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Oak Hill Cemetery Association Information Oak Hill Photographs Page 2

w/106 photos will take 5min dwld ovr slw net connect. Not completely uploaded May 29, 2007 still in process. Sorry & thanks!

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Oak Hill Photographs Page 3

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Oak Hill Cemetery, Peoria Co., IL

Oak Hill Cemetery Sign, Peoria Co., IL @ IL Saving Graves Genealogy


Oak Hill Cemetery, Peoria Co., IL @ IL Saving Graves Genealogy Sign....


Photo on right is looking back down towards road after Bingo Buddy, right, & I walked to the top photo on right is at top of the hill looking west.

both photos are looking up towards the top of the hill. people buried on both sides of the road.

Over view of Oak Hill Cemetery, looking down from above. Peoria Co., IL @ IL Saving Graves.

Last photo I took just before we descended to the bottom


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