American Veterans and especially to the ones who fought in the American Revolutionary War because without them we would not even have the country we have today. I am also saying many Thanks to this fellow for  his patriotism.

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