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Springdale Tombstone Gallery 2 tks 9m dwnld ovr slw net connection Mostly Cole Family Plot tks 15m dwnld ovr slw net connection done Nov 4 evening...2009
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Photos by Foxie & Kate your host, this Peoria Co., IL site is up for adoption email me if your are interested in hosting this site. Thanks!!!!!!!!!.

If you have any comments, suggestions, contributions feel free to email me

Hello, fellow researchers. My Springdale Cemetery page is going to be different than others you will find on the net. I just wonder when in a cemetery it seems. We, Kate, Bingo Buddy, & I, started out going to try sections like everyone else. But, Hey, I'm not everyone else  nor do I try to be like them. So, this will be when I can in the sections as we did take photos of the markers in the sections, I think. This is as some will tell you a very big undertaking. Also, another fellow researcher whom you have all seen on other pages is a very good friend of mine by the name of Steve Slaughter and he knows much of the history of this cemetery and is always working on the History of Peoria Co., IL.

There will be photos here by me, Foxie, by Steve, & I will note where, by my daughter Kate. Then if any of you have any old or new tombstone photos you'd like to contribute to this Springdale Cemetery, Peoria Co., IL @ Illinois Saving Graves County web site feel free to email them to me in .jpg format works best. All contributors hold copyrights on their photography. Any & all contributions are graciously welcome. I thank you & I know our ancestors who came before us will thank you, too. click on email above Thanks!!!

Ended up making the photo galleries out of them I have way too many of them. Made two new pages beginning yesterday. with a total right now at 1:50pm of 353 photographs I took at this magnificent cemetery. They may not be in the order of other people who put them online but I think you shall enjoy them just the same. Happy Gene Hunting. November 04, 2009, Wednesday.

November 06, 2009, I've uploaded the rest the photos I have taken at Springdale to another place as I may not be online here in the future. They maybe going out of business due to lack of people donating to keep organization online and going. I haven't decided what I'm going to do just yet. And maybe it won't go offline. Have to wait and see but until then will be putting tombstone photos elsewhere probably on my IllinoisSavingGraves.ning site. you can visit it by clicking on the link below. in the table below the name of the cemetery on this page. I will leave the Springdale Cemetery photo album open to the public so you if do not want to join the cause you will have the option to still look at the photos. I would love to go back down there and take some more. We really took bunches of them while we were there the last two times. but other things await me.

Springdale Cemetery, Peoria Co., IL

Springdale's Veteran's Memorial, Peoria Co., IL Genealogy

Springdale's Veteran's Memorial

veterans Memorial, Springdale Cemetery, Peoria Co., IL by Foxie


animals in front of office photo by Foxie Peoria Co., IL

These are in front of the service building.

entrance to Springdale Cemetery, Peoria Co., IL

entrance to Springdale Cemetery, Peoria Co., IL

Springdale Cemetery Plaque, photo by Foxie Peoria Co., ILSpringdale Cemetery

founded August 4, 1854

This property is listed on the

 National Register of Historic Places

by the United States Department of the Interior 2004

this is on the building just before you go to the cemetery.

Springdale Cemetery's Official Site


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