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Hi my name is Foxie Hagerty & I would like to welcome you to this Pulaski County, IL  Site! I very much am in need of your contributions of cemetery listings, tombstone photos and also on cemeteries which are soon to be lost and not to be found again.  So, let's hear from you out there!!! Thanks & I know your Ancestors will thank you too.

This county site is up for adoption. Email me if you would like to adopt, transcribe cemetery listings, have tombstone photos to submit, anything feel free to click on my doggie to email me.  Thanks for your kindness.

if you have any questions or would like to add any information or a photo of a tombstone feel free to email me.....


****Need help here in this county if you would like to submit tombstone photos or listings feel free to email me your contributions to this site. .jpg works best for all browsers.

Not going to continue to make all townships with all cemeteries in their prospective townships as it takes too long to make.  So, will just be putting the cemeteries with their townships and then add when others want to contribute to this site or somebody wants to adopt it and put more online. Thanks.

Thanks for your help.

For online Records Contact:

County Courthouse
P.O. Box 218
Mound City , IL 62963-0218
Phone: (618) 748-9360

Mound City Public Library
224 High St
Mound City, IL 62963-1120

Algee Memorial Chapel
4100 Sycamore St.
Cairo, Il 62914
(618) 734-4200

The Genealogy Society of Southern Illinois
John A. Logan College
700 Logan College Rd
Carterville, IL 62918-9599
PH. 618-457-6043

Always a works in progress

created June 19, 2007

Established in 1843.

Pulaski County takes it's name from Count Casimir Pulaski, a Polish exile who espoused the cause of the Colonies during the Revolution and was killed at the attack on Savannah in 1779. Pulaski county is located in the Little Egypt region of southern Illinois on the banks of the Ohio River.  Mound City is the county seat. The city is home to the Mound City National Cemetery which is the final resting place of many soldiers who fought and died in the Civil War & other wars.

Pulaski Co. IL Genealogy Trails another good Genealogy site to visit

TOWNSHIPCemetery NameLocation

Mound City National Cemetery

off site link

Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery (314) 260-8720

P. O. Box 128
Mound City, IL 62963

 Henderson (Afro-American) 
 German Reformed 

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