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Last Building of the

 Insane Asylum @ Bartonville, IL

The following photographs I took after visiting the cemetery which is across the road and east of this building.  When taking photographs of old buildings I like to take views from all sides and angles and am placing them here for your viewing pleasure. Photos were taken on Saturday, September 30, 2006, in the afternoon. Was a very nice warm & sunny day.

Pfeiffer Road leading up to the building from the cemetery. 1st photo taken of the front of the building.
3rd shot taken of what appears to be the front of the building. looking back easterly this part of it faces Pfeiffer Rd.
This is looking in the Northern direction. People around truck are my cousin, Richard, my daughter, Kate, & my friends George & Jean Brown. Close up the first section that faces this parking lot..
Looking east from the far back of the building being on the north side of it. Do not know what the building is across the street. as it is for sale. This is the building across the street and do not when it was built or what it was used for but has some door and window arches in it and the building part of it in the back of it.
This photo I took from the front lot of the building across the street. These are the two buildings across the street the one in this photo that appears to be white has three layers of brick holding it together but now looks like it might fall down and not a very safe place to be.
This is a photo of that building I'm talking about in the last photo. Have no idea what it was used for either. My Friends, George and Jean looking at the building.
This is on the side of the street looking west at the Asylum Building this is in the same place but on the other side of the street looking at the other two buildings across the street.
This photo and the next few were taken in a parking lot in front of or back of this building. this is looking northerly direction This is looking at the back part of it from the street
Walked around front to get another view of it. Sun in the wrong place.  Just before going on a little further to take the next photo. This photo is looking south westerly towards the back at the building from that street I should of wrote down the name of it. also you can see a step with railing in the foreground in this photo. I love this one.
Steps leading to back. You can hardly see this part I almost missed it. then you turn the corner and here is the first corner section.
This the middle section of the building on back side of it. standing at the middle section this is of the southern corner. Siding sign in yard.
Looking east along Pfeiffer Road Same spot as before photo but looking down in how they used to get into the basement. now with bushes & weeds growing there.
Going down into the basement of this old building.
The above two photos have nothing to do with the Asylum Building. but putting here anyway. This is of a mural on concrete that is down by the Illinois River in the parking lot of the Elm's . photo on right is of the business this mural is in another thing that caught my eye war the bricks you see in the foreground of the photo are from the Purington Brick Factory, that used to be in East Galesburg, IL.
Last photo of the day. Taken from the same parking lot above and is of the new bridge they built going over  the Illinois River and in the background you can also see the old 150 bridge which now also carries Interstate 74 across the Illinois River.

 Always a works in Progress!!

Thanks for stopping by and come again.

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