LeHigh Cemetery, Elmwood Twp., Peoria Co., IL

LeHigh, Elmwood Twp, Peoria Co., IL Section 15

From the town of Elmwood, drive South on County Road 14 (Wiley Road) to junction at Graham Chapel Road. Turn left on Graham Chapel Road & drive about  3 miles. Cemetery sits on a hill on left side of road about 1/4 mile from Junction County Roads 41 & 23. 

Below is a family plot of the Ricthmyer family someone sent me and I can not find the email with the person's name so if this is your photo feel free to email me so I can give you credit here for this photograph and the other information below that. Thanks!!!!

user contributed photgraph? LeHigh Cemetery, Peoria. Co., IL IL Saving Graves Genealogy

Ricthmyer Permelia, wife of Geo., d. July 9, 1885 Age 80yrs 8ms 2ds
Ricthmyer George, Mar. 8, 1806 - June 12, 1889

This is not a complete listing of persons buried in this cemetery.

James Akin died Oct 9, 1879 Hosp Stew Co B 11th Ill Cav
Adaline E. Akin, his wife died Dec 18, 1858
E. Z. Beaty died Feb 16, 1871
Isaac C. Beaty died Feb 16, 1869
Thomas J. Beaty died June 17, 1866
W. A. Bell Co D 85th PA Inf
Jonas Campbell died Oct 30, 1859
Sovena A. Campbell, his wife died Feb 9, 1884
Catherine Eno wife of James Miles died Feb 17, 1856
Sarah A. Ewalt died July 11, 1901
Nettie Kightlinger, dau of J S & M J died Mar 28, 1873
John S. Kightlinger died Sept 9, 1862
Martha J. Kightlinger, his wife died Jan 8, 1859
Martha Maxwell, dau of W C & M died May 22, 1858
Almira E. Miles dau of E. & E died Jan 4, 1845
Eric Miles died Nov 10, 1839
Asa E. Miles, son of E & M. died Nov 30, 1839
Archie L. Miles died Jan 4, 1902
Alfred G. Miles died 1924
Angeline Miles, wife of Alfred died 1895
Joseph Miles died June 5, 1852
Lucy L. Miles wife of Joseph died Aug 28, 1858
Miles Ada E. dau of A & A died DEc 1862
John W. Post died Mar. 5, 1908
Attenline, Post died Feb 12, 1919
Susan Stow wife of James died Oct 12, 1853
Helen Taylor wife of Bernard M. died July 8, 1967
Henry T. Taylor son of J. & M. died Sept 6, 1863
Robert W. Walton died May 21, 1869
Annie M. Walton dau of R & E died Aug 26, 1863
Malissa Walton dau of J & H died Sept 15, 1840
Harriet Walton wife of J. R. died Jan 9, 1861
Catharine Winshell wife of Daniel died Oct 4, 1861
Edith Kellogg, dau of B R & J M died April 18, 1868
Walter R. Kellogg, Died June 28, 1907
Cecelia P., Kellogg, his wife died Feb 18, 1904
Clarence W. Kellogg, their Son died Dec 26, 1893

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