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Insane Asylum @ Bartonville, Limestone Twp., Peoria Co., IL

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Asylum for the Incurable Insane at Bartonville Cemetery

Always a works in progress

created Sunday, October 01, 2006

Actually, this is not the whole cemetery. This is only the older part when it was first started. As you will be able to see by some of the photos below it really needs some better with the tombstones there are some still in the woods, some are almost gone, some are broken and just lying around. I was under the impression they were redoing this cemetery and was surprised when I even found a trash pile by it. The photos speak for themselves in my book. Yes, it is mowed but no matter what these people were people and were buried by numbers with no one now knowing who is the graves as the book by this good doctor kept was misplaced. What a sorry way for anyone's last resting place to be. You have a number the number wears off nothing then.   Opinions are appreciated and will be posted here:

This is a photo I took yesterday, September 30, 2006, of the Bartonville Insane Asylum . It is not longer and in use and has not been used since the 1960's some time. Recently someone found the this cemetery and did redo the Veterans graves in it or rather the known. I'm just learning about this cemetery and wanted to post them on here for you. They will be thumbnails so you can click on for a bigger view. The one on the upper left is and awesome photo of this abandoned Insane Asylum.  This is all I saw left of the building. Have photos all around this building and will make a separate page on them. Want to thank my cousin, Richard, and my father's old army buddy, George & Jean Brown for such a wonderful day we had there.

To view a photo online of the Asylum  click on the link below.

Last Building of the Insane Asylum, Bartonville,Peoria Co., IL

Photos I, Foxie, took of the building that is left of the Asylum

 All photos below are thumbnails click for them to open in own window

Kate Standing in the Soldiers Lot. Soldier's Lot
Charles Rinkenberger Here rests a soul who helped preserve our nation now know only to God
188 1810
Here rests a soul who helped preserve our nation now know only to God 885
Here rests a soul who helped preserve our nation now know only to God Jno Mears
Dan'l Pumphrey Here rests a soul who helped preserve our nation now know only to God
Capt Fred'k Bechtel Here rests a soul who helped preserve our nation now know only to God
235 Here rests a soul who helped preserve our nation now know only to God
Here rests a soul who helped preserve our nation now know only to God Rows in the Veteran's Plot
B. L. Tuttle 878
Chas Birkle Thos. Martin
Sergt. Henry Pfeiffer Here rests a soul who helped preserve our nation now know only to God
View of the Veteran's Plot View of Row
Tombstones by Tree when you first enter the cemetery. to the Right you can see my daughter, Kate, and my friend, Jean, in the Veteran's Plot.
close up stones by tree View looking towards the Veteran's Plot


Tombstone Photo Gallery of other photos taken by Foxie of views, tombstones and such at the Insane Asylum Cemetery, Bartonville, IL. All are thumbnails to click on for a much bigger view.


two stones together sepia can't read numbers.

same as before photo but can't read the numbers.

view of cemetery looking east




Julie Josephine Rouaud

with cemetery in background.

view of cemetery looking slightly easterly

view of the cemetery

view of cemetery looking east.


Somebody put too much chalk & you can barely read the tombstone


sepia focus of tombstone

looking across the back of the cemetery

looking through middle of cemetery towards the west.

looking towards the back of cemetery.

broken tombstones by trees.

view looking west through middle of cemetery

can't read their number

trying for a row view of cemetery.










stones under a tree that has fallen down

another view of stones under the fallen tree


laying on top of another stone





Has one it so I would speculate as to the first person being buried here.

View of Cannon behind the number one stone

another view of the Gullie behind the number one stone.

another view looking a different direction behind number one stone

looking west from the number one stone.


Kate is standing on what appears to be a concrete footing for a fence post with the number one stone in front of her. I cut off her head. My poor darling. But love her anyways.

Stones in the woods just up a little and to the east of where the number one stone is


one of the stones in the previous photo


another photo of this stone


sepia view of 14

more stones in the woods just up from there

This is a sepia view of the stone upright in previous photo number appears to be ?88

back of stone in previous photo

bigger back of stone in photos previous to this one.

another view of the same two stones in the woods.

up nearer front of cemetery

looking from back of cemetery with telephoto view at my friends George & Jean Brown.

These are in the woods right near the front of the cemetery. Many gullies in and around this small portion of the cemetery.

row near the woods in the cemetery

broken stones lying apart


color view of 45 lying on top of another stone.



sepia view


can't read number on this one.



row looking west in the middle of the cemetery

a new stone which is broken apart lying with other fallen stones.



Broken and lying next to it's foundation


main stone someone else used the chalk it's too much chalk.

no number readable on either side of this stone

Here you can see a stone which is about gone. just a few pieces remain hanging onto the wires that used to hold the whole stone together.

another broken stone

Stones along one gully on the east side of cemetery

this is just up a bit from previous photo

this is up by front of cemetery with someone's trash.

Trash pile up a little gullie from the previous photo


Always a works in progress

Thanks for stopping by & come again!


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