Greenbier Cemetery, Perry Co., IL

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I have no idea where this cemetery is located at or any other information on it.


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created Friday, May 1, 2007

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This is one picture from Greenbrier Cemetery. This stone we are fixing. I will see about getting u more pictures for you. I will be going up to Greenbrier soon.

Randy Crain

Yes you can. Both Benjamin and Cassandra are on the same stone, just different sides. I was told the stone was black marble which they are going to clean and polish after the stone is repaired.

a Group of people in the area along with Randy & and a cousin of his are trying to enlist the help of the local Boy Scout troop in cleaning up this cemetery and restoring some of the stones.

Thanks Randy, & I look forward to receiving & posting more photos of your progress.

listings of other people in this cemetery may be found at Find A Grave

Benjamin Carin Main stone

Benjamin Crain family stone.

Benjamin Crain's side of stone

Benjamin Crain

Cassandra Crains side of the stone on Benjamin's his wife.

Cassandra Crain

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Created May 1, 2007 during our winter storm.

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